Ever since the internet has come into being, there have been multiples online locations in which you find the perfect swimsuit. That's all well and good if you're a size 0 and don't mind picking out a selection from a catalogue. No matter what size we are, it's extremely hard – if not impossible – to pick out one from a photo. The only exception to that fact is when you are looking at our suits here at Bikini Luxe. This is because we work hard at giving you as many different angles to see the suit from as possible, so you're able to get a good feel on how it will look. We also offer a detailed and accurate sizing chart so that you'll know exactly how it'll fit.

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All of this will come into handy when you're scanning through the newest additions to our catalogue for this summer, Beach Bunny Swimwear.

New to Bikini Luxe will be the Beach Bunny options, and they are full of colour, patterns and fresh, flattering styles that is sure to have you eager for summer. This established company is dedicated to bringing you all sorts of amazing fashionista and practical styles that will make all bodies and sizes happy to find several suits that work well with their shape and fashion choice.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Swim Week 2015. Center In This Photo: Angela Chittenden

The owner of this fabulous company is Angela Chittenden, a swimsuit model that has made herself into a designer when she realized that none of the suits that she wore – while pretty – were comfortable when being worn for an extended period of time. The ones that were comfortable either were too conservative, or much too revealing to be worn all of the time in public. So, she created Beach Bunny, which focuses on bringing sexy styles with comfort in how they are worn on the body as well as being comfortable to wear all day long if needed. Her business quickly gained followers and it is now known around the world for celebrities and models to wear on the beaches.

Since we are dedicated to bringing you the best of what's out there, us here at Bikini Luxe decided it was time to offer you the newest of Beach Bunny's styles. We are going to be offering a variety of typical bikini styles as well as some of the unique and interesting styles that are fresh from the presses for our customers to try.

Tiger Lily Bikini from Beach Bunny

The first piece to get acquainted with is the Beach Bunny Tiger Lily style, which comes in a brilliant sapphire, and is sure to catch the eye of those meandering past. This particular style mocks that of a typical bikini style and sports the bold blue colour on both top and bottom. The high end bikini top is a gorgeous chaos of pattern and nude colour, allowing the wearer to feel both elegant and unique, but still sexy and attractive in this beautiful suit. The top ties at the nape of the neck with strong elasticized strings that are sure to give the chest a good boost and get just the look that you are looking for. This is also great because it is entirely adjustable so the wearer can get just the look and coverage they are looking for.

The bottom of this suit is a solid blue that attracts the eye to the toned legs and accentuates the slim waist that we all want to stand out the most. The bold colour looks great on any skin tone, and the tightness of the fabric on the bottom makes sure that everything stays in place, so that game of beach volleyball, or a light jog along the beach is encouraged. There is no need to be fearful of movement, this suit is designed for a perfect match with the athletic beach-goer as much as it was made with a fashionista in mind. This is the first example of how we can see that Beach Bunny works hard at combining convenience/comfort with style.

Beach Bunny Tiger Lily 2015 Limited Edition Collection

One of our favorite pieces of the Bunny line is this Tigerlily suit, a gorgeous, intricate top that is sure to attract attention of all kinds.The top of this suit is a high quality nude breast cup that is decorated with gorgeous, hand-crafted stitching that gives the appearance of elegance and excellent taste in style. Unlike most of the embroidered pieces we see in stores, this one is made out of nylon and spandex, so there is no worry about keeping it from sagging unattractively when it gets wet from the pool or beach. It is a great suit for those who love colour, too, with the blue rimming and the solid bottom that has plenty of coverage for the conservative wearer.

The most incredible thing about this suit – besides the adorable, cute stitching on the chest part of the suit – is the fact that it is a great balance for those who want to be sexy but not revealing everything. This is a great suit for coverage on the bottom and it is also a great option for those who want to keep the top conservative, too. Though it may have the appearance of a bikini, the tie up straps of this excellent suit can be adjusted so that those with heavier and bigger chests can keep them in check, as well as make sure the top covers what it should without covering up the chest completely.

The next beautiful example from Beach Bunny's newest catalogue of styles that we will bringing to you this summer, is the Pucker Up Balconette designer bikini Top and matching high end bikini bottom. This unique style is sure to please all the many that have a strong love for plaid. The truly unique part of this suit is that it has a cute little flair to it that is pure girl, so the fashionista cowgirl can have a style all of her own. The top is the part of the suit that gives it flair, acting as a bustier in order to give the most amount of style and volume to the chest. This style is perfect for those who want to flaunt everything they have in their chest. The black and white checkered style is trimmed with a girly pink lace that is in such a bright hue, eyes will be turning to you right, left, and centre. This top is unique, too, in the fact that it has a corset in the back, so it gives it a bustier feeling to it even more so. This also ensures that – in tying it tightly, of course – it will stay where it is meant to be, and enable the wearer to take off the removable straps and wear it strapless. This is a great option for tan lines, and it also is excellent for those who have long hair that tends to get caught up in knots and strings no matter how you try and wear it.

The bottom of this excellent, fun suit is very skimpy and it is recommended that women order up one size so that nothing slips around that you don't want. The pink lace trims the bottom of the suit as well and the strong pink ties on each side keep the bottom where it is supposed to be. That being said, if you are wading in the water, you might want to make sure that a kid doesn't grab one of the ties, otherwise you might find yourself accidentally flashing someone in a way that you don't want. This particular suit, while fun for the young wearer, is certainly not for everyone as it is very revealing and you have to be used to the feeling of a corset on your back. It also has a lot of options for the strings to come untied, so those with kid around should be careful and double-knot all of the ties.

For those that just can't get enough of the colour scene and want to see how much they can get into one suit, the Push Up Top style is the right one for you. This kaleidoscope-like colour combination of hot pink and bright blue is sure to attract eyes and make you feel like the colour queen you are. The straps and style of the top make it a great choice for those who want to give the chest a little boost and make it that much more noticeable. The ties around the mid-drift are a great spandex material that allows for you to keep the fabric tight and to the body and not flapping all over the place in some unattractive storm of colour. The front of the top has loose lacing with a ribbon that gives it a corset feeling and provides a sexy appeal that is hard to find in many other suits. With its comfort, though, this suit is focused on sending the sexy vibe out in fabric that feels smooth and stretchy for comfort.

The bottom of this suit mimics the top in the corset lacing in the front, giving the further sexy appeal, and the appearance of it just falling off the body is only a hoax, as the material is firm on the bottom and allows the wearer to relax in knowing that their bottoms are going to fall to their knees and show way too much skin. There is no fear in this fashion, only sexiness and pleasure from having a coloured and crazy bikini.

Another style brought forward by Beach Bunny, is the truly eye-catching City Limits
L/S Crop Top which provides lots of coverage for those who don't like to show a lot of cleavage, or have their arms and shoulders exposed for viewers to see. This original and sexy top covers everything from the mid-drift up, so that the chest, arms and base of the neck is covered. This is a great option for those who are extremely prone to sunburning, as it keeps your skin covered without losing its sexy appeal. The grey and black fabric is splashed with lines of pink and purple to keep its girly flair without being too bold about it. There is also a cutout in the front of the top, so those who are watching understand that there is a chest underneath there, the wearer just don't want it out for the whole world to see. The fabric is lightweight and can breathe, so it dries quickly and keeps you from getting too warm in it.

The bottom of this suit has plenty of sexiness to it, offering the girly part for the top that is more conservative. Complete with decent coverage and metal rings and chains to add blind, this suit is hit with those who would rather emphasize their strong legs and tiny waists than a chest that they'd rather keep bundled up where no one can see it. This skimpy coverage on the bottom is sexy but still maintains the typical comfort found in any of Beach Bunny's clothing so that no one feels as though they are sacrificing one or the other.

Beach Bunny Wave Length Bikini

Now, we come to one of the hottest styles that we are going to look at! the Beach Bunny Wave Lengths, which is a way to do fashion and style while still wearing the familiar and comfortable style of Classic Beach Bunny. The bright colours sported on this piece are similar to the appearance of flowers in the water, and gives a realistic pattern of how the bright water ripples along. It is a great colour choice for a high end bikini with character. What makes this bikini such a strong addition to the catalogue is the fact that it is cut in such a unique way This is a great option for girly style and comfort. You're sure to find all the eyes being drawn to this new approach on the previously thrown out one-pieces that were never considered sexy.

Wave Lengths Beach Bunny Bikini

This is truly the strength of the Wavelengths collection. These pieces are all unique in their styles, going from bikinis to one pieces with flair, and offer a lot of the woman who likes options. These all sport the bright colors of flowers on a bright blue water, like that of a pool. It adds to the magic of the water world by putting the graphic onto the suit, and this style is not lost here.

The first option has a unique neckline that covers the top of the chest in a white mesh that gives away to the signature pattern over the chest. It ties in the back with a strong white band and the suit has a totally unique appeal to it. This is great for those who want to cover up the chest a little bit. Second, is the option that covers a little bit of the chest, but leave the top of side of the chest cups to the white mesh again, giving it an adorable edge, but also making it sexy and young at the same time. This suit is more flexible for the younger wearers. The third option is the gorgeous one piece that offers the same sexiness in white mesh that trails down to the stomach and offers the viewer a sexiness that is sure to excite all of the audience.

Beach Bunny Flamenca

Another one of the 2015 Collection hits is the beautiful, sexy Beach Bunny Flamenca Bikini. This gorgeous, girly style looks similar to lingerie, so that you can have the hot appearance of a night in with your lover, but wear the outfit out in public and know that it is totally appropriate for you to be strutting your stuff. The hot pink of this suit makes it a great match for most of our skin tones and the secure ties on the side of the bottom and around the body on the top are sure to keep everything in place.

The best part about this unique bikini, though, is the lace that lines the top and bottom. It is high quality, off-white lacing that is sure to look great on every skin tone, and helps give the bathing suit a fancy appearance to it, so that the woman wearing it knows that she is elegant as well as sexy in her suit. What woman wouldn't want that?

Beach Bunny Endless Summer Bikini

Next on the list of pieces that Bikini Luxe is happy to offer, is the Beach Bunny Endless Summer Bikini, a top and bottom that are fairly conservative in their fashion choice, but sexy none-the-less. This is because the top, covered in geometrical sections of teals and blues, has a zipper that keeps the chest in place. The zipper actually works, too, and is replicated in the bottom of the suit. This is a great option for those women who like a little more coverage but don't want to give up the sexy flair. The blues are a great thing, too, and go with many skin tone and complexions. Due to the use of the zippers on both top and bottom, this is a great suit for playing sports in and taking a walk along the beach. There is no worry about straps falling off or the bottom coming down. This beautiful beach-hued suit is sure to meet all of your needs of fashion and practicality.

Beach Bunny Cosmic Crystal

Finally, one of the true jems of the 2015 Collection, and that is the Beach Bunny Cosmic Crystal, a sweet suit that offers amore “back to nature” look to it in the unique detailing of the stitching that make up the halter top straps and the bottom bands. This is a great style option for those who want something just a little bit different, but not so much that they can't live with all of the eyes on them. This is a great starter point for a youngster, too, who is still getting into the bikini world. The pink top is a great color and is fairly conservative for those worried moms who don't want their young ones running around half naked. The strong stitching which looks a lot like basket weave (hence the “getting back to nature” comment) is a strong fabric that will keep the straps around the neck and where they belong. The bottom of the suit is also conservative and high waisted so that the young and old can feel comfortable in wearing this suit. There is no need to worry about anything popping out, yet there is also no need to worry that your sexiness will disappear in this hot, fashionable, bikini that Beach Bunny offers.

Find Your Inner Bikini Goddess

Whether you are someone who lives in swimsuits or not, these styles are definitely ones that you'll have to check out. Beach Bunny makes sure to give you as many options as possible in style, colour, and approach on fashions so that everyone is comfortable with what they're wearing. Since comfort is never compromised for style, you can rest assured that there is no compromise to be made in deciding over a more flattering style versus a more traditionally comfortable style: both will be just as good. We here at Bikini Luxe and bringing these styles to you with excellent discounts and hard-to-beat prices, so make sure you keep that in mind as you scan through the pages of merchandise. With styles like these (among many more), you'll be sure to find the Beach Bunny Swimwear that you love! <3