Mermaid Adventures Somewhere Under the Sun

Brazilian-born,  currently living on the north shore of Oahu, a mermaid bodyboarder, model, designer and photographer who defines her style as boho mermaid surfer girl meets hippie, bumps into gypsy, country and a bit of rock N roll.

Claudia Cox has dreamed of Hawaii since her youth. Raised in the small town of Matinhos in the southern part of Brazil, Cox learned how to surf at the age of twelve. From that point on, she shared a goal with many other like-minded wave riders. “As every non-Hawaiian surfer’s dream, mine was to come to Hawaii and surf the North Shore of the island of Oahu,”

After short stints as a competitive bodyboarder, model and stunt woman, Cox found herself adrift in Hawaii, searching for “the next big thing.” That’s when a local casting director noticed Cox’s unruly dark curls and athletic build, traits that made her a dead-ringer for the star of the newest prime-time sensation. Cox would work as a stand-in for Lilly’s character “Kate” on LOST for the next few years.
And when the tv show ended she decided that she had enough and was again searching for “the next chapter” , here is a bit more on how photography became her “new thing”.


I always loved to design everything, I modify almost everything I own, adding to it, cutting a little here and there, re-dying, re-sewing … I  started designed a couple gowns one of them for my friend Evangeline Lilly wear at one of our local premiere of Lost and surprising enough she was vote the best week  dressed by people magazine, a lingerie line after that with my two best friends then  after that we had a house fire where all our belongs burned to the ground and I lost all my designs and samples so I was again asking myself “what’s next?” .

I then started to designed jewelry, and because every time I had a new piece I had to have photos of it  for the website, so I bought myself a camera and started to shoot it myself on models. And that’s where photography entered my life, after that I got a GOPRO which I mount on a GOPOLE  and been shooting underwater self-portraits, wave shots and even fashion with it  and posting on my IG,  after that  I started to get requests for collaborations with companies and other artists. From there I been photographing almost everyday, I live in Hawaii and it’s like living in a giant outdoor studio, everywhere you look it’s like a photograph itself.

Being A Mermaid

I have a different connection to water than what I have with people. It is as if I can merge my soul with water, and it is then I truly become one. Within water I feel loved unconditionally, revitalized, refreshed, renewed, happy, pure, cleansed, and euphoric. All these words do not fully describe the feelings that water brings…


My Inspirations

Inspired by hand-me-down treasures from the earth, Mother Nature, family and friends, childhood fairy tales, favorite books, travels, different cultures, colors and textures that remind me of the things I love.

I love to do photography and brand collaborations, but only if it makes sense. When both parties share the same values and appreciates each others communities, the results most likely will be incredibly meaningful and impactful.” Being a model/photographer allows me to share trends, and have an intimate connection with my readers/followers.



 Claudia Cox has quickly become one of our favorite people, as she inspires us to be free and enjoy life. She has recently created an Etsy Store to showcase her creative talents, make sure to take a peek at those! Her Instagram account boasts beautiful underwater photography, and scenic shots. Check those out by clicking below!