Zaida Ward runs a popular self-named blog, which she launched in 2014. The blog covers topics such as beauty, lifestyle and travel, all from Zaida’s unique perspective.


The Zaida Ward Blog

In her blog, Zaida discusses her personal clothing choices as well as experiences while traveling. She also recommends products to her readers that she herself enjoys using. Whenever she tests a new beauty product she reviews it on her blog. Her blog entries also include apps that she uses and recommends her readers use.

 Wherever Zaida travels to she shares it with her readers. From photos to first impressions of cities she’s visited, Zaida is a worldly advice giver who is well traveled. There is also a video portion of the blog where Zaida shows her fans how to make healthy drinks and reviews makeup and healthcare products.


Zaida Ward Instagram and Other Social Media

 Zaida is active on many social media sites. She can be found on Instagram @zaida_ward, where she has 2.2 million followers. Her Twitter page can be found @zaida_ward, where she has 705,000 followers. She can also be found on Facebook @zaidaward1, where she has 123,722 followers.

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Through the use of her social media sites, she is able to help her fans and followers with choosing their outfits and hairstyles. Her social media pages are popular with her fans and show that she enjoys communicating with them. She has recently launched her own self-named YouTube channel. Viewers can tune in to see her videos on her travels and product recommendations. She is not afraid to show off her choices in lingerie to her viewers and inspires women to feel confident about their bodies.

Those who follow her blog know that she promotes it on social media so they never have to worry about missing any updates she makes to her blog. Fans can even get new blog posts emailed directly to them.


Zaida Ward is Not on Wikipedia Yet, But One Day...

 A beautiful woman inside and out, Zaida has made a career out of giving fashion and beauty advice. Her blog is popular among her readers and shows just how much knowledge and passion she has for beauty and style.

 Her dedication to her career and to her fans is something that other influencers could learn from. She has taken a career that she loves and used it to help as many women as possible.

 Zaida’s outfits inspire women all over the world to choose their own clothes with confidence. Her unwavering advice and guidance has already helped many young women emulate her style. There is no doubt that she will continue to influence the fashion choices of women all over the world. Her honest advice means that her fans can trust her guidance when it comes to fashion and beauty.

 She will likely spend the rest of her career continuing to influence and inspire women. Embracing fashion and beauty as she has makes her an amazing role model for any woman who is struggling to feel good about who she is on the inside and the outside.