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Looking for something new to check out, musically? Of course you are! Who doesn’t want to find a new summer jam, or check out some great cover songs? This influencer we’re about to introduce you to will give you that and them some. You’ll also learn all about what else she’s been up to, and where to find her on social media. She offers a lot of fun content that also adds in a touch of personal reflections and more. Let’s start off with some basic facts….

So, according to her Famous Birthdays page, Rachel is a 23-year-old Utah-born social star. From her Instagram account, we know grew up, at least partly, in Iowa, because she talked about wanted to go home for the holidays, but wanting to skip the part where it’s cold. I’m sure there’s a lot of us out there that can relate to those feelings.

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Currently, she lives in California and doesn’t a lot of traveling. Her Instagram account has pictures of her in Japan, Chicago, and other cities and she talks a lot about how much she loves seeing new places. She is also listed as having two siblings on Famous Birthdays.


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One of the things that she’s probably best know for by her followers and You Tube visitors is being a singer. Her channel, Rachel Raquel, has four different videos up over the past six months, which have earned her over 4 thousand subscribers. She’s listed online as collaborating with artists like Calix and Avrii Castle. She also worked with Telykast on her latest release, a song called “Summertime.” In it, she features Amy Winehouse-esque vocals that are perfect for the song.

There are a bunch of other videos on her Instagram showing off her singing skills. She’s not afraid to let herself look silly, either, as she posts even the ones that aren’t perfect.

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She’s also gotten into acting, appearing in the short film, “Moments in Time: Room 6”. The film, at just under four minutes, is part of a series of shorts. This installment focuses on the last 15 hours of Rachel’s character’s life, a young woman named Amy.

Besides the YouTube mentioned above, you can find her on Instagram as @therachelraquel. The account, which has over 200 thousand followers, not only shows her modeling, brand partnerships and covers, but also gets personal. She takes people behind the scenes in the studio, talks about her struggle with depression and anxiety, and her love of pizza.

She also connects with fans by asking them to share screen grabs of her new single for a video chat with her. She also got a bit controversial by talking about her love of Pineapple on pizza and daring people to convince her she’s wrong.