Meet Jean, a Boston Blogger with a knack for properly suiting her petite figure.


There is a struggle in this world to find clothes for everyone that is not a size 0 with the perfect height and leg length to go along with it. That's not to mention how everyone has to fit into the right style of the year which includes changing hemlines and waistlines that may not flatter every figure. For those people out there that are struggling to make things meet in the fashion department, sometimes it gets hard to keep going. Sometimes it's just easier to call it quits and leave the statements to someone else. For most smaller girls that also suffer a shortness problem, that is usually the case. Jeans don't fit right, shirts don't fit right, and don't even get me started on dresses! For those who want to have a dressy style in a shorter category, there is the ever wonderful and beautiful website, that is run by the equally beautiful and expertly dressed Jean.

Modeling all of the clothes that she wears, she does her best to give her loyal followers all of the accurate details on the clothing. This includes an accurate sizing (ie: if the retailer gave accurate sizing proportions, shipped the right size, etc) as well as ensuring everything fits with no chafing and plenty of comfort. In order to make sure that we are all able to get an accurate reading on how it would fit us in regards to her, she gives us the bold information on her page of all of her measurements, so that we can know where we are in relation to her. This boldness really makes the difference because there is no questioning the difference between her and us.

Jean also offers us a page full of resources for us petite women who want to figure out how to get the same looks she does. These are all brands and retailers that she buys from regularly, so there is no fear that they are just random links put up there for random needs that she thinks she needs to meet. This is one way in which we can see how much she cares for her loyal, loving followers. The links are described as being casual or dressy, also a great resource, and she includes a tailoring website (which most of us need regardless of being petites), as well as a link to a page on her website that is reviewing suits to see how each one fits a petite body. This is extremely important in the business world, because having business suits is crucial and also very hard for the petite woman. These help to find a good place to start as well as a great price range idea.

Finding styles that fit and flatter can be challenging, shop a similar striped tunic by clicking the photo above!

There is another page on her website called DYI in which she posts various website that are easy to do fashion accessories from everyday materials such as making clutch purses from old, sequin-y tops, etc. This is a great page for the creative mind on the loose, and is definitely a place to stop if you're looking for how to alter a skirt here, or how to make a skirt into a bikini coverup. This is an amazing page and really unusual (in a good way!) for a fashion blogger.

Jean presents to us a page that is meant for advertising. She provides an email in which you can email all your information to and even consider becoming sponsored by Extra Petite. This is a great idea for the blog or fashion stores that is just getting off the ground and needs the extra help. It is also awesome for those who want to get their product out a little more and see how popular Extra Petite is.

Following the already impressive amount of pages on Extra Petite, is a page that is entirely dedicated to showing all of the outfits that she has modeled and wears on a regular basis. This is a great way for followers to get their fill of fashion TV as they scroll through the phones and phones of pretty dresses and skirt and top sets, reading the text underneath like a good book. Jean knows instinctively how many photos to put up, what the ratio is between text and photo, and is just all around good at what she does. And all of this with a day job! Is she inspiring or what?


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All of the pages that are listed on Jean's blog are centered around fashion and how she can wear it all at the same time. She talks about the comforts of particular outfits, what ones can we worn as professional or casual. She also gives a variety of examples of which ones that can be worn from work to the weekend with a simple addition of accessories or change of shoes. This is great for those who are going on a trip right after the work day. She also offers how to dress up certain casual outfits in order to wear them professionally, which is great when we all have those staple shirts that we just can't bear parting with. Jean understands this and works as hard as she can to explain how to work a casual top at work. This is great and makes the viewer feel totally a part of the whole blog experience as well as part of the fashion world itself.

Jean is full of all sorts of excellent advice on her blog Extra Petite. Though the blog centers mostly on petite styles and how you can look like a grown up with properly tailored clothes, Jean isn't snobbish in how she talks about the clothing, she doesn't put regular size down or talk only how petite figures. She realizes her audience stretches past the world of petite dressers. For this reason, we are truly in awe of how well Jean does her “job” as a gorgeous and talented fashion model. From fashion to finance, this woman is amazing.


She is truly an expert in the Art of Fashion and Beauty especially when it comes to anything Petite!

Her website, is an absolute must add to your daily blog reading list.

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