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(Frankie Bikini Coco Bottom Print in Hamptons Color)


Bikini season is quickly approaching, and it's time to start getting an idea in what you want to be wearing on the beach this year. There are so many options to choose from that sometimes just the sheer number of them can be really hard to take in. A lot of women and teens go shopping with fellow girlfriends that they think will be able to help them pick a flattering style, and while that happens to a lot of teens (on which every style looks amazing), women over the age of 18 can sometimes find it hard to find the perfect one. In fact, with all the options out there today, there is sure to be a style that flatters all kinds of body shapes, but the hardest part is picking through all the wrong ones. You need someone that is professionally good at this kind of thing, right? Never fear, we are here to help you through the tough decisions by providing you with our expertise on one of the newest, hottest styles our there this season. One of these amazing options is the brand new, explosive line of bikinis by the young and talented owner, Francesca Aiello, called Frankie's Bikinis.


This sparkling new company has been breathing some fresh air into the world of bikinis with the use of social media. Since Francesca is only 18, social media is the perfect way for her to spread her business. Interested customers are all over the internet via social media and it is very easy to share ideas that you like through it. As well, Francesca has the right tools to make sure her products get out into the world. Not only is this not an excellent way to get her products out into the world, it is also an amazing way to make sure that everyone knows when there is a Frankie's Bikini sale.

(Frankies Bikinis Ocean Side Available in Blue as Well)

Francesca Aiello has the unique approach in designing swimsuits that are entirely seamless to make the suit more comfortable and not itchy in those awkward places. In this way, we can see how she aims to make her swimsuits comfortable enough that you can wear them as normal clothes, which a lot of teens do that live near the beach in the hot months. Her goal is to make them totally comfortable so that you'll want to be wearing them all year around.

Perhaps the best part about Frankys Bikinis is that she knows the way into her customer's hearts. Not only does she provide many styles that you find on our website here at Bikini Luxe, but also understands that they need to be of high quality spandex and nylon that is sure to hold up for the most sporty wearer. All of Francesca's styles are meant to support her surfing lifestyle, and she ensures that they will not lose their stretch or “movability” over time. After all, for some of us, buying a bikini can be an investment, even if they aren't a lot of money. The idea is that we don't always want to go through the struggle of finding a new one every year. For this reason, the styles are versatile and, though they cater to the fashionable styles of the time, they can also be considered a classic style as a bikini won't go out of fashion.

(Frankies Bikini Kaia top & bottom in Chambray)

As mentioned, the best part of these suits is that they are meant to actually move around in, and not just lie in the sun, though they're great for that, too. Frankie's bikini style is versatile and easily integrated into any interested customer's wardrobe due to these wonderful features. Basically, when looking at all the options, picking out the right swimsuit is easy.

So, now that you're all excited about all of the possibilities that these new and diverse bikinis may offer the buyer of any shape and size, I bet you're wondering about how you can get a look at these wonderful pieces, right? Well, luckily for you, our loyal customers, we are dedicated to bringing you exactly what you want. This is why we offer a selection of Frankis Bikinis on our website for you to choose from. The best part? They come with a promo code on Frankie's Bikinis. This is to make them as accessible to our wonderful, driven customers, as possible. It also means that you can look around freely with this high end bikinis and maybe even get a couple sets that you can mix and match with out awesome coupons. Let's take a look and see what we're going to have to offer you for this coming summer.


(Franky Bikini Marina Top & Bikini Bottom in Lava Red)


Almost at the Frankie Bikini Discount Code, If you Made it This Far Read On!

The first of the styles is the Koa top in the Hamptons style. This excellent top is really unique and full of patterns that are sure to catch the eye of the beholder you desire. The top is really unique and is sure to stay in place. Leaving a lose “net” for the chest to bounce and breathe in, the wearer can rest assured that everything will be staying exactly where it is supposed to. The unique neckline allows for an equally unique style that may interest those who don't like the typical bikini neckline. Also available from Bikini Luxe, is the Coco bottom prints also in the Hamptons style. This combined with the top above will make a killer, original look that is sure to get the attention you deserve on the beach. These bottoms are sure to make your lower half look great with a unique cut, and a low waist line to allow for lower tan lines, and more skin to be shown. They also accentuate those narrow hips and the body you worked hard for. After all, a bikini is all about looking your best, so go ahead and show your stuff.

The next excellent set that we plan on bringing to our extensive store, is a discounted price on the lovely Oceanside top and matching bottom, both in a beautiful Catalina blue that is sure to make heads turn. This majestic colour makes anyone look good and it will give you a real summer flair as you walk along the beach and find matching hues in the deep waters. The bottom shows the perfect amount of skin for those who are looking for the sexy appearance, and it also easy to wear if you need to wrap up in a sundress. The lines would be minimal under a cover up, which is always great for wearing swimsuits on the move. Using the Frankie's Bikinis discount code, there will be plenty of money left in the bank so that you can get a great cover up to go with it, be it out of necessity, or just something that's fun to wear. That's the joy of a bikini, you can wear anything with it, and still look like a super model! This set is a must have, and at its low price, how can you say no to that?

As we continue on down the line of our offerings, it's important to remember that all of our pieces are the exact same quality of Frankie's Bikinis because they are literally the same suits, we're just retailing them. The difference between getting them directly from Frankie's is that our website is dedicated to giving you the lowest price possible, by using multiple discount coupons, promo codes, and sales. This is how we treat our customers, because you are the reason that we're still in business. Right, now that we've got that all squared away, let's get back to our options.


(Frankies Kaia Bikini Top & Bottom in Chambray)

Next, is the Kai top and bottom, both offered in Chambray. This colour is great for keeping the sun reflecting off of you while letting you tan on the beach. Some of you may be thinking, “wait a minute, it's white and that means it'll be see through,” but remember, these are high end suits that have been engineered to ensure that nothing is showing that isn't supposed to be, so your coverage fears are safe with us. What makes this suit top so original and amazing is that the lacing on the back will ensure that the straps stay on your shoulders, without having to worry about getting your hair stuck in them! The fabric is soft and smooth so the hair just flows over it and leaves your fashion statement in peace. The bottom is also an excellent choice, as it provides plenty of coverage to prevent sunburns on those sensitive spots, as well as an excellent cut that helps you strut your stuff and make an impression. The best element about these two pieces is that it provides a suit for those of us that are more comfortable fading into the background without wearing “granny suits”.

For those wearers are ready for the bold and exciting choices, we at Bikini Luxe bring you the Marina top and bottom in the energizing Lava red colour. This choice is great for those that just need colour and lots of it on the beach, and this is one of the best style options, too, which is already looking great. This style is perfect for those that don't want a lot of strings or “frills” or anything other than a nice, plain bikini. The only ornamentation – which adds to the piece without making it full of extra features that may annoy some wearers – is the interesting weaving of the straps on the back. This will make sure that the straps stay perfectly in place, which is great for those that are wearing them often and want to be able to move around without something falling down or coming off entirely. The bright colour will be great for luring in the younger demographic, which will also mean that moms and dads will be happy because they'll be easily spotted on a crowded beach with this colour. It is not extremely revealing, so this too will appeal to concerned parents.

(Frankies Bikini Kalani Top & Bottom also available in Jet Black)

The last of our wonderful available options at this time is the Kalani top and bottom that is sure to make your heart warmer just at the sight of this beach-ready outfit. We offer this in Jet black, a colour that many women seem to love over all the others. As always, black is forgiving on those bodies that aren't quite as skinny as we'd like, as well as the fact that it draws the attention of others due to the dark hue in a world of bright colours. Whether you are a fan of black or not, this suit may change your mind. The three straps at the back of this top are sure to keep the suit in place, and the covering, yet sexy bottom is sure to make all eyes turn your way when you pass. If that's the look you're going for, then this is the right outfit for you. This colour attracts the heat, so it is something to keep in mind, but that also makes it a great piece to wear when looking for the perfect tan. It will also dry quickly in the sun, so there is no need for extra towels.

Finally I thought This Was Some Kind of Trick Where's the Frankies Bikinis Sale?

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Whether you are someone who is familiar with the world of bikinis or not, these selections will surely grab your attention. There are so many various choices available that it's not going to be hard to find one, it's going to be hard to choose one! As mentioned, though, Bikini Luxe brings all of these great options to you at such discounts, that you'll have a full cartload before you know it, and soon you'll have ten different variations sitting in your closet. What's “worse,” is that you won't know which one you'll want to wear first! That's the best thing about bathing suits, though, there's always great places to wear them to, and you can never have enough of them! With our amazing discounts, promo codes and sales, you're sure to find the exact style that you want. All you have to do is take that first step and start looking.


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