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Bikini Luxe received a lot of feedback on a photo I posted on LinkedIn recently. At the time of this post there were over 500 comments on it.

Miss Universe Contender Natalie Roser wearing Montce Swimwear

The image, as you can see, is a back view of a young woman wearing a beautiful and stylish bikini – one of many that I, as a Florida-based purveyor of swimwear, sell in our online shop.

I asked the question: is this appropriate for LinkedIn? and waited for discourse to pour in. And the LinkedIn community – my fellow professionals and business men and women – didn’t disappoint.

Here is a video for those of you who can no longer click the link to the dialogue that seems to have deleted by Linkedin:

Here is a link to the dialogue:

I had people saying that because our business is luxury swimwear, active wear and accessories, we were entirely on the ball in using this image. Others disagreed, saying that the image belonged on social sites like Facebook and Instagram rather than a site directed towards professionals. Still others complimented me on my marketing savvy, and one gentleman even called it “genius” – to that, I say, thank you, and we’ll take it!

Things Started Getting Heated..


Others Had Very Strong Opinions:


Messages Started Arriving In the Hundreds:


Some People Wanted To Be Blocked

While Others Had Words Of Encouragement

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What You Didn't Know

My account was temporarily suspended due to complaints from Linkedin members who objected to the question that I had posed. I won't go into details about which member(s) it was that complained, but I would like to again reiterate that this was an update on my personal page and I do not have control over if it shows up in your feed. The question was posed to my personal Linkedin connections.

If anyone felt offended I would like to apologize and if you would kindly message me I will block you from my connections so you will no longer have to see my updates that your connections "liked" of mine.

How To Unsubscribe From Someones Posts


How Bikini Luxe Enraged and Engaged on Linkedin - Forbes

Forbes Bikini Luxe


A Visual Representation Of What Happened Next..

linkedin censoredThey Have Now Deleted The Original Post..


We Would Like To Thank Everyone

I enjoyed reading all your comments and debating with you. It’s always a pleasure to hear the intelligent, informed opinions of experienced professionals like yourselves.

The last two years have been quite a journey and we hope to continue to spread the word about the happy, content, sexy, and fun beach lifestyle that Bikini Luxe is all about, and all my company has to offer.  


So What Do You Think About This Censorship?