Rio Botanical Garden with Elise
Elise Armitage is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in San Francisco. She writes the blog WTFab and has been running it for the last four years. She also works full time at Google, where she plans employment branding events. Elise loves to travel, and her work, blog and personal adventures have brought her on many adventures, from Brazil to China, to exploring new places in her own country.


Erin Fetherston Dress
She and her husband Omied also run a photography business, Arvin Studios, where they have a blast collaborating on projects with Omied as the photographer and Elise as the stylist.


Panama with Elise Armitage
When Elise isn't shooting new projects or traveling to a new Google office, you can usually find her trying to restaurants in SF, taking a pilates class, or binge watching her latest Netflix obsession.


La Chica Loca