Hot from Miami Beach, High End and Unique Bikinis from Sauvage 

There are literally hundreds of swimsuits in the world that are just waiting to be purchased. There are hundreds of styles, thousands of colors, a debate between solid vs patterns, one piece suit vs bikini, and the ever popular debate over whether there is such a thing as showing too much skin. All of these different elements are important when choosing your perfect beach outfit, and since each person has different preferences, picking a suit that looks good and fits social norms can be hard. That's why Sauvage Swimwear is such a great designer swimwear brand. Their pieces are all original and very diverse, ensuring that everyone can find the exact look they're searching for. We here at Bikini Luxe are excited to bring you some of their top of the line fashion styles, and hope that you see them as being as fabulous as we think them to be!

(Sadly the picture does this bikini no justice the attention to detail and crystals are truly stunning in person) - Hoping to do a more detailed photo shoot in Miami soon.

The first style is the Prima Donna, a beautiful two piece bikini that is sure to make the jewelry lover's heart race. This is a suit that is completely decked out with bling, making it a perfect way to meander around the beach or poolside in style. The Prima Donna is a brilliant blue that is sure to catch the eyes of the beach goers as you stride past. The deep blue will match the water and compliment your beautiful figure and face, no matter what complexion you are. The bottom of this suit is deliciously skimpy, but still decent. It is a solid colour that is made with a stretchy fabric. This should assure you that the bottom will not simply crumple up and slide down to your knees as soon as it touches water. Once you put it on, it's there to stay. Little gold rings accentuate the smallness of your waist as well as bring some bling to the bottom of the ensemble. The top of this bikini is where the fun happens, though.

The top is in the same gorgeous colour and seems strapless, the band of tight fabric circling around the chest. There is a strap, though, in the fashion of that similar to a body chain. This delicate gold chain circles around the neck and waist, creating a figure eight at the bust of the top. The chain connects to the top with a large, luminescent pendent that attracts attention to your chest. The chain and pendent are very strong, so there is no need to fear anything falling off or slipping down. The integration of this jewelry to the bikini is genius and sure to turn some heads!

Mariposa by Sauvage Swim

The next Sauvage Swimwear piece we will be featuring is the Sauvage Mariposa Bikini. This style comes in, amongst other colours, a gorgeous fuscia that is guaranteed to make you light up like the beautiful summer goddess that you are. This is a halter top bikini, which is handy for most women as it gives them the chance to adjust the straps in order to show off more of the chest, or cover up if that's where their comfort is. This is great, because the suit is versatile, sexy, and conservative all at the same time. How awesome is that?!

This suit lets the bling take control, because if it were a pattern it would be too busy. This is the perfect solid colored bikini. The halter top strings are gold chain bikini straps that will catch the sunlight and add some glamour to your outfit. The same goes for the ropes on the bottoms, giving this suit a little bling, but not too much for those who are afraid of being too much of a fashionista. The colour of this Mariposa halter bikini is brilliant and eye catching, so it is sure to gain the attention of those who are passing by. The suit is conservative on both the top and bottom, so it's comfortable, but can still shows off a womanly figure that you work hard to maintain. This is a great two piece suit to wear if you want to show off bling, glam, sexiness, and colour.

Stunning White "Spider" Bikini by Sauvage

Another piece by Sauvage Swimwear that we will be selling is the Sauvage Spider Bikini. This is a popular one due to its bright colour options and intricate braiding and twisting of the strings on the suit, hence the appearance similar to that of a spider web. This suit comes in a stunning dark blue, a teal, black, and an out of this world white, all of which are saturated in colour and bound to suit all skin tones and complexions. The focal point of this bikini is meant to be the bottom, as it rides low on the hips and draws out the sexy waistline for all to see. Other than sitting low on the hips, it has the carefully woven braiding along the sides that gives it a girly flair without being too obvious. This is great for those who want a bottom without any bling or glittery ornamentation, but still have something eye catching on it. The braiding and woven strings will do this for you and make it comfortable for the tomboy or woman who doesn't want sparkles or bling.

The top of this bikini is a little more decorative, adding golden cylinders onto the halter top strings that will catch the sunlight and make you look beautiful and decorated. These little pieces are small, so the suit is still good for those who don't want to have a lot of ornamentation, but the placing of these bands is to draw the eye to the chest and the person wearing the suit. Therefore, this little bit of jewelry works well for you and your suit. This is a great option for those who want something just a little bit different.

Drop Dead Gorgeous One of a Kind Sauvage Roma Bikin

Next on our list of excellent, high quality suits, is the Roma Bikini by Sauvage. This suit is like the Prima Donna, and meant only for those who love jewelry and the attention that comes with it. It is unquestionably a bold suit and is a beautiful option for the bling lovers on the beach. This suit is a jet black elasticized top and bottom that is covered in delicate little gold rings that add to the black canvas. These rings, as small as they are, are heavy, so the suit is made with extra enforced elastic to ensure everything stays in place and doesn't sag from the weight. The bottom of the bikini has a thong appearance in the front, but the waist band is thick to allow for the metal additions. The strip is covered with the jewelry like chainmail and, as such, gives this bikini in a fierce appearance. This is a great suit for younger wearers that are bold enough to carry off the suit.

The top has the same features as the bottom, and also sports the brass chainmail with a fashionable and bold appearance. The breasts are the focal point of this ensemble, with the accentuation of the top. The top is also “blinged” out with the mental chain that holds the breast cups together in one last addition of fashion. It is, without a doubt, a piece that is meant for the fashionista and gold lover. The weight of this suit is great for making sure everything stays in place, but you may find that it wears on the neck straps every once in a while. This is something to consider, but not let deter you from the unique fashion choice.

Continuing, we are offering the Diva Bikini, which is a daring and sexy bikini for those who love showing off every inch of their bodies. This piece is available in black, lavender, and pink, which will help everyone find the right color for themselves. This piece has a couple pieces of bling in between the breast cups, on the halter straps, and along the waistline of the bottom, but otherwise leaves the hard work of the solid fabric of the bikini. This means that while the bikini is a great style, you have you be confident to wear it right. Believe in your sexy body, and this suit will be great for you.

The fabric on the top is skimpy, exposing much of the breast the the passers-by, but still leaving something to the imagination for those who want to tease but not tell. For this reason it tends to be popular on the runway and those teens that love to string people along. It is a great suit for tanning too, due to the lack of tan lines. The bottom of the suit is even more revealing, leaving strips of fabric to lead the eye to the covered part of the body, and leaving the rest open for the eyes. It's equivalent to a thong, and needs to treated like one. This is suit that you wear to dress and impress on the beach, so make sure you keep this in mind when thinking about who you're with. Dress to flirt, not to run around playing tackle football, or something.

The "Mon Cheri" Bikini by Sauvage Swim

Bikini Luxe is also looking forward to providing our customers with the Mon Cheri Bikini, which is a great option for those who like more conservative options.That being said, it still holds onto the sexy appeal that most people are looking for in a bathing suit. This is a great option for those that are uncomfortable with showing too much skin but aren't comfortable in a one piece suit. This one of a kind bikini is offered in navy and white, two colours that will suit whatever you are looking for in conservative suits. The straps on this piece as very secure, fastening to the bikini top by gold rings that are strung through the fabric. This gives it a fashionable appeal, but is still totally secure and has no danger of falling down or shifting at all. The knot in the center of the top gives it a girly and sexy flair, too, and doesn't show off everything.

This is a great suit that is sure to make you feel like a beautiful woman, but that you aren't showing off too much. This is great for those that are at the beach with kids. You can run and play and chase without having to worry that anything will slip out or move around. If you're an avid sporty person and want to swim or play beach sports, this is a great option for you. The bottom has a wide band that you can choose to roll down to create a ruffled waistline that will match and add to the ruffled pattern on the top. This is an excellent conservative options.

Sauvage Spider One Piece Swimsuit

Following that is another kinda-sorta conservative option, this time it is the Spider One Piece, and this is a great option for a one piece that doesn't make you look like you're six years old. No, this suit is sure to show off all the human body has to offer, and is conservative only in the sense that covers the tummy and may help those who had scars or cuts and don't want to show them off. Other than that, though, this suit hides nothing, and is one of our more sexy options for those who want to flaunt and flirt. This suit is a gorgeous, sleek black and is covered in more of those spider patterned ropes, hence the name. The strings climb around the front and back, and are adorned here and there with little bands of brass that will catch the light and draw attention to you (not that they're going to want to look away).

This suit leaves nothing to the imagination, showing off the breasts, the tiny waist, everything you can imagine while still covering the the bare essentials. This is a suit you have to own and feel totally comfortable in. It's meant for the sexy woman that wants to show her stuff to everyone. This one piece is not a great option for tanning due to its coverage, but great for strolling the beach and grabbing attention. If you are a model, or want to be one, this is a great option to wear around on the beach and practice your technique. Rock it!

Coming back to the realm of more typical suits, there is the Sauvage Coral Bikini, a suit that is sure to, like the Prima Donna, get the attention of the jewelry lover. This is a beautiful navy suit that is adorned with gorgeous coral flowers, all beaded by hand and guaranteed to make your envious of this high quality suit. The bottom and top of this navy suit are tight elastic and nylon which means that the heavy beading won't allow the suit to sag down and make it slip or just look generally unattractive. This suit is all about sleek and sweet, so it's sure to be entertain the wearer as well as the audience watching them.

The bottom rides low on the waist and is decorated with one coral flower to tie the top and the bottom together (theme wise). The top ties around the neck in a typical halter fashion and is generously decorated with coral flowers down the cups to the string that connects the two of them. This is, hands down, a gorgeous suit that combines class, comfort, and fashion. The colour combination is also great for all skin tones. Ideally, this is to be worn by a grown woman, but this is a great suit for the young teen just looking to branch out in bikinis for the first time. It is decent in its coverage without looking like a little girls suit, and has plenty of cuteness and fashionista style for those that crave it.

A Truly Unique Bikini

We will continue our search through the bikini mountain and stop at the Indian Summer piece, a great bikini print option that is sure to please those that like the wilder colours and patterns. This can come in a blue or pink oriented pattern, and focuses mostly on tropical flowers that give the idea of of a tropical paradise far away. This is a great suit for teens due to its young pattern appeal, and the colours are bold and loud, just like teens tend to like them. This suit does have its skimpy side, though, so it's something think about when trying to figure out if this is the right suit.

As usual, it has the typical halter top style and for that reason it is totally adjustable and a great option for those teens that want to show skin, or cover it up. This is a great option for tan lines, too, and should definitely be considered as a strong candidate for a day tanning on the beach.

The top is meant to be sleek and sexy, so it doesn't cover all of the breast. It covers the bare essentials, but leaves the rest open. The bottom has the same strategy, and this may need to be taken into consideration when going to the beach with young kids, that tend to poke and pull on strings. There are strings and beads that help match the festive mood, so it's a great option for those that are going away on a holiday. It's something to consider!
And finally, we come to the option of Sauvage Lotus Lace, the final bikini that is also bold in color and sure to attract everyone's attention. This fire red bikini is covered in bright swirls and pricks of equally bright reds and pinks that draw the eye to you. On the beach this is a great option because you'll stand out amongst the other colors. This suit is also decorated with shiny brass loops that decorate the halter straps and the bottom on the sides of the waist band. This is a great suit to wear if you're just getting used to bikinis, but want a little bling to go along with a bold pattern. This suit is meant to be rocked, and though it has more coverage than the Indian Summer bikini, this suit doesn't leave much to the imagination. A great suit to try!

Now, before you hurry off to our website to start grabbing all of these new styles, we have a couple things to share. Now that you've heard all about our suits, it's time for you to learn a few things about Bikini Luxe.

Only the Highest Quality Fabrics, Handmade in the USA 

We are dedicated to bringing you the best experience with the best options available. For example, we only use Swavorski crystals with our suits because they are the highest quality available. We also use only high end, European fabrics, mostly Italian nylon lyrca, that is sure to make the suit comfortable not chafe. The liners in our suits use “self fabric”, which is using the outside fabric on the inside. We do this because it is higher quality and more comfortable than traditional bikini liners.

Everything in the Sauvage Swimwear line is manufactured in the US, in our factory in San Diego, CA. This is to ensure that everything is local and top notch so that you get the best products out there.

Every swimwear piece in our shop is the best quality it can be, as we only work with the top brands in the swimwear industry. Many pieces are truly unique and one of a kind bikinis that you will not find anywhere else. 

So go ahead and join the trend, grab a couple pieces of Sauvage Swimwear of our website and soon you'll see why it is so great!