Fashion Blogger Awards

We have created a list of the most influential bloggers of the year, both rising stars as well as established names. We found these incredible fashion bloggers after having our team do extensive research. Let us introduce you to them now in Alphabetical order.

Aakriti Rana fashion blogger
Aakriti Rana

On her blog, La Chica Loca, Aakriti is ready to share what she thinks and feels to the entire world. With a great plan and a great way to share her thoughts with everyone in regards to fashion and lifestyle, this is a popular blog that is sure to get even more popular as she makes her presence. All of her posts and photos are great, meaning that you can easily scan through and enjoy the reading process from start to finish. If you're looking for a leader to bring you a new wardrobe without using every penny you have, this is the blog to do it:

La Chica Loca

Aida Domenech
Aida Domenech

Better known as Dulceida, Aida Domenech is a fashion blogger who created Dulceida, and she isn't afraid to speak the truth about what fashion. She is known as one of the loudest and most professional voices of fashion bloggers in Spain, speaking her mind with a rebellious style that suits her vivacious and confident personality. Her high quality work has led her to be given the aware of Berlin's Best International Fashion Blogger in Stylight. She has many loyal and engaging followers who make those products that she recommends sold out shortly after her positive review. She blogs using a simple and effective style that keeps readers hooked. Check out her blog at


Akanksha Redhu
Akanksha Redhu

One of the most influential bloggers in India on style and fashion, Akanksha shares her thoughts on all of the newest trends there, unafraid to say what she thinks and talks about everything from outfits to accessories that she loves and adores. Offering a refreshing look into the modern fashion world with charming photographs and fantastic combinations that cause everyone to stop and stare in wonder while scanning her blog, it's no wonder she has the impressive reader base that she does on this multi-genre blog. From travel to fashion and everything in between, check her outfit choices and comments

Akanksha Fashion Blogger

Ananda Saba Patel
Ananda Saba Patel

With equal parts cute and fun, Ananda shares her thoughts on fashion on her blog, Super Fashionable. All of her photos and quotes are related to fashion for both her and her little girl. She has her blog well organized with general fashion posts, and then categorized into two groups of fashion: hers and her daughter's. This is a great blog to look at for moms that are looking for inspiration for their little ones style as well as options that are meant to make them feel and look great, too. For more information and a look into how the fashion world works for a busy mom, check out her blog at

Super Fashionable

Andreea Manole
Andreea Manole

Her fashion blog, Miu Miu by Andreea, is a place for fashion blogger, Andrea Manole to share her important and prominent thoughts and feelings about fashion and everything to do with it. With breathtaking photos and great descriptions of clothing and accessories, Andreea doesn't hesitate to say what she thinks about a piece of fashion, making her a great voice of reason for anyone who is searching for a new style or trend that is important to them. With a good reading base, this is one fashion blogger who says it like it is. Check out her comments and reviews at

miumiu official

Ane Medina

Blogging about everything related to fashion, Ane Media blogs under own name on her website, Eu Maquio. It is a blog that originally started from a series of YouTube videos. Her trends and thoughts caught fire and soon she had a series of readers following her innovative and exciting material that she writes sharing her motivation for different trends and outfits and her pros and cons about each one. She also talks about makeup and everything related to personalizing your beauty routine. All of the posts are relaxed and natural so that everyone can fit in with her discussions. Check them out for yourself at

Ane Media

Ashlee Hinds
Ashlee Hinds

On her blog, Big Beautiful Black Girls, Ashlee uses her time and space to share her unique fashion sense for all of those who fit into the category in which her blog is named. She is great at sharing her opinions in a way that make all of her readers flock and enjoy ever part of the fashion world in the best possible way. With a great voice and plenty of great photos, Ashlee shows us that you don't have to be a size 0 to enjoy fashion or everything that it brings forward. Enjoy the show at

big beautiful black girls

Ashley Hargrove

Ashley Hargrove

Model by day and fashion blogger by night, Ashley Hargrove blogs at DTK Austin Styling, focusing her posts on fashion and which ones grab her attention. With a pleasant engaging style that sucks you into the words she writes. Her posts are always accompanied with realistic photos that show how the outfits work together. Working hard as a wardrobe stylist for Austin Woman Magazine, her love for fashion has helped her into the professional world, making an impact on everyone she meets along the way. With great posts with fashion tips, rants and exciting observations, it's clear that she has a love for fashion that makes her career path perfect. Check out her posts at

DTK Austin


With plenty to say about fashion and trends, Batigul works hard on her self-named blog to make sure that everything she has is ready for the unsuspecting viewer to have a great time learning everything there is to know about fashion and trends. Style is a personal choice, so this talented model and photographer takes the time to make sure that her opinions are clearly stated so that no one is confused to wondering what she really thinks of one trend or another. Ready to show the world what she thinks and feels about everything fashion-related, check out her exciting and intriguing blog that is full of great advice at:

Batigul Blog


Posting about everything from food to fashion, Bea posts under the pen name Bea La Panthere and shares her opinions in an expressive and quiet way that makes you follow from post to post. Though shorts, her posts have been motivating and gathering readers since 2014, making her a great leader in the world of writing. Posting realistic comments about fashion and sports, this energetic young lady is a great person to offer you comments that are honest and ready for real life people that want to know what someone else thinks of that top or those tights. Check out Bea's comments for yourself at:

Bea Fashion Blog

Betsy-Blue English

With an inspiring blog that is a breeze to navigate through, Betsy Blue is ready to show the world everything they need to know about fashion in a general sense and what it means to her as well. Smart and sophisticated in both wits and fashion, there are plenty of tips and options to check out on her blog. Excellent photos highlight the best styles, and there is plenty of space to read about what trends are the best and why that is. From accessories to patterns, Betsy Blue, on her blog, It's Thursday Tho, is ready to show you a good time:

Betsy Blue Blog

Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso

Posting about lifestyle and fashion on top of everything else that she has to say, Bianca uses her blog, Modette, to talk about it all in the best way possible. With great clarity, she talks about her family and trends that she feels are worth mentioning. With careful detailing, you can take a flip thorough her blog and enjoy her photos and fashion trends that she thinks to photograph and keep up to date. Each post is unique and sure to inspire your fashion mind to get moving:

Bianca Ingrosso Instagram

Brianne Manz

Brianne writes on her blog, Stroller in the City about all things related to being a mom, including the exciting fashion and clothing that both mom and child get to grow into and out of with time. The blog focuses on all things related to being a mother. She is a practical fashion lover, meaning she understands that the best fashion is great looking and practical at the same time. She posts comments and thoughts about some of the best outfits worn by both mom and child so that other parents out there can get the information they need. Check out all of the great things that she has to say on the things you care about at:

Stroller in the City

Brides Journal

The world is ready for there to be a fashion blog that is entirely dedicated to brides and making sure that all of their needs are covered, right? Well, luckily or not, the Brides Journal domain is here to capture the attention of all of those looking for a great getaway when you need to meet with others and obsess over the wedding for a few hours. A great place to ask questions, post ideas, and network amongst fellow brides to be. This is a great environment full of options for the dedicated woman looking for a great spot. Check it out at:

Brides Journal Instagram 

Camille Co

New to the blogging world, Camille Co, who blogs under who own name, has made quite a reputation for herself. Her posts are personable and fresh, full of fashion-related photos and comments while still stay relatable to her wide audience. Due to this talent, her blog was a finalist for the Best Fashion Blog at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in 2011, as well as as being ranked #25 on Signature 9's 99 Most Influential Fashion and Beauty Blogs. The list of her awards and accomplishments keeps rolling, allowing her to work with some of the biggest companies, such as Pandora. Check out her blog at:

Co Fashion blog

Caroline Berg Eriksen
Caroline Berg Eriksen

Full of great comments regarding anything you possibly want to know about fashion and the newest trends out there. Her blog, named after herself is full of well thought-out posts that highlight her understanding of, appreciation for, and love of fashion. With great photos that are professionally taken and full of what fashion is all about ‚ gorgeous clothing combinations‚ you can get a real taste of it all, here. With great comments and thoughts to share with all of her many readers, Caroline does a great job at promoting fashion in a realistic and honest way that makes everyone understand it for themselves. Check it out

Fashion Instagram link

Christina Kovac
Christina Kovac

Helping you explore your closet with a professionally trained eye, Christina is here with the help of her blog, self named, to make this a reality for you. No one can look at their closet's objectively, so Christina is here to make sure that you have the skills and tips needed to be impressed by everything that you see and understand. Fashion is a personal journey and Christina encourages her readers to make their own choices and decisions so that they are proud of the results. Take a look for yourself and you'll be amazed:

Christina Kovac

Crystal Phoung
Crystal Phuong

An important contributor to the fashion blog world, Crystal Phung posts under her own name on a blog that also has her own name. She is a diverse woman, everything from a latin dancer to an experienced digital marketing consultant, which is her day job. In her spare time, Crystal works at making sure she shares her fashion story with her readers, earning her the Singapore Blog Award from 2012-2015 amongst others. She enjoys sharing her thoughts and opinions with others so that the entire world can talk about fashion together. Check out her material and the fun photos that go along with it at:

Crystal Phuong  

Dani Barretto
Dani Barretto

On a fresh blog that is full of clean lines and great thoughts about the modern fashion style out there, Dani, on her self-named blog, Dani has a great slew of tips and ideas about fashion to accessories, making everything a must-read as you scan through the fantastic posts and learn to your heart's content about how to best use this outfit, and what patterns go with which. The photos are great and really make his blog feel homey for those who are looking to learn all there is to know about fashion. Take a look for yourself at:

Dani blog

Daniela Ramirez

From Venezuela, Daniela Ramirez has been blogging on her blog, Nany's Klozet under the nickname Nany since 2010. She studied Fashion Merchandizing and Business and went even further to work on Design and Media Management as a Master's degree. She has other related topics that make her love of fashion and blogging a reality that has gained her many followers. She blogs about her life and the outfits that she wears while living it. She shares her fashion-related thoughts with her many followers and has focused her life about taking her blog to a higher level with her education and loyal fan base. Check her out at

Daniela Instagram 

Dounia Slimani

With informative videos that show a person who is totally attached to fashion and everything that it means, Dounia does a great job at using her youtube channel to promote fashion in a way that works for her. A fashion blogger, Dounia is a great speaker who is clear and precise in what she has to say about everything. Her thoughts are deep and carefully constructed to make sure that everyone who watches her videos can understand and join in the conversation in the comments. A video blogger who takes her job seriously, you can check out all of her videos by going here and clicking through them:

Dounia Instagram 

Ebba Zingmark

Blogging under her own name, Ebba is a young and innovative blogger from Sweden who has perfected the art of balancing information and entertainment. Starting her blog due to her love of photography in 2008, her blog grew into a fashion-centred spot for those who wanted fashion combined with her thoughts about equality and animal rights, among other topics. Due to her success, she's been able to travel around the world and model in big names such as Elle Russia and Vogue Korea. After studying and graduating in 2014 with a media and PR focus, Ebba is looking to grow her blog even bigger and better. Check her out at:

Ebba Zingmark

eirin k
Eirin Kristiansen

Passionate about fashion and healthy living, Eirin uses her blog, Make Ever Day Beautiful to share her daily adventures relating to fashion and general topics. Her readers care about her life, and it's clear that fashion is a huge part of identifying who she is. Clothing says more than we think, and choosing what we put on our bodies ever day is a huge part of what makes us feel beautiful. If you are looking for some inspiration by a woman who clearly knows what she's talking about, take a trip through the blog of Eirin at:

Twitter link

Nameless Fashion Blog
Elisa Zanetti

On her blog, funnily enough named Nameless Fashion Blog, Elisa Zanetti talks about all things related to the topic. She works in the fashion industry and uses the blog as a personal space to talk about fashion and everything she finds intriguing about it, including her favorite brands and products that she wants to talk about. In particular she's interested in anything pink, especially if it's shoes or a purse. Anything pink, she loves to talk about it. Fashion is about personal choice,and Elisa uses her passion with all things fashion-related to bring a dedicated reading base to her site. Check it out:

Instagram link

Elisha Malik
Elisha Malik

Full of great photos and comments that show her love for fashion, Elisa has a great feed that has many followers. She has plenty to share and say about fashion and all of the professional shows out there, like Fashion Week. With great outfits that show her taste and preference for style, it's neat to see that she works hard on perfecting her look so that she can feel comfortable in her own skin. She believes that fashion is all about showing your true self to the world in a way that is comfortable and safe with a touch of attitude. Check out her feed at:

Elisha Malik Instagram

Em Sheldon
Em Sheldon

The fashion-oriented blog, EmTalks, is a great place to look at if you want a place to learn about fashion and how to implement it into your lifestyle. She talks about her life and how she makes each day count with a killer outfit that is all about making herself feel comfortable and in a style that will make you look and feel great. Since she focuses her time on fashion, she shares tips and ideas that she feels are important and never stops showing off her favorite outfits and styles for her readers to comment on and get for themselves. Check out her thoughts at:

EM talks instagram

baily lamb
Emily - Baily Lamb

The blog Baily Lamb is written by Emily, a fashion guru that works to share the trade with anyone online who is interested in it. Her posts revolve around the photos that she takes of her favorite outfits, and each one has a story that makes for great reading when you need to learn about and obsess over the good fashion sense and trends that make Emily feel the same way. She presents a great community in which all of her readers can speak their minds and contribute their own opinions on the pieces that she reviews, some good and some neutral. Check it all out at

Bailey Lamb 

Ester Bellon
Ester Bellón

With a great conversation style and a fantastic way with words, Ester uses her blog, Mi Armarilo en Ruinas as a space to share her thoughts on everything related to trends and fashion in general. Her readers enjoy picking through the posts and seeing what she thinks about everything that comes onto her radar, and all of her posts are engaging and open for interpretation by her readers. Everyone gets a chance to share their opinion and join in on the conversations started by Ester herself. Join in by checking her out at

Marie En Blog 

Eugenia Z
Eugenia Zhenya

With a diverse background that makes her a great eye for fashion and style, Eugenia blogs under her own name on her blog, Diamonds and Spikes. She focuses her attention on fashion ‚all of the newest trends. While also taking the time as well to learn about all of the new developments on the beauty front as well. She tests the products and styles and then gives great reviews on them for the whole world to see. Since she is a fashion insider, readers are able to get a glimpse into what makes it so special and mesmerizing from the inside, out. Check it out for yourself at

Diamonds and Spikes

Fabiana Justus
Fabiana Justus

With bright posts full of insights and thoughts about her favorite outfits, Fabiana, on her self-named blog, has a lot of things to share with her large group of readers. She likes to tell things how they are, making her a great voice of reason when someone is searching for a way to make new outfit combination and is hunting for ideas on her diverse and exciting blog. Great photos that show how fun fashion is are plastered all over her blog, and there are great comments that really show fashion for the fun thing that it is. Check them out at

Fabiana Justus Instagram

Fabrizia Spinelli

Writing under her own name, Fabrizia writes on her blog Cosa Mi Metto about all things fashion related. After learning everything there is to learn about travelling, she settled down into a more steady life that gave her time to explore her passion for fashion and all things style-related. Posting tips and thoughts about fashion daily on her exciting, colorful blog, there is nothing to be missed when you're looking to learn more about what the fashion world means to her. Offering great insights and plenty of opinions about the newest trends, you can check her blog out at

Fabrizia Instagram link



Editor of a lifestyle blog called Little Big Bell, Geraldine writes and edits under her own name, posting about trends and products that she feels compelled to write about. She shares her insights clearly about the trends and products, gathering a good fan base as a result. With an airy and fresh blog that is easy to scroll through and read, it's easy to see her inspiration and motivation for creating a high quality blog that is centred around real thoughts and opinions. Her passion for trends and fashion in general shine through in her own original creations that make their debut on her blog, which is available at

Little big bell

Fashion is my Forte

Gergana Ivanova

Writing under her own name, Gergana writes about her time modelling and about all things related to fashion on her blog, Fashion is my Forte. She takes the time to share how school and other parts in her life and inspired her fashion sense and encourages her readers to find their own style and understand how the world around you doesn't have to be a barrier, but an inspiration instead. She shares the outfits that make her feel the most successful and how they inspire her to keep trying and working hard to reach her goals. Check out her posts at

Fashion is my Forte

Greyce D

Greyce Diniz

With perfectly created posts on her self-named blog, this modeler and blogger, Greyce, is full of great thoughts about everything related to fashion. There are all sorts of comments and posts that you can flip through at your own speed so that you can see how fashion feels for her and what she thinks about each thing that she wears. From nail polish to the latest dress trend, Greyce is on top of it and will tell you what she thinks pf everything so that you can use her professional opinion to develop your own thoughts:

Greyce Instagram

Hannah Andersson
Hannah Andersson

A blogger who is focused on showing the best part of the world about fitness and how to dress for your body shape, IM ACTIVE, is a great blog full of information about how to stay fit and keep your body looking good in fashion that perfectly suits the body that you are forming. Hannah works hard to make the blog a welcome place to come and learn all you can and want to about the newest trends that will change the way you look at fitness and fashion forever. A collaboration of various bloggers, CUBE, is the new spin off of this exciting blog and is ready for you to show up and start the learning process. Check it out at:

Fashion Able Fit

Hayley Rubery
Hayley Rubery

On her blog, Frock me I'm Famous, Hayley uses her professional background in the fashion and style industry to make a difference in how those around her saw the world of beauty. She blogs about outfits and looks that make her smile in a sassy way that will make you understand how real and practical she is, especially when it comes to her fashion. She posts honest comments about the recent trends with great photos that show her look off in a realistic way while still maintaining the dignity of the clothing itself. For a laugh and an education of the professional variety, check out her blog at

Frock me I'm Famous


Heba Jay
Heba Jay

From recipes to makeup, Heba Jay is ready to show you how the professionals look at fashion. She takes her fashion and style very seriously, making that clear in how she presents herself both in the written word and in front of the camera. She is a talented writer who also has a great eye for trends and styles that make her feel comfortable. She loves sharing everything on her blog called, The Jay Sisters, and it's clear that making her readers feel at home and at ease with who they are is something that she takes seriously. Enjoy flipping through the posts at

Heba Jay

Helena Cueva

Helena Cueva

With grace and passion, Helena uses her blog, Mi Avendutra con la Moda to explore fashion in a quiet and inspiring way. She posts photos of the outfits she feels comfortable in, and allows her readers to draw opinions on their own based on the things she says. As a professional blogger, this is the thing to do, and she is making a great following for herself, allowing everyone out there to draw their own conclusions based on what they feel is the right style for them, personally. Full of great things to say about everything she posts about, this is a blog you don't want to miss:

mi aventura con la moda instagram

Janna Manska
Janna Manska

On her exciting and unique blog, Le Petit Blonde, Janna is full of great ideas that she shares with her readers without hesitation or thought as to what she is writing. While this may seem like a bad quality, it's actually a good one. Fashion is all about giving an honest opinion, so without free speech, no one is able to be honest, correct? Saying what she thinks so that her readers can get an honest opinion on the styles that are out there, Janna is ready to break into the fashion world with a great eye for detail and fantastic closet to start all of her readers off on the right foot. Take a look at

Le petit Blonde

Janni Delér

With posts written so that everyone can understand them, there is plenty to love about Janni and her blog, which is self-named. With great opinion on fashion and jewelry scattered amongst thoughts on styles and trends, you can see that she takes her job as a fashion blogger very seriously and wants to make sure that her readers always have a fun place to go when they are looking for some tips on how to make their hair and skin look nice, or just to look through some great outfits that help them feel like fashion goddesses themselves. Take a look at everything she has to offer at

Janni Instagram

Jasmin Howell
Jasmin Howell

On her blog, Friend in Fashion, Jasmin shows a strong passion for anything related to style and trends, all of which she talks about in a professional tone under her own name for her readers to enjoy. With great photos that show off all of her favorite outfits and looks, Jasmin has a great sense of fashion but is careful to make sure that she doesn't force it on her readers. She understands – which is clear in her posts – that fashion is all about individual tastes and ideas that make it fun and exciting. Check out all of the great things she has to say at

Frind in Fashion
Jasmine Tosh Lately
Jasmine Tosh Lately

With a career that is spent modelling and travelling, it's a wonder that Jasmine has time to manage her self-named blog. But, she states that her blog is incredible important to her, and the photos and posts that she uses are carefully constructed to show off the fantastic style and design of the item itself. Talking about everything from trends to some of her favorite looks, Jasmine spends her time travelling and enjoying all of the outfits that come with visiting new places and learning about all of the fashion that goes along with them. Give her blog a look and see what fashion is about at

Jasmine Tosh Lately


From DIY to fashion that is important to her, Justine uses her space on her blog, Les noeuds de Justine, to share ever part of fashion with her readers and fans. With a clean style that is great for those who are beginners in making their own looks, Justine walks everyone through how to make different elements of fashion without having to spend three days on it. She understands that fashion is about making something for yourself, so she focuses her time on helping everyone make their own style that is perfect for whoever it is made for:

instagram de justineKim Live

Kim Live

Offering great advice on how to work on your fashion blog and make it into something that you feel proud of, Kim is a great blogger herself who is all about sharing the joy with others. Full of sass and pep and a great fashion sense, Kim is a natural teacher who works hard at what she does to make sure that everyone has a chance to talk about fashion in a way that makes them feel fulfilled and like their opinion means something. Since fashion is something that a lot of people feel about very strongly, there is no end to ideas and tips out there that you can talk about. Kim just gives you the skills to do it. Check her out at:

the natural fashionista

Kristin Sunberg

Damerna's Varld is the perfect place for getting to know everything you need to know about lifestyle and fashion. Perfect for the closet-wise girl, or the one who is looking to throw everything out and start fresh, this is a all-inclusive blog that is ready to impress the masses with a great taste and careful style that makes all eyes turn to her. Wonderful for those searching for a new look, this a great place to do your research and enjoy the show:

Kristin Sunberg

mixed fashion

Laura Van Till

Writing under her own name at her blog Mixt Fashion & Lifestyle, Laura is a creative photographer who uses her skills combined with a unique and fresh fashion sense to share her thoughts with the world. Always posting photos that are professional and offer a good look at her best outfits, Laura tells her fashion and travel stories like they should be told, honestly. If you're looking for a great guide that can lead you to a world of higher knowledge about fashion and all the things that relate to it, her blog is a great place to get started on your newest adventure:

Mixt Fashion Insta

Layla - Sprinkle of Style

Blogging about fashion and all things related to style, Layla blogs under own name on her blog, Sprinkles of Style. With photos and posts about her different fashion adventures, Layla has all sorts of tips to share with her readers. With all sorts of tutorials available about makeup and nail design, fashion is just another avenue that Layla is making herself known in. With the help of her loyal followers and readers, her blog has a reputation for its tutorials and high quality pictures that show her love for fashion and everything related to it. Check it out for yourself at

sprinkle of style

Coconut and Lime
Leana Marie

On her fun and exciting lob, Coconut and Lime, Leana is a great writer who shares her thoughts and opinions on the newest trends. With great word choice and accompanying photos, there is tonnes to look at and learn from. The best part about looking at this blog is that it is creative and sure to answer every question you could have about fashion and trends. There is no shortage of knowledge, and the key to understanding fashion and style could be just a click away. It's your choice how you use what you learn here:

Coconut and Lime Instagram

Lily Tion
Lily Tjon

On her blog, Hashtag by Lily, Lily shares her thoughts on fashion and style in a unique way that allows us all to see what fashion means to her, personally. With great writing and a strong way with words, we're able to see how each piece she talks about is unique and important in a way that makes fashion into a feeling more than just something you drape over your body. Fashion is meant to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, and this is how Lily shows herself to the world. See it for yourself at

Hashtag by Lily

Lisa Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton

On her blog, See Want Shop, Lisa shares her passion for fashion and health in a way that has gained her many followers and readers that hang on to every work she writes. With professional skills behind the camera as well as in front of it, she tells her story of fashion and trends while also making sure she talks about health and fitness, two things that mean a lot to her. Since both go hand in hand, her blog is a great place to go in order to get all of the advice you could want. Take a look at

See want shop Instagram

Shot From The Street
Lizzy Hadfield

Full of comical insights, Lizzy Hadfield posts her thoughts about fashion and cats on her blog, Shot from the Street. She models her favorite styles and shares her thoughts about them to her fan base. She loves combining her minimal style with a timeless wardrobe that will cause everyone to stop and stare in appreciation. She is a recent graduate of a degree in History of Art and has been promoting her blog ever since. Her fresh look at fashion combined with her great style that sneaks in chocolate, tea, and cats once in a while, gives a great attitude to her blog. See for yourself at:

Lizzy hadfield Instagram

Love Baby Twins

Full of beauty and knowledge about how to make the best outfit into something that makes you feel pride for your body and your style choice, the Love Baby Twins have a great Instagram that is ready to show you a new way to work with what you've got. These well dressed twins are great at posting photos of their most impressive outfits so that everyone can get a taste of how they look so great all the time. You can get inspiration for different looks and styles from taking a look through their photos, so have a great time flipping through and finding your brand new look waiting for you:

Love baby twins Instagram

Madeline Bitici
Madeleine Bitici

With a colorful blog and informative posts about clothing and anything related to beauty and style, Madeleine shows the world just how much a good pair of shoes can change your life for the better. She isn't afraid to show the world what she really thinks about clothing and fashion, knowing that her readers are depending on her for a honest opinion. She has fun with her fashion and makes sure that those who are reading along are part of her adventure in one way or another. Full of great comments and tips, you can check them all out for yourself on her fun and fashion-filled blog, Finest,

Madeleine bitici Instagram

Indian Savage Blog
Maggie Dallospedale

Talking about fashion, health and everything in between, Maggie has her hands full and handles the load perfectly on her blog, Fashion Diary. Perfectly created to give readers an honest opinion on what they need to know about style and trends,her blog is professional and well organized to ensure that no one gets misdirected or thinking that they should be another category. Fashion and health go hand in hand, so each of the posts covers a little bit of everything to ensure all topics are covered. Great from start to finish, check out her writing at

Indian Savage Instagram

Makeda - Glamazon Diaries

A model and a fashion blogger, Makeda does a great job at showing what fashion means to her by using her blog as the perfect place to show off great products and trends that are important to her. Blogging under her own name at Glamazon Diaries, Makeda's blog posts are all impressive and exciting so that you can see her love for fashion in every word that she writes. Full of fresh ideas and great options for outfits, this is a great blog to put on your list if you are a fashion lover. Take a look at her blog for all of the best information and fashion-related material:

Glamazon Diaries Instagram

Mandy Paulino

A blogger from the Dominican, Mady Paulino blogs under her own name on her blog, Mandy Shares Life about fashion and life in general. She shares her favorite brands and products that she tests and uses posting the information so that all of her readers can see where she got them and how they can get them, too. Mandy's blog is focused on the idea of making sure that fashion is accessible to everyone, and her blog is the perfect place to share in that love together. Check out her blog with all of the details and fashion advice you could need at

Mandy Shares life

Which Clothes Today
Manon - Which Clothes Today

With realistic photos of her everyday styles, Manon posts on her blog, Which Clothes Today, with great comments and funny phrases that will entertain any reader that is looking forward to learning everything there is to know about fashion. Her styles are realistic ones that represent clothing that she would pick out and buy herself, making it a great realistic option for those that are looking for honest opinions. With great photos and a solid reader base, Manon has a lot going for her blog and all of the comments on it. Take a look and see for yourself at

Which clothes today

Martina Ritter
Martina Ritter

Named after herself, Martina's blog is full of a look book inspired fashion sense that is ready to give you lots of ideas when you head to the stores to grab a new dress for that special occasion. From shoes to accessories to a touch a makeup, Martina is here to show you how to best take care of yourself in a fashionable and affordable way. There is nothing to lose by searching through the pages for your new favorite look, so take the time today. You won't be disappointed:

Martina Ritter
Natalia Viktorovna

Blogging under her own name on her blog, Glamourina, Natalia works at promoting fashion in a positive way that also motivates her readers to find their own love and style that works for them. She splits her time between posting about fashion and motivational posts, both of which are which important to being in control of your own life. She uses her healthy and positive outlook to promote fashion that is centred on finding your own inner beauty and letting it shine. She values her reader's opinion very much and works hard to create inspiring fashion-related posts for them. Check out her blog at

Glamorina Instagram

Nati Vozza
Nati Vozza

With great comments and posts, her blog, Glam For You, is a great place to visit when you are looking to get a great opinion about fashion from a lady who's had lots of time and experience in the world of fashion and style. Her blog is expertly written with thoughtful posts about everything related to fashion and the trends of the time. Her looks vary from casual to dress and everything in between so that everyone looking for help can look at all of the different appearances and get the advice they need to make their own wardrobes better.

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Nicole Andersson
Nicole Andersson

With great photos and plenty to say about the fashion world, no one can argue against the fact that Nicole doesn't know what she's talking about. On her self named blog with a great layout, you can take a good look through and see just how she understands fashion. All of her comments about sales and products and style are well researched to make sure that customers and readers are getting a good opinion based on real attempts. Since style is subjective, Nicole talks about fashion in an open way that allows all the readers to get their own opinions on the looks.

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Nikki Parkinson

A talented journalist that is now a blogger and author, Nikki Parkinson posts her thoughts on fashion and trends on her blog, Styling You, which has won awards for its in-depth comments and thoughts about all parts of fashion. The goal of the blog is that she wants to inspire women to embrace their own natural fashion sense and create outfits that make them feel comfortable. By doing this, she is able to hopefully convince them to take advantage of the warm summer sun and the heat that goes along with it.

Styling You

Nina secrets

Nina - Nina Secrets

With a great website that is all about being there for her readers, Nina posts her thoughts on makeup, fashion, trends, style, tips, and everything else a fashion oriented person could be hoping for. Her thoughts are really impressive and show just how seriously she takes her blog, her readers and fashion in general. With so many blogs out there, it is neat to see that her readers are so loyal and listen carefully to what she has to say. It shows professionalism as well as original thoughts that she takes seriously.

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Nurcan Sencan
Nurcan Sencan

With professional photos and plenty to share about fashion, Nurcan uses her blog, named after herself, to share her tips on fashion, modeling, style, and all things related to accessories or makeup. This is a professional model who knows how to tell a good outfit from a bad one, and how to make the best out of every situation that you could think of. If you're looking for professional advice on how to to make sure of your fashion sense and the outfits you have at your disposal, take a look at her blog at

Instagram Fashion bloggerOlivia Watson

Olivia Watson

An avid fashion lover, Olivia is the creator of LivvyLand, her fashion-oriented blog that also includes all sorts of details about her life and all of the best parts in it. She uses her own style – simple and trendy – to show the world around her that fashion doesn't have to be scary or hard to understand, but rather something that is good and filled with all sorts of great parts, including color and pattern that everyone is searching for at one point or another in their lives. She uses her natural style as a way to get into the fashion world in a great and original way. Check out her posts at

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Paola Modugno

In a motivating way that makes everyone want to be part of the experience, Paola uses her love for fashion and making unique combinations be the core of her blog, Love Chic. It is a free space where she shares her thoughts on each outfit that she tries and explains why she likes all of them, of what bothers her about one option or another. She shares her thoughts on accessories as well as beauty products on every combination in between. She eats, lives, and breathes fashion. All of her readers take great pleasure in enjoying her posts which are available at

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Paty S
Paty Scaringella

A fashion blogger from Brazil, Paty Scaringella has created her innovative and impressive fashion blog under the username Blogdapaty, and named her blog after herself, Paty Scaringella. Her posts all speak about the different trends that she sees and thinks are important. Her website is clean and full of great comics that make flipping through the different posts enjoyable and easy. To the point and simple in the best possible way, she shares her opinion on color choices as well as trends and bigger style that are making the news. You can take a look for yourself by heading to

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Paula Tawil Sturm

With great photos and all sorts of thoughts and comments on fashion, Paula Tawil Sturm shares her life with her readers on her blog that she writes under her own name, Blog Da Paulinha. She is a fashion expert who isn't afraid to show her stuff on camera or in her informative and readable posts. She works hard to make sure that each post is full of the good and bad advantages of the outfit so that readers know exactly what they're getting. Enjoy taking a look through her website. It'll be a sight to remember for sure with lots to learn.

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Pernille Teisbaek
Pernille Teisbaek

On her blog, The You Ways, Pernille has taken the time to share her unique fashion style with the world so that everyone who wants to can get a good look at the style trend that she joins and which ones she avoids. Great at posting engaging photos that are perfect for her kind of work as a photographer and a model, you get a real sense of how the clothing is meant to work so that you can base your own opinions from real photos that show the clothing in a great, unique way. Explore your brand new fashion sense until you find exactly the look you are waiting to see:

the way youPhyna-Fashion

Phyna - Fashion Blog

With a special focus on shoes that sparkle and shine in professional photos, Phyna uses her time on her blog, Fashion, to share her love of bedazzle in the best possible way. With great attention to detail, this blog is perfect for all of those who love freaking out over footwear and making sure they surround themselves with people who feel the same way. If you're looking for people who share your feelings and beliefs, you're going to want to take a look at everything that her fantastic blog puts forward so that you can fully take the time to appreciate everything she puts forward. Take a look at

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Racquel Natasha
Racquel Natasha

On her self named blog, Racquel works hard and showing fashion for what it is: a lot of fun. Combining her fashion related posts with those about beauty and lifestyle, you can get a realistic look at who she is as a complete person. With great thoughts that she shares on a blog that definitely shows her passion for clothing and the trends that come and go faster than most of us can keep our eye on, it's refreshing to see that some people can make fashion accessible and understandable for those of us that are still two trends behind and trying to keep up with the market. Check out her comments at

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Raja Nadia
Raja Nadia Sabrina

With great posts that are empowering and glorious in their own ways, Raja, on her self-named blog, is great at sharing how she feels about fashion with her readers. Her posts are inspiring and talk about the strength of women, all while keeping fashion and dressing for success as the most prominent theme. With a great website that is littered with photos and blurbs about trends the way she sees them, Raja is on a roll and ready to share how she feels about trends and style with anyone that is wanting to learn:


Rakel Santana

With the perfect dynamic between casual and dressed to the nines, Rakel's blog, self-named, is the perfect option for anyone looking to explore the dressy side of the fashion world. While she talks about her casual and sporty looks, she also dedicates lots of time to talking about how to dress up even the easiest of looks so that going from business to flirty is as easy as a touch here and there. Since most fashionistas have to work 9 to 5, this is a great tip that most of them are looking for. Hence, the fact that she is so popular. Check her out at

Rebeca - A Trendy Life Style

On her blog, A Trendy Life, Rebeca uses her time to post lists of all of the things that she thinks work together to form a cohesive outfit. There are all tastes and styles available to look at so you can find your own and see what everyone else has to say about it.

Similar to a sketchbook, but the kind that experts use to make their own looks with the right combinations, this is a great blog to get some professional advice so that you look your best and you have all of the details you need about each piece to make it a hit:

a trendy lifestyle

Rene Daniella

René Daniella

Writing under her own name on her blog, OwnByFemme, René shares her thoughts on how fashion is liberating and a way of expressing what is deeply hidden beneath those drab jeans and messy buns. Fashion is something that makes you unique so that you can share how you feel with the world in a way that is entirely you. Her blog is a space where she encourages women to break out of their places of monotonous style so that each one can feel how unique and desired she is in showing the world who she is. Check out her work at

Riya J
Riya Jain

With a great sense of self, Riya uses her blog, Caught in a Cuff, to explore what fashion means to her and then share it with everyone else in the world who is looking to join in on the party. With great thoughts and opinions that show what style is all bout, Riya opens up her closet to all of those who are interested and uses it to inspire all of her readers to open up and share their opinions with her and everyone else in the world that is reading. If you're looking for a leader in fashion and style, you don't need to look any further than this:


Sandra Kleine Staarman

An experienced fashion blogger, Sandra is a shoe-obsessed girl who uses her blog, More Style Than Fashion, to talk about fashion and want it means to her. She loves sharing posts and comments about her favorite brands and outfits that make her feel good. She shares tips and ideas that mean a lot to her, and it's clear that she really takes her readers seriously. Sporting bright colours and full of great things to say about what fashion means to her, Sandra is a great blogger that takes fashion seriously. Check out all of her great thoughts at

Sandy - Sandy a La Mode

This avid blogger posts regular posts on her blog, Sandy a la mode. In a great voice, she shares her thoughts on the fashion that comes into closet and what she likes about each piece and what she doesn't. Making sure to keep her kids on the scene, she professionally photographs her outfits, but then does great combination looks where she and child match well and are in realistic situations that show how seriously she takes her commitment to fashion. With great things to share and talk about, her blog is a great place to introduce yourself to fashion that is practical and fantastic for both mother and child:

Selective Potential
Selective Potential

Writing about fashion and everything it means to her, Tieka shares her thoughts on her blog, Selective Potential. As the name suggest, she uses the space to write about fashion trends and ideas that mean something to her and can hopefully help inspire another fashion centred mind out there. Through posts about her day to day life, Tieka shows her true roots in the love of fashion and all things related to having a simple and happy life. With a dedicated reading base that is centred around following her adventures, no matter where they take her, this is a successful blog that you can find at

selective potential

Shirleys Wardrobe
Shirley B. Eniang

With informative videos about all of the fashion trends and styles that mean something to her, Shirley works well at combining her own thoughts with tips and tricks about forming the perfect outfit. Full of ideas and thoughts about how to create a perfect outfit for you each day of week, her bloggers are appreciative of her style and her comments that make her videos so impressive. Perfect for the woman who is looking to revamp her wardrobe, or just looking to use all of her pieces better off, Shirley has a video for every possibility that you could be looking for. Take a look at

Stafani Milano
Stafani Milano

Sharing her photos of fashion in her life, Stafani Milano blogs under the name SM on her blog, SM Fashionology. She shows off her favorite outfits and encourages her readers to engage with her posts and all join together in their love of fashion. They are short and sweet, centered around her inspiration. She has taken her love even further by creating a store that is accessible on her blog that shares all of her own looks that inspire her daily and help her feel like the fashion lover that she is. Take a look at her blog at


Staisy Johnson
Staisy Johnson

With fresh style and lots to say about it, Staisy Johnson posts on her blog, Fashion Stylist Staisy Johnson with a fresh voice and plenty to discuss. Offering her insights on all sorts of fashion must-haves, the comments she makes are honest and sure to inspire anyone looking to get into fashion. She has a good sized reader base full of those who are interested in learning what she has to say about everything she talks about. Dedicating her time to her craft, it's easy to see that Staisy takes fashion very seriously and is motivated to share it with the world in whatever form she can. Check it out at

Stephanie Timmins
Stephanie Timmins

On her blog, Feisty Fox Diaries, Stephanie shares her knowledge and fun facts about fashion through motivating posts that are all about opening up her closet to the world. With great photographs and plenty of comments to share about each outfit that she posts for her fans to see, Stephanie has a great way of showing just how much fashion means to her. With a large readership of fans that love hearing what she has to say, Stephanie has done a great job at being honest about the styles that she reviews and making sure that everything comes out perfectly in her posts. Check them out for yourself at

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Sumbal Chaudhry

Sumbal Chaudhry

Fresh and full of modern style tips, Sumbal Chaudhry posts under her own name on her blog, Fashion & Style that is perfectly equipped to handle the large amount of readers that she gets every day. Established and full of great ideas that really get the motivation and creative juices flowing, her main goal is to use her own ideas and inspiration through photos and thoughts to inspire and motivate someone that is scanning through her blog and looking for a way to revamp her own style. With all of her attentive readers and posts that talk about fashion in a new way, it's safe to say she's hit her target. Check it out at

Tania Sarin
Tania Sarin

With great thoughts and an inspirational blog design that will have you rushing to create your own, Tania uses her blog, #ASSEENONME to talk about all things fashion and trends so that you can create a look that is fantastic and all yours to enjoy. With a diverse sense of style and great comments to go along with professional photos, Tania has the perfect combination of skills and talent to really make this professional blog take off and attract all of the right audience. Take a look at

Tania fashion blog

Teresa Karpinska

Writing under the pen name, Style Drifter, Teresa Karpinska works on her blog of the same name, to make sure that it is a safe fashion-oriented space that will give her readers room to explore all of the fashion options out there, whether they're aware of them or not. Blogging as she travels, she shares her comments about fashion around the world, too, something that makes us feel as though we are traveling around with her and gaining the attention and education that we're looking for in her comments. With entertaining writing and great photos that are sure to interest the fashion-lover, there's lots to love about her blog, available at

the style drifter

The Red Closet Diary

On her blog, The Red Closet Diary, Jalynn talks about what styles make her feel comfortable and the pros and cons that go along with each of them. She makes great posts about fashion that is meant for women of all shapes and sizes. She understands that fashion is about wearing what you want to wear no matter what anyone else tells you. Being beautiful is all about being comfortable, so sometimes she shows her outfits that are girly, and sometimes they are more on the messy hair side. Fashion is fashion, after all. Check all of her insightful comments here:

the red closet diary

Therese Kudzak
Therese Kudzak

With a gentle style that is refreshing to read when you are looking to learn, Therese blogs under her own name on her blog, Get Mikz. On it, there are all sorts of great tips and thoughts on fashion and its corresponding options in styles and trends. Anyone who is searching for a better way to use their closet contents will find no end to all of the ideas listed here. It's a great place to escape to with a soothing atmosphere that will make for a great fashion-oriented corner of the universe that will inspire and educate you on everything fashion related. Check it out at

shopping grand fashion

Young Blood Travel
Tully Smyth

Ready to help you explore the world one outfit at a time, Tully is fully equipped with a travel plan and the perfect outfits to make each day better than the last. With great fashion sense and a eye for detail, each photo and corresponding post is perfect for the girl that is trying to organize her clot and get to the bottom of the trend staircase. If you want to explore her blog, Young Blood Travel, a little, take a gander at it. You won't be disappointed:

young blood travelvanessa v

Vanessa Vasconcelos

With a great space that entirely dedicated to showing fashion in its purest form, Vanessa has a quality blog full of tips and advice on hoe to make fashion pure and unique for each person that comes through the homepage looking for advice. With tips and tricks interspersed by reviews and thoughts on certain fashion trends, Vanessa is a fountain of knowledge that will continue to inspire each reader to find her own style in a world that is constantly trying to get everyone to look the same. Using a firm tone and a great blend of photos and text, Vanessa has her advice ready at:

Vanessa fashion blog

Twinkle Little Heels
Wenny Yolanda Ratna Sari

With a great personality and tons to talk about on her blog, Twinkle Little Heels, Wenny has a great writing personality that makes readers flock to her blog and comment on everything that she is commenting. Her style is chic and a lot of fun to all of those who are looking for a way to funk up their style. With lots of fun in photos and written descriptions with opinions that will make you smile and nod in agreement, Wenny has what it takes to make it big. Check her out now while you still can find the space amongst her readers,

Wendy Yolanda Ratna Sari


Zorannah Jovanovic

On her blog, Style and Fashion, Zorannah has everything she needs to make sure that everyone who visits her space gets the support and love that they need to make their lives simple and filled with all of the best trends. With a great layout and plenty to say about each outfit that she puts on, this enthusiastic blogger tells it like it is, much to the relief of those who are searching for someone who will give them honest opinions. Take a look for yourself at