Last week Romee Strijd visited Miami for the launch of the new Victoria's Secret fragrance, Bombshell Seduction. Miami influencers and fashionistas were gathered for lunch at the Casa Tua Hotel and Restaurant for a delightful lunch in sunny South Beach. 

Romee Strijd

I had the pleasure to attend the lunch with a gorgeous angel and talked to Romee few minutes to discover her beauty secrets. Victoria's Secret new fragrance is feminine, fresh and sweet. The tablescape and floral bouquets were a representation of the Bombshell Seduction fragrance, with nicely decorated roses that gave a personal touch. Even the desert had its personal signature with a sugary angel wing. 

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The Bombshell Seduction is the sister of VS best-selling Bombshell fragrance. Each guest was welcomed with a fragrance bottle with their name engraved on it. Not only each influencer enjoyed risotto with some dolci, they all went home with the Bombshell Seduction collection, a fragrance lotion, fragrance mist, and a Bombshell Seduction rollerball. 

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Discover Romee Strijd's favorite beauty products and her new favorite fragrance. 

What's your favorite thing about Miami?

My favorite thing about Miami is being able to go to the beach, that's what I miss in New York. The beach and the sun in Miami always make a great weather. 

If you had to wear the same outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

That would be jeans with a white t-shirt and black leather jacket. The jacket you can wear it for day or night. 

What's your favorite thing about the bombshell fragrance?

Well, the bombshell seduction is like the sister of our bestselling one the bombshell fragrance and it has a lot of floral notes. I come from Holland originally so I know my flowers. I've always liked a floral fragrance and this one has jasmine and tuberose which is really airy and fresh, so that's what I like.

When do you usually wear perfume and how do you apply your favorite fragrance?

I always apply it on my wrist and behind my ears because I heard that's where it stays the longest. When you hug someone or kiss someone you want to have a nice smell. I've been wearing this one all day and it's very summery. 

How many fragrances do you own?

I think around twenty. I think a fragrance is a really nice present to give. For example, this Bombshell Seduction I gave to my mom and my younger sister, and it's always a nice gift to get for yourself or others. So that's how I ended up with so many fragrances.

What's your top hack for following a healthy diet?

I think is all about balance. You also have to treat yourself once in a while and don't go too strict. It doesn't work that way. I make it a healthy lifestyle and don't do a crazy diet.

Do you have chocolate?

Yes, I do have chocolate every day. I love my Hu Kitchen 72% cacao dark chocolate. It's really good because it has almond butter and puff quinoa. I just have a piece every day to keep myself sane (laughs).

What's your favorite exercise to maintain a healthy body?

I like to switch it up. So one day I would do some cardio and the next day I would do some weights to get more muscle. Another day I would try pilates for stretching and work on my legs.

What is your favorite French beauty brand and why?

I love my day cream Embryolisse and whenever I am in France I get makeup removers you can only get in French pharmacies. 

What's the best beauty trick you've ever learned?

To do a mask in the morning and take a moment for myself. I put my mask for 20 minutes which helps me to get ready for the day. 

Bombshell Seduction

What's your makeup routine like on a regular day?

 If I am not working I try to keep it super simple because I apply so much makeup every day with the photoshoots. So I try to do a super light natural makeup and finish it off with the fragrance. I also drink a lot of water to maintain my skin healthy.

What are three makeup products you can't live without?

That's going to a lip balm, my day cream, and a water spray. I like the rose mist from Caudalie. You can refresh yourself throughout the day.

What's the best part about being a model for Victoria's Secret?

This is a brand that really stands for empowering women. So working for a brand like Victoria's secret is amazing and a dream true. I always have so much fun with the girls shooting and I am really grateful I get to be part of this brand.

 If you were not a model what would you be?

Maybe something with interior design or a stylist. I didn't really have time to think about it since I was scouted when I was 14 years old but I really love interior design.

What advice would you give to women about self-confidence?

I think is really important to be yourself. Don't try to be someone that you are not. Just be happy with yourself and live that moment. Be who you are and make the best of it. Be positive, happy and feel where you focus on because that's where the energy goes. 

Bombshell Seduction

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