Things are changing, and with the help of technological advancements today anyone can make their dream come true. This also applies to budding makeup artists or any common person who wants to become a professional beautician. You are just one tap away from your dreams, as these days a plethora of makeup apps are available online. However, not all of these apps are customer-friendly, and not all of them can help you in establishing your career and learning new makeup skills. Here is a list of top ten makeup apps,which we created especially for you. Let’s take a look at these apps, and who knows, maybe some of them will help you to build your future. 


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Beautylish App

This is one of the most popular beauty apps for makeup lovers as it allows you to access the makeup content all across the globe. Here you can shop quality beauty products and receive expert advice. If you are a person who is trying to learn some beauty tricks at home, then the Beautylish App is your perfect solution. You can find the app on Google Play and iTunes, and it is free for both the Android and iPhone users.

L'Oréal Makeup Genius

This is a mobile app that has attracted millions of makeup lovers all around the world and has made them satisfied. Technically, this is a virtual L’Oréal counter, and you can use the camera of your phone to apply any L’Oréal product. This is a technology that can make your life more comfortable. The main ability of this mobile app is to recognize your facial characteristics and follow your movement. This can help you see how the various cosmetic products will look on you from different angles. That’s what makes it one of the most attractive makeup mobile apps. Just imagine, you can try the products from the store without even purchasing them.Added to everything else, the app is free on both iTunes and Google Play.


Recently a new and intriguing beauty makeup app has been created to help the aspiring makeup artists to learn the skills of applying makeup like a professional. This app is known as , and this is the first live streaming platform where makeup experts get a chance to post their live makeup videos. This app is available on both Google Play and Apple store.The creators of the platform help the budding makeup artists all across the globe to gain the knowledge required to become a reputed professional makeup artist. Here you can buy high-quality makeup products and watch literally countless makeup tutorials.

Indulge Nail App

This is not purely a makeup app, but more a manicure app. With this app, you can scan the nail polish color at a salon and learn more details about it. You can share the information with your friends and family and saveitto read later. The saved tutorials and articles will help you in selecting the shades that look best on your nails. However, this app is available only for iPhone users. 


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Sephora to Go

If you want to shop for cosmetic products anytime and anywhere, then the Sephora beauty app is a good option for you. It is quite popular around the world, as here you can see how false eyelashes, lipsticks, and other beauty products will look on your face with the help of a virtual system. With this app, you will learn everything about the latest trends in the makeup industry. Sephora to Go also helps you in booking reservations for in-store appointments. This app allows you to view the announcements and search for beauty deals from Sephora, which are difficult to find online in general. This app is free and it is available on both iTunes store and Google Play.


One of the high-rated mobile apps in the iTunes store, this application helps you in trying different beauty products virtually. You will be amused to know that this app has a skin analysis component. This means in case you have some blemishes such as dark circles, wrinkles, dark spots, etc., the app will improve the look of your face automatically. You can find this app on iTunes and Google Play. It is completely free.


Whether you want to do a full face makeup or apply a new set of nail polish, you can do it all by choosing this mobile makeup app. This is more like a home salon, as here you get a chance to opt for a service of a professional makeup artist without even moving out from your bedroom. Place your request at least three hours in advance, and your makeup specialist will be at your abode. You may even book the trained professional three months in advance. Unfortunately, this app is available only in a few cities in the US and it is free only on iTunes. 


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This is another app where you can choose hair or beauty (or both) salon specialist, and under 45 minutes you will have trained professionals at your doorstep. Sadly, this mobile app is available for free on iTunes only and it serves just in a few cities in the US.


This is an exciting mobile app as it not only helps you get your makeup or hair done at home but also on the beach or in the park. All the makeup artists that featured in this app are trained people who take care of hygiene. Unfortunately, this app is also available only in a few cities in the US. Nonetheless, this app is free and available on iTunes store and Google Play.

Think Dirty

Free on both iTunes store and Google Play, this app helps you discover any toxic ingredients present in your cosmetic and personal care products. You need to scan the barcode, and this app will analyze how safe is the product for you to use.


All the apps mentioned above have some pros and some cons. Still, this new Fabulive beauty app, which is available on both iTunes store and Google Play, will help you buy high-quality makeup products and learn how to apply cosmetics like a professional makeup artist.