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Nikkie the blogger behind NikkieTutorials

Discovered in 2008 that she was so passionate about makeup she wanted to share that passion with the world. She found her passion for makeup after searching on YouTube to find out how she could do her makeup like the women on the TV show, The Hills. What she found was a makeup tutorial that inspired her to want to create her own.

Three months later she brought her inspiration to life when she filmed her first makeup tutorial for YouTube. Despite the fact that her first video garnered only three comments and eight views, she began to post makeup tutorials on YouTube every week.

She called her channel NikkieTutorials and quickly gained a following. Before long her channel had more viewers and subscribers than any other channel run in The Netherlands, Nikkie’s home country.

Thanks to the success of her YouTube channel, Nikkie was contacted by Pascale Tesser, a well-known makeup artist. At the time, Pascale Tesser was a makeup teacher at Amsterdam’s B Academy. This inspired Nikkie to take the teacher’s course, and as a result, the two of them became friends.

After she completed the course she chose to work as Tesser’s assistant during photoshoots. Nikkie also went on to take other makeup courses at the academy.


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After working as her assistant, Nikkie became a member of Tesser’s Colourfool Agency. This led to her work on projects such as Hollands & Benelux’s Next Top Model and Miljoenenjacht & The Face. Not content to stop there, she also modeled for Fashionista, Lina, Marie Claire and Talkies Magazines. Her work with Fashionista Magazine led her to writing a column in the Teen Magazine Fashionista.

Though her time working at the Colourfool Agency was productive and beneficial to her career, in 2014 she chose to begin working as a freelance makeup and hair artist instead.

As a freelance hair/makeup artist and a blogger, she is in demand. In addition to filling her blog with makeup recommendations, tutorials and advice she continues to find ways to communicate with her fans and followers. One of the ways she does this is by being active on social media. She can be found on Instagram @nikkietutorials, where she has 7.2 million followers. Fans can follow her on Twitter @NikkieTutorials, where she has 524,000 followers.


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Her Facebook page can be found @nikkietutorials, where she has 1,008,307 followers. By far, her most popular social media page is her YouTube channel, which can be found @NikkieTutorials. With more than six million subscribers, there is no doubt that the popularity of the channel is growing every day.

With so many people following the blog, she has proven to be quite powerful in the beauty industry. Her contributions to the industry are nothing short of spectacular. Her rise to the top of the industry is one that can inspire women all over the world to achieve their dreams. Through her blog and social media following she has gained the admiration and respect of many.

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