Ourfa Zinali is a well-known makeup artist who is also active in the social media community. The Armenian-American beauty loves to share her passion for makeup with others who appreciate it as well. At 29-years old, Ourfa has been wearing makeup almost half her life. Despite this, she has admitted that she usually struggles to apply eyeliner, something that may surprise those who follow her.

Ourfa Zinali

Having been a makeup artist since 2008, Ourfa came to use social media to help boost her career. This started with her first Instagram post in 2013 and has continued since then. These posts feature makeup that she recommends her followers use.

Ourfa Zinali Makeup

As one who is passionate about makeup, Ourfa appreciates her social media followers’ feedback on what they perceive as shortcomings in the beauty industry Ourfa’s followers stated that the industry suffers from a lack of diversity. Additional complaints included the fact that brands seem to favor certain social media influencers over others. 

In response, Ourfa stated that she has a problem with brands that pick and choose influencers to work with based on superficial facts. She also said that any brand that ignores its users in favor of influencers is not doing the industry any favors. She also spoke out against brands that claim to have such a small budget that they are forced to use the same influencers time and time again. 

Fans that are interested in Ourfa’s work often follow her on social media. Her Instagram account can be found @ourfazinali and has 896,000 followers. Her Twitter page can be found @ourfazinali, where she has 39.2 thousand followers. She also has her own self-named YouTube channel, which has 58,345 subscribers. The channel includes her many vlog entries, makeup tutorials and even facts about her that her fans may not already know.

Ourfa Zinali YouTube

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Career: Makeup artist 
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles

Though it is not known if she ever completed a degree, Ourfa did attend Los Angeles Valley College. She has gone on to make quite an impact on the beauty industry and has embraced social media and used it to her advantage.

Her professional endeavors include attending the Professional Hair & Makeup Expo, otherwise known as PHAMExpo. She appeared at the event in 2015 along with fellow influencer Lora Arellano.

Since then she has gone on to become popular with young women all over the world. They enjoy turning to her for makeup advice and her tutorials are always well loved on YouTube.

Ourfa Zinali

Ourfa has and will likely continue to dedicate her life to inspiring other women to discover their own beauty. She is not afraid to share her thoughts and opinions on the industry, even if her opinions are not popular ones. Ourfa’s attitude toward the industry shows how passionate she is about it. Her work as a makeup artist and influencer has gone far in ensuring that women always feel confident applying their own makeup. She is poised to enjoy many years of continuing success in the industry.

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