Curly or straight hair, frizz can catch up with anyone. Frizzy hair is not only annoying to deal with the stray hair strands always on your face but also, can compromise your whole put together look.


how to tame frizzy hair


Frizz generally occurs when the outer layer of your hair lifts up, allowing moisture to pass through and swell up the hair strands results. There are different reasons why people encounter frizz, especially for people with curly hair, but the underlying cause of frizz is lack of moisture in hair. Whichever your cause is, frizz requires intentional management.

Fortunately, frizz is not a permanent situation. In these six easy ways, you can wave your frizz days goodbye.

Be careful when washing your hair

First, you want to reduce the frequency with which you wash and shampoo your hair, mainly to retain a lot more of the natural on your scalp and hair, which help to coat and protect the hair from damage.

For every shampooing period, you must deliberate on using an appropriate shampoo, preferably the ones free of sulfates which is intense and will further dry out your hair. While at it, you may find it useful to watch out for shampoos with ingredients such as silicone, argon oil, sebacic acid, coconut oil, avocado oil, among others.

You then want to take it easy on the drying process, by preferably using a cotton towel instead of a towel that can be harsh to your hair is the way some of your hairs get tangled by the material. Instead of rubbing your hair dry, pat it to let the cloth soak out the moisture.

Minimize the use of heat

Heat is a convenient way to style, dry and straighten hair, but it does not come devoid of its ills. Exposing your hair to heat weakens and dries out your hair strands, making them more prone to breakage and damage.

Ideally, if you have to use heat, regulate the temperatures to around 360 degrees, and use heat protectants. For blow dryers, ensure your hair is at least 60% air dried before running through a dryer, to minimize the amount of time your hair will need heat to dry.

The best decision is to grab some ionic tools that are available on to help with your hair care needs.

Moisturize your hair

You can hardly ever go wrong with conditioning your hair, which makes it worth trying. It is not enough to let your hair strands rely on your natural oils for moisture. Various factors, including weather conditions and hair type, can compromise the retention of moisture in your hair strands.

Therefore, you want to grab moisturizing hair products to help with adding moisture to your hair. Condition your hair during your washing routine, for both moisture retention and softness for matters to detangling. Also, engage in deep conditioning every once in a while to treat and heal your hair as the scalp.

Use a hair mask every once in a while

A hair mask usually contains a mix of essential hair products that are good for depositing moisture on your hair strands. Letting the hair mask sit in for a while allows your follicles to soak in the moisture and nutrients from the hair mask, leaving your hair soft, lustrous and adequately moisturized.

These essential oils add an extra coat on your hair strands, which not only strengthens them against breakage but also trap moisture preventing loss.

Tip: a hydrating hair mask is handy in colder seasons. Choose or make hair masks with essential oils like coconut oil, or castor oil.

Style to de-frizz

Sometimes, the style you wear your hair has a lot to do with the amount of frizz you experience. The first step to beating frizz the right way is understanding what your hair type is. For curly heads, frizz is more common than straight-haired people.

Putting your hair in a bun is the finest way to tame your stray hairs and knock out frizz. Depending on your preferences and occasion, you can opt for a loose bun or a tight put together bun. Another thing you can try is to redefine your curls using a curling iron, that is if you have curly hair.

Tip: For curly and kinky hair types, brushing your hair helps in redistributing the natural oils throughout your hair strands, so you may want to brush through properly, before styling.

Use available hair products

Sometimes, frizz can be too stubborn for all the above solutions. It is okay to use all the help you can get to tame your frizzy hair strands, and this could mean using different hair products.

You can determine the use of wax to lay down a few of the stubborn frizzy strands. Using a cream hydrator (cream-based hair product) on wet hair, after shampooing and conditioning your hair, can further help fight frizz. Instead of rubbing such as cream on your hair, warm if in your palms then apply it gently on your strands, redefining the curls with your fingers, as you want them to be.

Conclusively, the lesser you determine to keep your hair dry, the lesser your chances of having frizzy hair. Maximize on moisture adding and retaining products and haircare techniques for the best results.