"Most of my style inspiration is from magazines (my favorite one is Harper’s Bazaar), fashion runway shows, and Instagram fashionistas."


I’m not the kind of person who follows every single of the latest fashion trends, because these styles might not suit me while some fashionitas can definitely pull off the styles. Some of my friends (females and males) have asked me for some “fashion” tips, but I always told them this, “study your body type, learn to love it and wear in the clothing that you’re comfortable and confident with.”

"My style philosophy is to aim for versatile chic by mixing and matching designer pieces with affordable and stylish ones."

You don’t need have every item to be glamorous; one or two statement pieces are just right to make you look polished. I suggest one should invest a good designer piece that will last in the long run and can reflect your own sartorial taste, despite the current trend. Sometimes my outfit can be as simple as it seems, but I always like to add a few of statement pieces (such as a bold necklace) or interesting prints/textures (stripes and plaid) to enhance the details on the whole look.  


 Claire Liu is the intelligent and beautiful face behind Von Vogue. You can find her digging through fashion magazines and gathering travel inspiration in her spare time. She started Von Vogue in September of 2013, and has collaborated with esteemed brands, such as Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Banana Republic Factory to name a few. Claire calls Vancouver home, but she is always looking for her next big adventure :) Click below to check out her Instagram!