Zanita Whittington

You know the drill by now. These days, young entrepreneurs are taking to the internet to find their fortune, and Zanita’s no exception. With just a laptop and a camera (according to her own bio), she’s grown to both being in front of, and behind the camera for some of the biggest brands in the business.

There’s a lot of work that goes into an online business like what Zanita’s built, and you’re going to learn just some of the things that she’s used to making herself a big name, what she’s been up to lately, and where to follow her on social media.

Zanita Whittington Blog

Her bio shows that she was already a successful model and photographer in her native Australia before she decided to take it to another level. That initial experience and exposure in the industry helped her to quickly grow her brand, proving that it’s never too soon to get working on forming online connections, as well as in-person industry connections.

In the ten years since she first took to her blog to share her favorite looks, the 33-year-old has built an impressive list of accomplishments. Read on to learn more.

Zanita Studio

In a refinery29 feature detailing the business that’s grown out of street style photography, Zanita talks a lot about authenticity and prioritizing creating content that’s interesting, and fun. It also notes more than once that she gets far more offers than she actually accepts, for various reasons, mostly for not being a good match for the brand she’s carefully cultivated.

A post shared by (@zanitastudio) on This commitment to being real and caring about the content she puts out there is no doubt the reason why people are flocking to her blog and social media.


One interesting tidbit is that there’s a lot more to this whole online influencer thing than one might know, as someone outside looking in. There’s controversy sometimes (like the fine line one has to walk to not humiliate themselves as part of the industry), and legalities to deal with when endorsing products. It’s a great intro to the influencer world, and Zanita has a lot to offer those coming into the business. More on that in a minute.

Blogging Courses with Azalle

Besides her modeling work and partnerships with brands like Ralph Lauren, Lucky Magazine, Vogue, and more, she’s also a blogger. She talks fashion, beauty, pop culture, fitness, and personal development, and other lifestyle topics. She also does lots of YouTube videos on style, travel, and Q&As.

Zanita Whittington

Her photography experience has also led her to start an online class that teaches budding influencers her secrets to great photography. She also teaches people how to develop online content, and make the process easier, and less stressful. It’s part of a community site called Azalle that has some of the biggest online influencers as faculty.

If all that wasn’t enough, her YouTube mentions that she’s part of the E! series, Fashion Bloggers, a docuseries that take people into the industry.

  • Age: 32 years old
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Birthday: March 29
  • Career: Blogger and photographer

Besides her Zanita's website, she’s hugely active on Instagram, bringing a relaxed, consistent vibe to her account that’s punctuated by fun captions that have drawn over 300 thousand people to her account (@zanitazanita). She can also be found on Twitter (also as @zanitazanita) and is on YouTube as Zanita Whittington. On these sites, she has over 16 thousand followers, and over 400 thousand subscribers, respectively.

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