Olive Green Is So Hot Right Now

Sometimes I go outside (after spending days on end inside working) and I remember that I live in paradise. Not to be superficial, but seriously look at this gorgeous place that literally blocks away from my home. I promise to myself that I will make more time to enjoy this beautiful place, not only for the sake of my mental health, but for my tan as well! 


Topical Beach Getaway - Steps Away From Home

My boyfriend and I work hard, we decided to take a much needed break and headed to our favorite beach. It is known for being ridiculously quiet and peaceful. The lush plant life and soft sand makes it a tropical getaway from our busy Miami Beach lifestyle. We actually held our last photo shoot for Bikini Luxe at this location, and it turned out amazing. 


I am loving the Montce Swim Olive Braided Euro Top & Rucca Uno Bottom i've paired together in this look. It's tropical and fun, and it looks more expensive than it really is! The bikini bottom is also a really cool texture, which stands out among the rest of the collection. The braided straps of the top and t-back cut is really trendy right now, and I was thrilled to find out I wear the same size in this top as their classic triangle styles (XS Top & Small Bottom if you're wondering!).


I think my butt looks like some sort of smiley face here. Haha :) I passed out in the middle of reading my book, which was actually really interesting and I am now wondering if I saved my page or not.. Lucky for you I am turned around in this shot, because I was drooling full force, despite being in public. You would think your brain would have the decency to not do that in public, but no such luck!


See the braided t-back of the top? It's so cute! You can pull the straps further apart, or pull them closer together depending on the look you're going for. The Montce Swim bikini bottoms fit like a glove, and I love the cheeky look. Also, I am really proud of my hair in this photo. Despite being messy it looks full and healthy, which is something I have been working on lately. Biotin supplements and lots of coconut oil and olive oil are helping it to get silky smooth and grow faster. Yay!


I did one of those fancy schmancy tests today which tell you what areas in your life you need to step it up on. According to this test I need to make more time for physical activity, and get off the computer. Instead I have jumped on and started blogging? That sounds like me. :) I do promise to get outside more though, mostly because it's freaking gorgeous out there and I could really use the vitamin D in my life. It has the capability of changing your mood completely, and sometimes I need an attitude adjustment. Plus, going outside gives me more of an excuse to wear all the new bikinis we get in! Yay!

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