If you’ve been following our articles on influencers (or just paying attention to your own favorite success stories), you know that there are a couple of ingredients for a successful project, whatever you’re trying to do: One is passion. If you’re not interested in what you’re doing, how can anyone else be? The enthusiasm translates to one’s audience.

Rati Tehri

The other, an even arguably larger factor, is vision. To see a void, and decide you’re going to fill it. There are often tons of people just like you out there who have been seeing that same voice. They just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.

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Rati Tehri Singh is not one of those people. Read on to learn more about her and the void she acted to fill, as well as how it changed her world. You’ll also see where to find her online.

Rati Tehri Singh

If you haven’t been introduced to Rati yet, you can get a more comprehensive idea on her and her background right here on the site. Just search her name to find out all about her background and some other info you might not know about her, even if you’ve see her account before.

Indian Beauty Blogger

So, I mentioned earlier that she saw a void to fill. In her case, she realized that there was nothing out there that gave people info on products she could find in her native India. That lack of information inspired her to do it herself, according to an interview on Digital Vidya.

Come at people with something they can’t readily find everywhere, and they’re sure to follow you. Rati’s definitely learned that. She’s considered one of the top beauty bloggers in her country, and has built a big empire just on her blog.
Her interview also talks about about how she and the team she’s built differ from other beauty blogs out there, what she feels it takes to make it in the world of blogging, a typical day for her (spoiler alert: it’s probably not what you feel it is), and her proudest moment as a blogger.

Makeup and Beauty

She, obviously, is all about growth and looking forward. She talked a bit about her huge goal for her website in that same interview. You might just get some inspiration for her big dreams. She’s grown a big team, as well, some of which are listed on the ABOUT page of Makeup and Beauty.

Rati Tehri

She’s also expanded into another big part of the tech world by announcing the arrival of an app that gives access to a seven-day self-makeup class, information on bridal beauty, swatches, and more. The app was announced in a series of Instagram posts earlier this year. Stay tune to see what else she’ll come up with in the future.

  •  Nationality: Indian
  • Owner: Makeup and Beauty


Rati Tehri

One of the best places to find Rati is on Instagram as @ratibeauty. Over 290 thousand followers check her feed to see makeup tutorials, enter giveaways, and to see behind the scenes video bloopers. She uses a lot of vibrant colors on the site, combined with simple backgrounds that make the makeup pop. She also has the site fashion.makeupandbeauty.com, which takes readers on her travel adventures and offers tips. On Twitter, she’s @IndianMakeUp and has over eight thousand followers. She also is on Facebook as Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog.

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