Since winter has come and taken over the world, most of us are more than ready for a little spring weather, so that we can bring out the frilly dresses and heels again. Until that point, however, we're stuck wearing frumpy jeans and massive sweaters to keep warm. This struggle between fashion and warmth is also apparent in the clothes that we wear to work out with. Most like to jog in the winter and are forced to slow themselves down with all the layers on to keep from freezing to death, only to look like a penguin that is trying to run. Not appealing, is it? No matter how many different kinds of “light and warm” athletic gear that you wear, you can never seem to keep warm. However, there is a line that is totally focused on keeping you warm in this cool climate, fashionable in bright colours and patterns, and light, so that running is as easy as it is in the summer. Also, the same workout gear that you wear to keep warm in the winter, also keeps you cool in the hot temperatures of the summer. How awesome does that sound? Are you interested? If so, you've come to the right place. We here at Bikini Luxe are proud to be introducing a new line of clothing that is made by Michi, which is just for active wear.


Michi Workout Wear is a high end and excellent quality clothing line that focuses on offering athletic clothing to women. This company is run by Michelle Watson, and is quickly rising in popularity and sales. This line started as a longtime dream of hers with natural talent and skills that she has honed and tailored down in the years that have passed. This line is entirely Canadian and based out of New York, and she uses her Jamaican background to bring an edgy, sexy, color-popping style into her clothing. Famous already for her comfortable and fashionable Michi leggings, Watson is looking forward to those helping promote her new additions to her fashion line. These include bras, bra tops, exercise tops, and thin, warm sweaters that are sure to help you keep warm on those dark, cold days out in the cold.


Luna Leggings by Michi Activewear

Whether you are a runner outside, or one that likes to take a go at boxing, these clothes will suit you well. A great example of combining fashion and practicality is in the “Michi Luna Legging,” a sleek and gorgeous example that is sure to have you filling your cart with them. These leggings are form fitting and insulating, so that the cold has no room to seep into them. They also work as a insulator for the cold in the summer, so that sweat and generally uncomfortable heat are able to be released outside of the leggings and keep you cool. When working out in hot environments where overheating is an risk factor, this is an important feature to have.


This vibrant stylish leggings also have a sexy appeal to it, so you can find some comfort in knowing that workout clothing doesn't have to be frumpy or boy-ish. Since most of us workout in public at a gym, or go jogging around, we don't always want to look like we pull on whatever is closest. We want to show that we do put effort into our appearances, and these leggings are a great way to do it. They're skin-tight, have a thick elastic band in the waist that doesn't fold down if you have a little bit of weight on, and – the best feature for those who want to show skin and look sexy – there are little gaps of mesh along the outside of the upper leg that helps you retain your girly appearance, while still being a practical outfit to wear. These pants successfully combine practicality with sexy, and for this reason, it is no wonder they are so popular.


For another option on bottoms to wear while out for a walk, working out, or just lounging around the house on a stormy day, there is the “Michi Frontier Sweatpant In Black Leopard” which combines comfort and fashion at the same time. Similar to the typical slouchy sweatpants, this one has a drawstring at the waist that is sure to keep the pants where you like them on your hips, but also took the “slouch” away and turned it into tailored , 3/4 length sweats that are sure to meet all of your needs for a fashionable workout. Michi understands that, though sweatpants have to have a certain relaxed look, they don't have to be balloon pants with weak elastics on the bottom. They make us slender women look like boys or a little girl wearing her mother's clothing. Michi's sweatpants, however, have all of the streamlined fashion additions that we need.


Spiral Leggings by Michi Activewear NY

Another great option to try on, is the “Michi Black Spiral Legging,” which is a darker hued option for those that don't like to wear as much color. They are available in black or navy blue and magenta. This is a full length legging that combines practicality with fashion and flare. Like the “Michi Phantasm Legging,” this one is full of features that are sure to interest customers of every kind. The tightness to the leg is great for showing off those toned legs that you work so hard for, as well as great for moving around in. Whether you are a dancer, like Michelle Watson, or have a special attraction to gymnastics, this is a great idea to try out when working hard.
The slits on these beautiful, light leggings are on the inside and outside of the leg. Unlike the “Michi Phantasm Legging,” they are horizontal. They are smaller, too, which is definitely a plus for those that want to show some skin, but not too much. These are a more conservative option for those who want a dark color, and a little less skin showing. They will keep the cold out during the winter, so you can run with ease and warmth, and in the summer, they will ensure that you stay cool and dry. Doesn't that sound amazing?


Hype Bra by Michi Workout Wear

Moving on to other beautiful styles, is the Michi bra, of which a couple styles are available to suit all body types, sizes, and comforts. The best example of how to combine sexiness with all-day-long comfort is the “Michi Hype Bra,” which is a sight to be seen with all of it's gorgeous mesh that is so delicate and finely styled, it looks similar to the elegant style of lace. Making it practical with straps that won't fall off the shoulders, this Michi bra is sure to meet all of your needs, be them style-oriented, or practical. The unique, thick straps keep the bra in place on top, and the thick elastic on the bottom ensures that nothing moves around that is not supposed to. The tight fabric keeps the chest from bouncing around too much, which will help with the pain that sometimes occurs from running.


There is no fear that anything will break, due to the thick material of the netting that keeps everything in place. Another addition to this wonderful bra is that it adds a little bit of sexy flair to it, by offering a cut out in the middle of the bottom elastic, showing a little flash of skin that allows the woman to feel sexy whenever she wears it. This bra is great for those that don't want to show a lot of cleavage, as the sweat-resistant material covers the breasts well in order to ensure that you are comfortable with your choice. The straps, being made of netting, also provide a comfortable experience in that they don't hold heat or sweat, instead allowing you to stay cool and dry with their modern technology in fabric choice.
Michi also offers many unique styles in a cross between a bra and a shirt, that many of us be aware of, but not have tried before. These are called Michi bra tops, and they are a new style that is slowly starting to work its way into the fashion market. These tops are so interesting because they are a shirt that covers everything (for those that are uncomfortable with mid-drifts) but it doesn't lose its sexiness by using feminine style as well as modern fashion techniques. What makes this so unique, however, is that on top of excellent material choices, this top has a bra built into it so that there is no need to wear two layers. For those that are working out a lot, this is great, because it's one less thing to get sweaty and have to wash, and it means one less thing to pack into your gym bag. One example is the “Michi Amp Tank” which gives you the look of a charcoal-coloured, loose-fitting tank top, with a girly flair and security underneath it.


With this top, there is no need to worry about the possibility of anything flying out of the top, because the soft cups underneath the shirt keep everything in place and ready to serve the woman wearing it. All of the materials are soft and breathe well, so there is no discomfort or worry about dripping in sweat. The loose fabric on this top is ideal for those women who want a looser fit shirt instead of the clinging fabric that some prefer for their workout clothing. This looser options allows for more air flow underneath, so that you stay cool when working out. Due to the versatility in the colour and style, there are many options available for matching. For example, this top would look great with the “Michi Stardust Crop In Plum/Black” which is a variant on the “Michi Phantasm Legging” that we looked at earlier. This cropped legging matches in colour and style, which makes it an excellent option to pair together. The thing with all of Michi's pieces is that they're all easily interchangeable, so the only worry that you will have is which option to pick first.
Michi also has a few other styles, one of which is Michi swimwear. The styles are a little crazy and out there for those that are used to the more reserved styles that we offer here at Bikini Luxe. The quietest style would probably be the “Michi Epic Body Suit Rashguard In Indigo” which could also double as a body suit if you needed one for dance. This is an excellent product that combines flare and colour in one amazing piece that zips up the back like a suit that you would wear while surfing. This is a great suit for those that are competitive swimmers that need to have a suit that will move with them effortlessly. If you are someone that wears this to the beach, you'll be happy to discover that it has plenty of skin to show off, exposing the arms and back, and slits on the sides so that everyone can see how beautiful you are.

The best feature about this amazing suit is that the skin that is showed is wrapped tightly in a thin mesh that is comfortable and soft on the skin, and will help with the battle against sunburns. Although this won't protect you completely, it will help you a little bit. Like the other pieces that we've seen, this is an excellent option for those how want to remain active without having their chest or other parts flopping all over the place. The fabric is tight, but not restrictive, so it allows full movement of all kinds without the risk of flashing anyone or anything terrible like that.
The “Michi Epic Body Suit Rashguard In Indigo” is also great because it, like a true body suit and traditional bathing suit, stops at your hips, so your long, lean legs are free to move around and show their stuff. Whether you want to pair them with a wonderful set of our leggings, like the “Michi Medusa Crop” leggings that are sure to direct attention their their sexy slits and forming fitting features that Michi is so famous for. There are many, many possibilities with this wonderful suit that makes it versatile and appealing to those that want to try something a little different to grab eyes on the beach this summer.


Michi Shoota Batwing Jacket by Michi

Another Michi product that is sure to have you drooling over the website (and frantically adding multiples to the cart,) is the “Michi Shoota Batwing Jacket” which is a fresh style that is just looking for a place to live. This would be a great accessory when going to the gym, or cooling down after a workout. The material is light and allows your to cool off easily without letting you get cold. This is a great cover-up option if you don't want to be walking around in a sports bra all of the time, and it's fashionable, so what's not to love?


This unique sweater has narrow wrists so that they won't fall off of you and make you look like a little kid, with strong elastics to keep the cuff where it should be. The sleeves are unique in their style, resembling bat wings when you move your arms from your side. They connect down to the waistline of the sweater and give it a loose and baggy style while still maintaining a fashionable appeal that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. The sweater zips up with a reliable zipper and has a tailored and thick collar.

The back of this sweater is where the sexiness comes in, with a sheer, lacy back that exposes the toned muscles that you work for. This, while being sexy to the onlooker, is also great when wearing this to cool off from a workout, as it will allow fresh air into the top and keep you from sweating to death inside. The entire fabric of this unique and amazing top is breathable, so there is never any worry about it being too warm. This is a great product all around, and it won't be long before it spreads in popularity as well as being fashionable.


To end off our adventure through the available Michi products through Bikini Luxe, there is the “Michi Lure Top” which is a great casual option to also wear over your workout clothes that will keep you looking fashionable but also comfortable. This top is a relaxed fit, drape-like shirt that has a unique waistline. It is one of those “mullet shirts,” which also go by the name of “high-low shirts) and makes you look your best with this modern, tasteful waistline appeal.


The dark color makes it comfortable for those who don't like to wear a lot of color, but doesn't lose all of its spark for color lovers, because there is always the option to pair it with a brightly colored pair of Michi leggings. There is also a girly, stylish appeal to the shirt in the way that it has lacing along the shoulders and gives it a sexy flair and appeal. The lacing shows off the toned, muscled shoulders as well as a glance at what you're wearing underneath. This would be a great opportunity to wear a brightly colored sports bra, or just your favourite tank top. Whether you are interested in layering this style or not, it's a great option that should be a staple in both your workout closet and your casual, sitting-at-home closet. That's how amazing it is.
Michi New York is an amazing company that has all sorts of products for women of all shapes, sizes and fashion styles. Michelle Watson has stated in interviews that she is interested in making a line in the future that is not quite as sexy or revealing, so those who just want typical workout clothes in darker colours, or brighter colours with no slits will have that option as well. It is Michelle's goal to get able to cater to all sorts of people so that everyone is comfortable in her clothing. Which this in mind, it seems as if all of our fashion dreams can come true. There is every style available in many colours or dark hues that make it the perfect clothing line for workouts and swimsuits. There is even a small possibility that she might consider a men's line down the road if she can find the same thread of inspiration.



All of her products are over $100, and quite a few selections, such as the various leggings, are over $200. They are excellent quality and made with a lot of care so that they are a great product, but for those who are living on a budget or not totally sure whether they want to spend that much money on workout gear, it can be a huge deterrent for them and send them off to a competitor. We understand that money is tight, so we work hard to bring you good prices on all of our products here at Bikini Luxe. For this reason, we are pleased to bring you the Michi sale, in which we are offering a large selection of Michi's active wear at a discounted prices so that it is more accessible to those who don't have $200 to shell out per product. Hopefully this will have you rushing to our website and frantically filling your cart with all the products you can find.


This is just our way of reminding you that your interest and loyalty is really important to us, and, as such, we want to take care of you and make you understand how much we care about your business. Whether you have bought from us before, or are a new customer, please come take a look at our website and choose from our amazing products and discounted prices so you can look your best without breaking the bank. Now, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Illusion Workout Jacket by Michi

To continue the hunt for all of the best athletic clothes, there is the wonderful, conservative, fashion and exercise friendly work out jacket, called the “Michi - Illusion Workout Jacket.” This is a must have for the season to come, as the Spring can often be full of cool mornings that just make you want to stay curled up in bed instead of stepping out for that gratifying jog around the block. With this excellent jacket, there will be no excuse to stay in bed and ignore the great outdoors. This jacket is designed to keep you cool enough to not get overheated while running, as well as keep you warm against the harsh morning wind that can send us heading home in a hurry. The slim fit of this jacket is great for those that want the fabric close but not restricting. The elasticity is excellent for stretches and moving at your own rhythm. With a bold, strong zipper, this exercise jacket is sure to stay zipped up and keep you warm. The mesh on the shoulders will keep you cool and fashionable without any work on your part. For the work out enthusiast, this lightweight mesh jacket is a must have.

Following is more Michi activewear such as the “Michi - Storme Cap Sleeve Top” which is a basic staple in your Michi workout wear wardrobe. This is a sexy and comfortable top that is sure to make a statement, keep you totally fashionable, and be entirely comfortable all at the same time. This black top has open mesh shoulders that allow for air to flow as well as show your girly and flirty side. This is a mesh gym top with a lot of flair. This top is your basic loose tee style that will move with you without riding up to show off skin you'd rather keep covered. This is a more conservative option for those who prefer loose fitting clothes to the tight kind. The decoration in the shoulders really helps to keep the style feminine and satisfied that you aren't going to the “frumpy” side of things with a loose fitting top. This is an excellent top for jogging or weight lifting in the gym, as it won't ride up from the movements. This will also keep annoying bra mishaps that tend to occur when wearing a sports bra with a low cut top. The chest is safe in this top and sure not to get in your way. Also great for running around doing general business without changing, this is a top that is sure to make you happy.


Butterfly Crop Top by Michi

Let's take a look at some of the brighter colored options too, for those who just love as much color as possible in their workout outfits. For these people, there is the “Michi - Butterfly Crop Top” which will quickly become a staple in your spring wardrobe, whether it be for workout clothing or just heading out and around the town with the girlfriends. Don't like bright colours but love this style? No problem, this excellent active crop top also comes in a beautiful gray and black that will suit your more subdued style easily. As with all of Michi active wear, this top is full of fashion and flair as well as being a great addition to your workout wardrobe. The crop top offers a peep at your mid-drift as you move around, which is great for that flat stomach that you've been working so hard for. It doesn't show off too much, though, as it isn't clingy or uncomfortably tight. Great for allure and fashion, but not giving away all the secrets a girl has. This top has a unique back in the design that enables you to show off that expensive and sexy bra in a safe and comfortable way. It also allows for breathing in the mesh of the shoulders as well as the loose and low cut fabric in the back. If you have to leave the gym and head home, this top is perfectly acceptable to move from place to place and is covering, yet fashionable. This is a crucial accessory this Spring. This Michi butterfly crop top is sure to be a hit.


Sway Highwaisted Shorts by Michi

Now it's time to heat things up a little bit with this cute, hot little number. Sure to make a hit on those around you (as well as yourself, with the self confidence you will feel in this outfit) is the “Michi - Sway Shorts”. These shorts are not for the shy wearer,as they show plenty of skin with their short hemline as mesh that conveniently trails its wait down to that particular girly area. If you feel like working these shorts, they will do you all the good and none of the bad. The tight fabric does wonders at showing off all of the work you've accomplished at creating the perfect body, and the fabric is easy to move in, so there is no fear of compromising your workout routine in these cute and tiny shorts. These high waisted spandex shorts make a great addition to your workout wardrobe by offering the option to wear them with a crop top or a tight top to match the sexy appearance that the shorts create. Though this is undoubtably a bold number, the muted colour of the shorts is sure to attract many looking for a pair of shorts for the summer. The mesh is comfortable and allow for air flow while working out, and the dark denim-like fabric enables the shorts to look great on you without being as uncomfortable as denim. Michi NY has worked hard at creating summer friendly workout wear, and these shorts are sure to be a hit during those hot days. These short shorts are sure to make your butt look great and keep you moving at the same time. The admirers will come running (if they can keep up!) and soon everyone will be asking where you got your Michi Activewear. Get ready for some workout love!