Times flies, doesn’t it? Pretty soon, it will be time to hit the beach for some fun in the sun. Swimming, running, playing some beach volleyball — it’s great for your physical and emotional health to get outside and connect with nature while giving your body a workout. But even if you’re one who prefers to lounge and listen to some music while soaking up the sun, there will be things you might want to keep in mind for after. Here are some suggestions for making sure that day at the beach doesn’t end up doing more harm than good.

Post Beach Beauty Essentials

After Beach Skin Care 

Hydration is key. You might have been spending a lot of time in the water or playing a game in the sand, which can take a lot out of you. This is why hydration should be tops on your beach aftercare list. Water is, obviously, a great way to do that, but if you want flavor, make sure you’ve got some coconut water with you. Harmless Coconut water is a great organic brand for hydration. There’s also Vita Coco, which comes in different flavors, or Naked. There’s also Steaz, which has a green tea/coconut water mix.

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Coconut water is hydrating, and a great source of nutrition, which can help your body recover from the workout you’ll give it. It’s also a great source of antioxidants, which will help protect your hair and skin from free radicals. At a time when your skin may already be stressed, that’s a huge plus!

We all know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen, or at least stay in the shade a lot while outdoors. Also, there are clothes and hats that offer sun protection. Still, sometimes we get a little too much sun, despite our best intentions. Maybe you were out longer than you planned and forgot to reapply sunscreen. Maybe the sunscreen you got didn’t work as well as you’d hoped, or you just forgot to put it on. If that’s the case, there are several ways to help soothe the sunburn sting.

Vacation Beauty Essentials

Aloe is one of the best products to use on your skin when it’s red and irritated. One option is aloe vera gel. NaturSense makes an organic gel that is not only for sunburns but can help with your hair and other skin conditions as well. There are also gels by Mary Tylor Naturals and Amara Organics.

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You might also be looking for one of those cooling mists that will be great for your skin without being toxic. For that, there’s a couple of options. One would be Herbivore Botanicals’ After Sun Body Mist. This spray contains numerous ingredients that are soothing and healing for the skin and will cool you down. There’s also Goddess Garden, which has an After Sun Gel Spray that contains not only aloe vera but tea tree oil.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Sun face mist
  • Sunscreen
  • Coconut water
  • Hair mask

Remember that you’re going to have your sunscreen and all kinds of things on your skin between the sun, sand, and salt water. That means before you really start soothing that skin, you’ve got to clean it first. Keep the water cool and make sure the products you’re using on your face and hair contain soothing, beneficial ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender, and Honey. Wild Naturals has a Manuka Honey Face Wash that will keep your skin clean and healthy. Era Organics has a Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser, and there’s a Coconut Milk and Honey Facial Cleanser from Foxbrim.

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As for your hair, it’s always a good idea to be gentle with it. Lots of product and heat can be damaging. Manuka honey-based shampoos like Doctor Organics, or Organic Doctors’ Argan Oil formula are great, healthy choices to treat your hair right. Also, consider masks like Juice Organics’ Repairing Hair mask or Moroccan Organics Hair Mask. They’re both packed with antioxidants that will help your hair heal from a day out.

It’s great to get out and be active, but it’s not always great for your skin and hair. There’s a lot of environmental factors that can damage them, so be sure to use some of these products, or similar ones, to give your hair and skin the TLC it needs.

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