Dress Styles for Plus Size Women

There are many dress styles for plus size women available today, but do you know which ones are perfect for your body type? This is the biggest problem that curvier women face when it comes to looking for a dress for an important occasion. Sometimes the variety and choice of dresses can be an obstacle, especially if you’re not a particularly decisive individual.

You’ll find sites online – and in the shopping malls – that have many dresses to choose from, but you’ll still need to know which one is right for you before you invest your hard-earned cash. Some will make you look great, but you need to choose your style of dress very carefully. What looks great on one person doesn’t necessarily look nearly as good on someone else.

Styles for Plus-Sized Dresses

There are three popular types of dress that will fit differently, but look amazing on you. You can fill up your wardrobe with various styles and always have something for a formal or semi-formal occasion.

  1. The first type is the A-Line plus size women’s dress. This type of dress resembles an A, and isn’t meant to fit any part of you. The A-Line does not fit tightly to you, so your heavier areas won’t stand out. You can hide certain parts of yourself. There are some plus size dresses that showcase a cinched waist, and also some that come with beautiful matching sashes. When you wear this type of apparel, the top and bottom will look equal, so it’s suitable for any figure. Even plus size women’s apparel can be figure-flattering, and this style does the job incredibly well.
  2. Another suitable style is the shirtdress because of how well it can cover up any of your bodily imperfections. Just like a shirt, it can have pockets as well as buttons. Some have decorative buttons to look even better than a casual dress. It may also have a zipper on it or a combination of the two. This style of dress can be worn with a belt, and any casual shoes will make it stand out. There are also a variety of patterns to choose from if you don’t want just a single solid-color dress. Try floral material dresses, or even plaids and stripes.
  3. You can also choose the empire waist dress. This style has a seam that is higher to support a full-figure body and bust. It’s loose, just like the other mentioned styles, so you look like you don’t have any imperfections on your body. The beauty of this style is that no matter how full you are around the mid-section, it won’t be noticeable because of how this style of dress flows. All the negativity is literally wiped away, so you are left looking amazing.

Styles That Flatter Your Figure

You need to find plus size clothes for women that flatter your shape and make you look great. Keep in mind the type of shape you have. Some women are pear or apple-shaped, and others are rounder. Get something that suits you perfectly, and in a color that is right for your complexion. Don’t make life more difficult for yourself by choosing a dress that look good on the model, but not on you.

Even if what you like for yourself doesn’t fall into one of the styles outlined above, you can still use other ideas that will make your choice a lot easier. Don’t think that not quickly finding a dress style for plus size women is going to impossible because sometimes it can take time to find the look that you desire.

  • Solid color plus size apparel is an amazing option for you. There are many dresses available that fit you perfectly and have a flowing skirt. This style is perfect for the curvier woman. In this case, consider selecting something that is a wine or chocolate color. Another option for a single color dress is something with a crisscross shape in the center. This will make you look slimmer and quickly and easily hide any bodily imperfections that you’d rather not share.
  • You can also try something that has only a single sleeve or a sleeveless dress too, to remove attention from your stomach. Add some accessories, like a necklace, that matches or something with a contrasting color that goes well with the primary color of your outfit.
  • V-Neck dresses can draw attention to the upper part of your body, mainly to your face. Pear shaped figures will do well with this style as it is very flattering. Buying something with ruffles on it will look really good on you. Sleeve styles will vary, and you can wear any style sleeves with this type of dress. You can get a softer look with this style of plus size dress.
  • If you have an hourglass shape, you can try the bias cut dress. This can be a nice addition for a special occasion, and you can get something in which the sleeves flow nicely. The lower cut neckline will suit you well so the attention is brought up to an area that doesn’t have any flaws. This will add a feminine touch to how you look and feel.

There is so much more that you can do to add a personalized touch to your dress, and accessories will definitely accentuate how beautiful you look. You can decorate the dress yourself with sequins and also add some color to make it look even prettier. Much will depend on your personal design skills, but you’re bound to know someone who can make a few alterations for you.

There are so many accessories; these include brocade pins, hair accessories, bracelets, earrings and also necklaces to make the neckline stand out. Accessories can also take away attention from the belly if you don’t want this to be the focal point of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs in a short dress or even wear a formal gown if it suits you well. Go all out to make yourself look perfect. 

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