Models Make The Best Fashion Photographers 

Holly Parker Is More Than A Photographer 

You know how in acting there's a term called the “triple threat”? As you may already know, it refers to when an actor has more than an acting ability, usually meaning they are an excellent singer and dancer. This makes them very valuable to directors and producers out there because it means that they are talented and able to bring their skills into a show/movie. Well, that same kind of rule applies to photographers, too.

There are all sorts of different photographers out there that are guaranteed to give you a great experience with all sorts of your modelling needs. They are trained, after all, to see what a particular model can offer the world and best suit her or his needs to bring that out and make both them and the product they're reviewing look great. So, when looking at the amazing and talented Holly Parker, we can see all these kind of positive attributes, and many more. For this reason, we think she is definitely the “triple threat” of modeling photography.

Holly is a gorgeous, head-turner of a woman that dresses in a way to both impress us, show us her womanly figure, and still maintains a professional and comfortable air. If that's not a lot to do with a skirt and a top, I don't know what is! Holly shares her fashion with the world on her website that is also full of all sorts of other information making it entertaining and interesting to look through all of the different pages on her website.

The most interesting, as should be expected, is her “About Me” page. She shares a easy-to-read chunk of text all about her as a photographer and with plenty of additions about who she is as a person, too, so we can get to know who Holly is. The photo she chose is a gorgeous one that is simple and perfect, showing her beautiful natural face in a normal and comfortable position. This photo, while seemingly simple, takes a lot of training and work to complete. This shows how great she is and how much she knows her way around a camera.

Holly Parker's Modeling Career Comes In Handy

In her bio, Holly shares her list of qualifications which include simplistic and elegant photography as well as professional grade photo editing software and equally professional skills. She shares that she got into photography from being on the other side of the camera as a model. She maintains her modelling career while now building her photography one, combining the two of them with ease and pure enjoyment that comes from doing something you totally love for a job. Holly isn't just a pretty face, though, she also spends her time off playing music, working with her skills in auto repair, and welding. She's quite the woman, am I right?

Since the “simplistic style” of Holly is her trademark, it makes her a great photographer for companies and models that need representation. On her website, there are lists on pages that show her photography experience, explaining the model and and showing the photos that she took to represent them. True to what her bio says, the photos are all focusing on one thing, be it the face, the body, the clothes, the make up, etc. She has a knack for drawing the eye exactly where she wants it to go and does it so subtly that you don't even realize she's guiding you through the photos until you sit back and think about it. That is the sign of an amazing photographer who uses her craft to help us understand what it is that she is hoping to capture.

An impressive feature of her photos are that the models in them are all comfortable and laughing. They are in relaxed poses that aren't awkward for the eye (some of the photography in magazines tends to get a little strange and too “modern”, so seeing these classic poses that work so well for audience and model is refreshing). The models are wearing beautiful clothes that really work with the camera and the body. It's clear in these examples that Holly knows what she's doing and loves doing it!

In the photos on her website of her own model career, we can see her passion for sharing her love of her body and the clothes she puts on it. She is comfortable in what she wears and shares that through facial expressions and relaxation in her poses. It's nice to see that when we look at her photos. It allows us to see what she's modelling without being distracted by discomfort in her eyes or position.

Holly Parker's Inspiration Behind The Camera

Lastly, Holly does a fun and entertaining line of photography that she refers to as “lifestyle photography”. These are more casual photos that are taken of her out and about, doing her thing and enjoying it. They are still all professionally taken, but they are more realistic windows into her life. This kind of photography seems to be fairly new online, but it is popular and it is easy to see how it would be attractive to those that want their favorite moments stored on film. She offers this photography to her clients as well as the traditional modelling photography that she exemplifies on her website.

All in all, Holly Parker is pretty inspiring. She is a woman that has made her career as a model and loves doing it. She is comfortable in all of her photos and has her share of harder edge posing that is so popular in magazines these days, and more traditional poses that show her body off without pushing it too far. Regardless, she is comfortable and relaxed in all the shoots she does. In her own work, Holly is flawless and professional, giving her subjects the best attention she can give them with excellent, top of the line photography skills and experience, as well as equally awesome photo editing skills. I think we can all agree that Holly Parker is a “triple threat” and much more.

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