Teni Panosian is certainly a busy woman. The Los Angeles based actress and beauty blogger has pursued many of her passions in life. Her blog, titled Remarques, covers beauty, style, skincare, hair, travel, home design and personal subjects. Prior to that, she ran a blog called Miss Maven, which she initially started due to the fact that she often served as a beauty advisor to close, personal friends. 

Teni Panosian

Remarques Blog

As an avid blogger, Teni is very open about her passion for beauty and style and forthcoming with personal photos. The beauty section of her blog covers topics such as the makeup products she purchases from her local drugstore. It also includes makeup tutorials for holidays such as New Years’ Eve. In addition, Teni shares with her readers her choices in makeup tools and other products that she has purchased for her own use.

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The style section of the blog covers topics such as swimsuits and casual Fridays. She is as talented as putting together an everyday outfit as she is putting together outfits for special occasions. The skin care section includes advice on the best products and the ones that should be avoided. Fans of Teri’s blog can also get advice on hairstyles and tips on how to make hair healthier.

Teni Panosian Remarques

Not one to confine herself to home, Teni uses the travel section of her blog to share with her readers her visits to countries such as France and events such as New York Fashion Week. This includes photos of her in various locales and the outfits she chooses to wear when she is out and about in them.

The home design section includes photos of Teni’s home and tutorials on how readers can transform the décor of their own homes. The personal section of her blog is where readers learn her personal thoughts and opinions on sensitive, often unspoken topics such as mental illness. This section shows that Teni is more than just a beauty obsessed blogger.

Teni Panosian Makeup Tips

Not one to shy away from her fans, Teni uses social media to keep them updated on everything she is doing. She can be found on Instagram @tenipanosian, where she has 603 thousand followers. Her Twitter account can be found @TeniPanosian, where she has 23.6 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @teni.panosian, where she has 61,309 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @tenipanosian and has 1,161,012 subscribers.

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Career: Freelance makeup artist
  • Birthday: July 16th

The appeal of Remarques shows that Teni has struck a chord with readers. Her refreshing openness and honesty is one that not all bloggers express. However, Teni has made it her mission in life to keep educating and inspiring her fans and followers. She cares as much about social issues as she does about beauty, proving that a beautiful face doesn’t always mean a dull mind. She is the epitome of grace and strength, something that becomes obvious when reading her blog or even watching her YouTube channel. Teni has truly evolved as a beauty blogger.

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