Didikini Swimwear: Luxury Swimwear for Athletic Women

Finding the right swimsuit is a lot of work, not to mention that it so frustrating that a lot of people just give up after a few tries. The most important part about buying a swimsuit is going to the right place. A lot of the shops in modern day cater only to size 0 women that want to be showing as much skin as possible. While there is nothing wrong with that, of course, there need to be other options so that women of all sizes and shapes can feel comfortable with their own bodies when wearing a swimsuit. Shops that offer different styles and sizes are to sure to attract the most amount of customers, so they tend to get the most business for this reason. 



Didikini is run by Kavita Channe and Jenna Franklin, two college friends that believe in creating fashionable styles for every girl out there. The fashion sense that Kavita and Jenna create is a tomboy comfort (not compromising comfort for fashion) with a seriously fashionista appeal to it. They believe that all women should feel comfortable in their own bodies and they make their suits to do just that. Their motto is “Dream it. Do it” and this confidence and motivation help make everything the best it can be. Didikini swimwear is made out of high quality material and is sure to make each and every woman comfortable in what she's wearing.


Sporty DIDIKINI Swimwear

Well known for their ultra popular Miami Dolphins Swimwear, Didikini brings sporty swimwear to light in all the best ways. Their two Professional series swimsuits are called the MIA Pro Reversible Miami Dolphins bikini, and the MIA Pro Vintage Bikini Set. Let's take a look at the sporty suits that are available. All of the options are similar in the way they look, but are very unique when looked at in detail. For example, the first of the unique bikini sets is a beautiful, vibrant blue that will tie you in with the beach if you wear it to stroll around and wade in the water. The fabric is stretchy and made for comfort. The top allows for lots of space for the chest without leaving an unflattering gap, or allowing anything to slip out of its covering. Since these suits are classified as sporty, the fabric is right over the chest so that nothing is able to move out of place or make it hard to swim in a pool. Nothing gets squished or constricted to the point of discomfort, so there is no need to worry if you have a bigger chest. Didikini is here to make sure you find the perfect suit for you.

This beautiful blue suit is given a girly flair by ties that hold it around the neck. There are three strings, each a different color which allow for maximum fashion choices when picking out accessories to match the suit. This also allows for the wearer to be able to choose their accompanying jewelry a little easier and make sure that the suit matches their eyes and/or hair in some way, too. The decorative strings are not purely for looks, as they make sure that suit stays in place and doesn't come loose when moving around. But, the options of color choices and the delicate appearance give it a girly flair, thus we can see how Kavita and Jenna's style options and choices come back into play: a tomboy comfort with a seriously fashionista appeal to it.


Didikini Tally Tie Sides Bikini Set $88


The bottom of this Didikini Bikini follows the same rules as the the top. The fabric covers all that it needs to, but doesn't compromise on the fashion. It follows the shape of your body so that it is flattering and accentuates the right part, without being skin tight and making the wearer uncomfortable. This combined together with the top, we can see how the tomboy comfort doesn't show in the fashionable appearance of this suit. For this reason, it is a popular choice for those that want comfort and practicality but not at the price of looking like a five year old or something else that is not age appropriate. These designer bikini sets are full of options, and the blue one that we just looked at also comes in green and a deep red. They are all excellent choices and are sure to make the color-crazy personality type happy as well.

Another option for a sporty-style bikini from Didikini is a beautiful, vibrant teal option that has a few different features than the one we already looked at. This one ties around the neck with a more secure and simple tie, a thick lace that is the same color as the body of the suit. The bottom is the same way, tying at the sides with thick, elasticized laces that are sure to keep everything where it should be.

For those of us that prefer a more traditional style bikini, this might be the best style option for you. All of the Didikini bikini options are sure to hold up over time and keep every part of you body comfortable and looking great, but this teal piece is a great investment because of the security that it will provide. For those of us with bigger chests, sometimes the bikinis with the thin and looser ties, like on the ones we just talked about, don't provide enough support, even when tied as tight as possible. The thicker and stronger tie of the teal bikini can give you that strength that is needed to keep the chest where it should be so that it is comfortable.


Didikini MIA Pro Miami Dolphins Bikini Set $88


The bright color can suit those wearers that love the brightness, but it is easy to match with jewelry and various hair colors. There is no need to worry about attracting too much attention, because the bright blue is sure to meld into the bright reflections at the beach as well as the vivid color of chlorinated water. Due to its bright hue, it is bound to keep the sun reflecting away, which will ensure that your Didikini swim fabric will stay bright and looking brand new.

The last unique option in this line of suits is a unique and brightly colored suit that is a little crazy for those ones that just want to blend in with everyone else. While it has the traditional style tie ups, like the earlier style we looked at, this one has wild streak in it with the coloring. On the top, one half is a bright teal, and the other one is a muted, pastel orange. The combination of the two together give it a real summer feel, so that you can always look season-appropriate as you stroll along the beach. Though this one is not as sturdy as the teal one that we discussed previously, this is a good option for those that like to take a leisurely swim and just wander around, or tan in the sun.

The bottom of this suit is more frilly than the other styles, so that may deter those that just want a straight swimsuit that has a more tomboy feel to it. That being said, this is an excellent option for those that want a little added frill without making the jump to the exotic styles that we will look at next. So, whether you know what you want for sure, or are not entirely certain about the frills versus non-frills, or just want to try something a little different for a change, this may be a good suit for you to look at.


Exotic Swimwear

They all almost identical to the last model that was discussed, but in varying colors. There is pink and off white, light blue and turquoise, and purple and pink. That combined with the orange and teal option provides a lot of customized color options that are sure to make every potential customer look their best. These exotic styles offer more girly flair than the other model we saw that was frill-free. These more feminine styles will also be very comfortable for the wearers, so there will be some peace in knowing that the girly-girl will not have to suffer from choosing a more feminine style in the comfort section. Therefore, we can see how this is good for all potential customers. It's clear that Didikini offers as much comfort as possible while still retaining fashionable additions for those who choose them.


Didikini Islamorada Scrunch Butt Bikini Set $88


All of Didikini's pieces are examples of high end swimwear. Each one is made of high quality fabric that will hold up as you wear it time after time. The website is home to detailed washing instructions that will help ensure you keep your bikini looking its best at all times, even years after you've bought it. They take good care in maintaining quality over quantity, so that each customer gets a carefully inspected suit that is sure to make you feel and look your best. That's the most important job of a bathing suit, after all.

One of the best parts of buying a bathing suit is that you can mix and match to make the perfect suit for you. By buying a reversible bikini, the customer is able to create a few different variations to find the right one, as well as have other style options down the road when they want a change in style or need a new bikini but don't have the money in the budget for it. All of the suits are offered in Small and Medium to provide the best comfort and size for the customer. Each suit has a series of different photos that be perused to ensure that you are getting the suit of your dreams.


Didikini Mykonos Exotic Bikini Set $88

In order to check and see if Didikini is the brand for you and to get more information, check out our selection of designer swimwear . Bikini Luxe provides plenty of photos, reviews, and different styles of outfits so that you can make the right bikini choice.

Whether you are new to Bikini Luxe and it's wonderful, customer-oriented website, or you have shopped here before and just love spreading the word around, go ahead and check out all of the different options and see if you can find the right outfit for you. Who knows, you may find your dream bikini just waiting for you with the perfect colors and straps. If so, snap it up before it's gone, and wear your suit with pride!