• YouTube Star Angela Guzman Keeps Makeup Unique and Youthful

    Teen Angela Guzman is Nothing But Relatable

    There are tons of influencers who’ve been at the Internet game for a long time, but there are very few featured here so far that appeal to a specific, unique audience; an audience who’s still in school and dealing with all the things that come with graduation and deciding what’s going to be the next step in their lives.

     angela guzman


    The internet has added to the possibilities before them, and some are taking full advantage early. One of these influencers is only eighteen years old and is already making an impact with YouTube and Instagram users.  



    YouTube Makeup Tutorial Fame

    Angela first joined the popular site in January in 2015, and published her first video in October of that same year. It was a neutral makeup tutorial that would eventually go on to earn her over two thousand views. She soon followed up with her everyday makeup routine, her favorite glam look, and a go-to makeup look video.

    Since those initial videos, she’s attracted an audience of over 300 thousand subscribers and earned tons of views for each. She does more than just discuss makeup, though. She features more fun and personal videos such as, “My Ruca,” where she answered fan questions alongside a friend. The duo talked about everything from their favorite bands, favorite makeup, where they’re from, and Angela’s aspirations to get into acting one day. 

    Her channel also includes videos detailing the spicy noodle challenge, how to style a handbag with several outfits, doing makeup without a mirror, a really (by her admission) bad vlog on the eclipse where they didn’t get to see it. She experiments with all kinds of different look tutorials that are more daring, features haul videos, and more to give you inspiration for a new look.


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    Angela Guzman IG

    She jumped on the Instagram bandwagon in June of 2016, but she has an impressive 50 thousand plus followers, and the number is growing still. Her handle is @a.n.g.e.l.u.h, and she tends to favor the selfie which allows her to showcase her makeup and share a ton of creative, colorful looks that she creates with the help of her favorite products.

    She, like many Insta celebs, has attracted the attention of certain companies who want to connect with her audience. Some of these brands include @honeybum, who allowed her to offer her fans a discount code. You’ll also see some cool art, and some honest captioning that shows even though everything looks perfect on Insta, sometimes there’s some struggle behind the scenes.

     Angela Guzman Wiki

    • Age: 18 years old
    • Nationality: Hispanic American
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Birthday: January 29, 2000


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  • YouTube's Lupe Cuevas' Modern Take on Makeup Tutorials

    Lupe Cuevas, a makeup artist that hails from Mexico, runs a fashion blog and YouTube channel. She has become influential in the beauty industry and is pursuing a long and fruitful career in it. Much of her career has been spent working with her twin sister, including the blog they run together.

     lupe cuevas makeup

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    Unique Makeup Tutorials 

    Most of Lupe’s claim to fame is the makeup tutorials she and her sister, Rosy Melina, film for and air on YouTube. Lupe is extremely open-minded and has even gone so far as to post makeup tutorials for cross-dressers. Many of the makeup styles she uses are celebrity inspired, with Twiggy being one of her inspirations for her tutorials.


    lupe cuevas youtube


    Twin YouTube Stars

    Lupe has had a YouTube channel since 2013. However, it was close to one year after she first launched the channel before she ever posted a video to it. In 2014 she finally got around to posting her first makeup tutorial for YouTube. The video was called “Urban Decay Electric Pallet Blue Smokey Look.” She later followed that up with a video she dubbed the “Audrey Hepburn Makeup Tutorial.” It went on to become her most popular YouTube video yet.

    Since then she has added many more makeup tutorials to her channel. Lupe still updates the channel on a regular basis, with new tutorials every week or two. They cover a wide variety of makeup application lessons. Lupe stresses simple makeup routines that her viewers can easily adapt to their own beauty routine. Since she has fans in Mexico and more fans around the world, many of her makeup tutorial videos are done in Spanish.



    There is also a section of the channel where she and her twin post videos, which are often question and answer sessions. Topics include everything from nose jobs to Lupe’s personal life, including her marriage. Lupe also runs a vlog where she shows viewers how she spends a typical weekend and reports on events she attends such as the Latin Grammy Awards.



    Lupe Cuevas IG

    Like most beauty influencers, Lupe uses social media to her advantage. Her Instagram page can be found @lupescuevas, where she has 339,000 followers. Her Facebook page, which she shares with her twin sister, can be found @lupesujeycuevas, where she has 7,132 followers. Fans can find her self-named YouTube channel @Lupe Sujey Cuevas, which boasts 162,000 subscribers. 

    It is likely that Lupe will continue to film makeup tutorials and other videos with her sister. These videos have already proven to be very popular among YouTube users all over the world. Each of Lupe’s makeup tutorials is of value to almost every woman who will watch them. She works hard to impart her knowledge of makeup application to her fans and her followers. Her YouTube channel will likely continue to thrive and grow as she continues to post videos that have value. Her passion for what she does is evident in every tutorial she posts and every interview she gives, whether it is on her YouTube channel or not.

    Lupe Cuevas Wiki

    • Age: 23 years old 
    • Nationality: Mexican 
    • Sibling: Twin sister, Rosy Melina 
    • Hair color: Brown
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Husband: Ricky Romero



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    • Jenn Im and her Clothes Encounters

      At the age of 26, Jenn Im has already become a successful Youtube video blogger. She uses her video blog, Clothes Encounter, to give her fans lifestyle advice and demonstrate makeup application techniques. The vlog has been growing strong since she began it in 2010.

       Jenn Im

      Jenn hails from Los Angeles, California and first worked at a Baskin Robbins before going on to attend the University of California Davis as a communications major, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in June 2013.

       Jenn Im Vlog

      Jenn Im

      Having turned her YouTube channel into a full time gig, Jenn has enjoyed much success as a vlogger. In an interview with Bare Magazine, Jenn stated that when she first became interested in blogging she decided to launch a beauty based vlog on Youtube because it was a mostly untouched market at that time. Since then, Jenn has released her own line of makeup, on which she collaborated with a popular makeup brand called ColourPop.

      Fans love her makeup collection because it is affordable to the average woman. The collection includes various vivid shades of eye shadow and lipstick. Many of the eye shadow shades can be mixed and matched to create a unique look. Clothes Encounters includes makeup demonstrations and tutorials using the products from Jenn’s line.

      Clothes Encounters by Jenn Im


       Age: 26

      Birthday: September 22

      Height: 5'1"

      YouTube: @clothesencounters

      Facebook  @imjennim

      Instagram @imjennim

      Twitter @imjennim


      Thanks to her vlog and makeup line, Jenn has become adored by women all over the world. She has struck a chord with the average woman because she is so down to earth. Her YouTube channel has countless hits from women who seek out her advice on makeup application and techniques.


      At such a young age, Jenn is already incredibly successful. She took her passion for makeup and turned it into her career, delighting woman of all ages who want to do their makeup exactly like she does.

      Jenn is an inspiration to any woman who wants to achieve her own dreams and turn something she loves into a lucrative career. She will continue to run her YouTube channel with her fans and subscribers in mind. Fans are always eager to see the new content on her channel, which she updates on a weekly basis.

      The future looks bright for Jenn as she continues to do what she loves. Her vlog is more popular now than it ever has been before and new fans are discovering her every day, thanks to her various social media accounts. She is on track to continue providing women with coveted advice on how to make themselves look and feel beautiful at any time.

    • Meet Jaz Jackson, the Youtube Star with both beauty and brains.

      Jaz Jackson is among the many talented lifestyle and beauty bloggers. She also has a popular YouTube channel where she publishes new videos twice a week. Her channel includes product reviews and tutorials. She talks about the latest trends in fashion and gives valuable hair care tips to women.

      Jaz Jackson Youtube

      Unlike many other fashion bloggers, Jaz makes it a point to ensure that her blog shows girls worldwide how to look pretty on any budget. According to Jaz many of the fans that read her blog are high school students preparing for their prom and other significant events.

      Jaz Jackson Youtube

      ConcealerThis, Jaz’s YouTube channel, was launched at the end of 2012. In her first YouTube video on the channel she reviewed her favorite cosmetics. She continues to run her channel while participating in the 2017 Watch Me Work Tour, with Peakmill and Anthony Cuts.

      The Watch Me Work Tour teaches attendees how to style wigs. The tour includes live seminars in which attendees learn the easiest way to perfect lace frontals. Attendees purchase a mannequin head and stand to practice styling on.

      Jaz’s role in the tour is to demonstrate the proper way to apply makeup, including lessons in color correction. She also gives advice on the best makeup to use and explains why it is so important to maintain healthy skin.

      Jaz Jackson Hair Collection

      After years of using hair extensions, Jaz launched her own line of them, called the Jaz Jackson Collection. Her obsession with hair began when she was a child, partly because her mother is a cosmetologist. Jaz followed in her footsteps by becoming a cosmetologist too.

      Jaz Jackson Tutorial

      Along with her YouTube channel, which has over 227,000 subscribers, Jaz also has other social media accounts. She can be found on Instagram @itssimplyjackson, where she has over 75,000 followers. She is also on Facebook @itssimplyjackson, where she has thousands of members following her. Finally, she can be found on Twitter @iamjazjackson.

      Jaz enjoys sharing her passion for hair and makeup with her fans and followers. She has said that she feels the most like herself when she is working with her clients as a makeup artist. She serves as an inspiration for young girls who want to find themselves and discover their own talents and passions.

      Owning and maintaining wigs is much easier for many people to do thanks to Jaz’s instructional videos. She always takes the time to show her fans how to use wigs and hair extensions to create a whole new look for themselves. Her YouTube channel is so popular because it provides such useful tips and tricks to women of all ages.

      Jaz Jackson Hair

      As Jaz continues to add to her YouTube channel women throughout the world are discovering her valuable tips and advice. She will likely continue to influence young women and give them confidence in themselves. Jaz’s zest for life and for helping people any way she can is one that is inspirational to many. Only time will tell what the future holds for this very talented woman.

      Catch up with Jaz Jackson on social media:

      • Facebook @itssimplyjackson
      • Instagram @itssimplyjackson
      • Twitter @iamjazjackson
    • Who Cares About Nikkie Tutorials Weight?

      Nikkie, Nikkie, Nikkie!

      Nikkie Tutorials

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      Nikkie the blogger behind NikkieTutorials

      Discovered in 2008 that she was so passionate about makeup she wanted to share that passion with the world. She found her passion for makeup after searching on YouTube to find out how she could do her makeup like the women on the TV show, The Hills. What she found was a makeup tutorial that inspired her to want to create her own.

      Three months later she brought her inspiration to life when she filmed her first makeup tutorial for YouTube. Despite the fact that her first video garnered only three comments and eight views, she began to post makeup tutorials on YouTube every week.

      She called her channel NikkieTutorials and quickly gained a following. Before long her channel had more viewers and subscribers than any other channel run in The Netherlands, Nikkie’s home country.

      Thanks to the success of her YouTube channel, Nikkie was contacted by Pascale Tesser, a well-known makeup artist. At the time, Pascale Tesser was a makeup teacher at Amsterdam’s B Academy. This inspired Nikkie to take the teacher’s course, and as a result, the two of them became friends.

      After she completed the course she chose to work as Tesser’s assistant during photoshoots. Nikkie also went on to take other makeup courses at the academy.


      NikkieTutorials Youtube

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      After working as her assistant, Nikkie became a member of Tesser’s Colourfool Agency. This led to her work on projects such as Hollands & Benelux’s Next Top Model and Miljoenenjacht & The Face. Not content to stop there, she also modeled for Fashionista, Lina, Marie Claire and Talkies Magazines. Her work with Fashionista Magazine led her to writing a column in the Teen Magazine Fashionista.

      Though her time working at the Colourfool Agency was productive and beneficial to her career, in 2014 she chose to begin working as a freelance makeup and hair artist instead.

      As a freelance hair/makeup artist and a blogger, she is in demand. In addition to filling her blog with makeup recommendations, tutorials and advice she continues to find ways to communicate with her fans and followers. One of the ways she does this is by being active on social media. She can be found on Instagram @nikkietutorials, where she has 7.2 million followers. Fans can follow her on Twitter @NikkieTutorials, where she has 524,000 followers.


      NikkieTutorials Makeup

      Her Facebook page can be found @nikkietutorials, where she has 1,008,307 followers. By far, her most popular social media page is her YouTube channel, which can be found @NikkieTutorials. With more than six million subscribers, there is no doubt that the popularity of the channel is growing every day.

      With so many people following the blog, she has proven to be quite powerful in the beauty industry. Her contributions to the industry are nothing short of spectacular. Her rise to the top of the industry is one that can inspire women all over the world to achieve their dreams. Through her blog and social media following she has gained the admiration and respect of many.

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