• Christie Brinkley Takes Charge

    Of all the supermodels of the ‘80s, she’s arguably the most famous (and the most ageless). Since her first jobs in the late ‘70s, she’s been an example of what one can do if they set their sights on a goal and refuse to give up. She’s also using her platform to help lift others up, as well as give new fans a look into the past.

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    Let’s take a minute to look at the legendary career of Christie Brinkley and the lessons we can learn and apply to our own lives. You’ll also see what people are looking for and where to find her online.

    The Basics

    The Michigan-born 64-year-old started her career young after being discovered at just nineteen years old. She studied art as a teen, something that would pay off later on when she painted the cover for then-husband Billy Joel’s River of Dreams album. She’s also shown off a talent for photography (check her Instagram deets below) and acting. That versatility (as well as the passion she has for each) has been hugely important in her success, and something we can take to heart.

    What People Wanna Know

    A google search for Christie will lead to people asking about her marriage in the ‘80s to Billy Joel, as well as her other relationships. You may also be curious about her children, singer-songwriter Alexa Ray and fellow Model Sailor. All three have appeared in photo shoots together. The most famous shoot would have to be when the trio posed for the magazine that really propelled her into stardom: Sports Illustrated.

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    Her net worth is currently estimated to be around 250 million as of 2018. That’s not at all a surprise when you look at her career and all she has accomplished.

    The Career

    Christie has basically done it all her decades in the spotlight. From appearing (according to her official bio) in around 500 different magazine editorials/covers, to acting in movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation, and getting into writing by putting together a book where she talks holistic living.

    She's illustrated the importance of taking risks and pushing one’s limits by taking on the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago, something that not only got her a ton of praise, but had show organizers asking her back more than once.

    She’s the Boss

    Christie took her dreams seriously; something else we can learn from her. Like several others these days, she formed a company that serves as an umbrella organization for a variety of brands. She’s gotten into skin care, hair extensions, fitness, and eye accessories. She’s also shown herself to be environmentally and health conscious by putting out a line of organic Bellisima Prosecco and Sparkling Wines — a great lesson in doing business the right way.

    As the boss of her social, career, and brands, she’s also been in the position to do a lot of philanthropic work and help support others in the business. The lesson? Generosity goes a long way, and it’s just a good thing to spread positive, encouraging energy.

    The Social Connection

    You can follow Christie, along with over 417K people at @christiebrinkley on Instagram. You’ll see some positive vibes, gorgeous photography, and get all the latest. She’s also on Twitter as @SeaBrinkley, where over 39K people have connected with her.

  • Four Facts About Iris Law

    The Young Model Who Landed A Campaign With Burberry

    If you don’t know that name just yet, you definitely will. This teenager is setting off on a path well-traveled by people close to her, and one that many, including Gigi, have: making her own name in a business where she’s been known since birth. That’s not always an easy thing to do, and some even get hate directed their way for trying, but Iris is fearlessly jumping in head-first with great success. If you don’t already know who she is, here’s a few quick facts about this up-and-coming talent.

    1. She’s Got Famous Parents

    Born to Jude Law and Sadie Frost, Iris knows well the world she’s entered into. While her parents divorced years ago, they are both supportive of her and her goal to make it in the fashion industry. Frost even posted a throwback acknowledging that her daughter is venturing into modeling around the same age she did.

    She’s already off to a great start in the industry, debuting in 2015 in a shoot for Illustrated People. Since then, she’s landed a Teen Vogue shoot in August 2016, with many more sure to follow.

    2. She Has Big Dreams

    Despite still being a minor in school, she’s already looking toward the future. She discussed wanting to get into the behind the scenes aspect of fashion in a Vanity Fair interview. Specifically, she wants to learn about making the clothes that are displayed on the runway.

    In a business where there’s usually a limited time span, her desire to learn design will help toward keeping herself in the fashion industry for many years to come.

    3. She’s Creative

    Iris isn’t just a model, she’s the full creative package. Her Instagram features snaps of her paintings as well as displaying her photographic skills. These are skills that will surely serve her well in the future, especially if she does want to get into design or get behind the camera one day.

    4. She’s Already Landed A Huge Campaign

    At only sixteen years old, the brunette has landed a major gig as the face of Burberry’s. The news has been big, making many site’s headlines. She’ll specifically be modeling their new liquid lip velvet. The product is available in a variety of colors, two of which she calls out as favorites in Vanity Fair.

    To learn more about Iris and her work, check out her Instagram. She shares plenty of behind the scenes pics and videos, as well as snaps of her everyday life. You might even see some of her famous friends and relatives pop up in a snap. With thousands of views on her videos, and her pics, this is an influencer you need to know.

    Get To Know Iris Law

    • Birthday: October 25, 2000
    • Age: 16 Years Old
    • Height:5'4"
    • Parents: Jude Law and Sadie Frost
    • Residence:  London, England


  • Five Things To Know About Cami Morrone

    The Inspiring Model/Blogger Everyone's Talking About


    Model Cami Morrone is a model who recently broke into the film industry. At only nineteen years old, she’s making a name for herself in other areas as well. She’s also a social media star with profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. With a major project on the horizon, here are some things to know about Cami.

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    It’s In Her Genes

    One might say that five-foot-nine Cami was born to be in this business. Her father, Maximo Morrone, is a model and an actor. He’s got a list of credits going back to 1994, when he appeared in the Red Shoe Diaries. Her mother is Argentinian actress Lucila Sola, who has an impressive list of credits that begins with Pride and Prejudice in 2003.

    She’s A Lifestyle Influencer

    According to an interview in Vogue, Cami’s popularity on Social Media led her to create a blog focused on lifestyle to answer the many questions she gets regularly. Her blog focuses on favorite beauty products/routines, fashion trends, travel, décor, and more. She also loves sharing DIY projects.

    She’s A Foodie

    Though it may sound contrary to her job as an actress and model, Cami is an avid foodie whose passion for fueling her body is also featured on her website’s blog. She shares some favorite recipes, as well as all-natural products and tips on snacking right. She also exposes visitors to exotic dishes she samples on her travels.

    She’s Coming Back To The Big Screen Soon

    Cami’s set to star in Death Wish alongside Bruce Willis, Elisabeth Shue, and Vincent D’Onofrio. The film is a remake of the 1974 classic, with Cami starring as lead Bruce Willis’ daughter. The film’s been in development for years, and is scheduled for a 2017 release.

    You Can Follow Her Adventures On Social Media


    The nineteen-year-old is active on her Instagram, where she keeps her followers updated through photoshoot outtakes, snaps from charity events, and personal photos. She also has a YouTube with some  makeup tutorials, as well as a Facebook. She’s most active on Instagram.  

    Cami Morrone Fun Facts

    • Birthday: June 16, 1997
    • Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Age: 19 Years Old
    • Birth Sign: Gemini

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