Breaking Boundaries by Busting out the Bikini


Breaking Boundaries by Busting Out the Bikini


Summer is the time when my bikini collection adjusts—the full pieces find their way to the bottom drawer, with two-piece bikinis on top. You could say it gets a little hotter, in more ways than one; but as enjoyable as days spent in the sun can be, I know that summer triggers a lot of dread for some.

“Bikini Season” and the “Summer Body” are words can invoke anxiety and stress. I get a lot of messages when the summer bikini shopping starts —although, does the bikini shopping actually end at some point? Women often approach me seeking advice about style, fit, sizing; ways to highlight their assets and hide their insecurities. A lot of women disclose struggles with body image— something I can definitely relate to—and I’ve found a common thread of wanting to overcome this and wear a bikini confidently.




Beauty In Every Size

I mean, think about it: Getting down to the skivvies in front of your own partner can be a nervous event, let alone de-robing in public. Whether you're slender, curvaceous, scarred, dimply, boney, lop-sided, flat-chested, or can hide a small child in your love handles (like me!) or a cover model… We are all imperfect. That’s life in a body. All too often these bothersome body things hold us back from enjoying time with our family and friends.

If you find yourself reluctantly sitting aside because you don’t feel your body is ready for the human eye, then you are missing out. I believe wholeheartedly that it is a great time to be a woman of any shape or size! We live in an era in which positive changes are (slowly) occurring regarding the standard of beauty. We, as a society finally understand that there is in fact no “standard” of beauty. The female form is diverse and lovely and unique.

There are a variety of female figures growingly represented and appreciated in media. Boundaries are slowly breaking, bending, blending. We have the freedom to step out into the sunlight, donning a bikini, and not be concerned about what’s going on from the neck down. Better yet, we have the freedom to do so confidently. It’s a glorious thing to drop those self-conscious thoughts like a beach cover up onto the sand, and f*cking rock it.




Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A lot of women just aren’t there yet, and this is okay too. While culture, media and public mindset are progressively getting there, we as individuals may not be ready to embrace our Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring Body and bear all so freely. There are parts of us that are simply the cards we have been dealt and then there are other ways in which we can seek improvement. Either way, what if we decided, that as we are today, we are worthy of liking ourselves?

You see, body image has very little to do with our physical bodies at all, but rather, lives within our thoughts & minds. A lot of women withhold that self-love for the day that they are skinny enough, disciplined enough, and perfect enough. They say: “In 20 lbs., I’ll let myself wear a bikini.” But I say: “Why not be happy with yourself along the way?” Why are you not deserving of a flattering style, the warmth of sun on your skin, freely splashing with your children? To me, wearing a bikini that looks good and feels good is an investment in my own self worth. Deciding that you are worthy of loving yourself goes a long way.

After all, we take care of the things we love and neglect the things we don’t. Summer is a time of lightness and warmth and togetherness; of moving into new seasons of life and experiences. Let this time be a symbolic shift of breaking through your own personal boundaries and allowing your imperfect radiance to shine. It is time to move into the new season of loving every bit of yourself. And get yourself that bikini—or full piece, or both, plus a fun cover-up and possibly some matching accessories. You deserve it!

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