37-year-old Mindy McKnight is well known to frequent YouTube users. She created her channel, Cute Girls Hairstyles, after being inspired by the fact that she wanted a new hairstyle for her twin daughters when they were only 18 months old. Seven years later she launched a blog where she shared each of the hairstyles she used on her girls. As the hair styles she tried on her daughters became increasingly complicated it became easier to film her doing their hair than take photos of it for her blog. This ultimately led to the creation of her YouTube channel.


The Rise Of A YouTube Star

Thanks to the exposure of her YouTube channel, Mindy has appeared on national shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20 and more.

On Adoption And Her Experiences


She also spoke to People Magazine in a candid interview where she admitted that she found it difficult to nurse her twin daughters. She confessed that the experience didn’t feel as natural as she thought it would. Mandy also offered her support to other women who have also found it difficult to nurse their babies. She has worked hard to get rid of the stigma surrounding mothers who choose to bottle feed their babies rather than nurse them.



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Social Media Use


Mindy can be found on various social media sites. She has 1.5 million followers on Instagram @cutegirlshairstyles. She can also be found on Twitter @CuteGirlHair, where she has 185,000 followers. Her Cute Girls Hairstyle YouTube channel has an astonishing 5,159,883 subscribers. In addition to her hair styling tutorials she also includes videos of her family’s activities. The channel features not only Mindy’s twins, but her four other kids. Subscribing to the channel is the best way for fans to keep up with Mindy and her personal life. YouTube has done so much for Mindy, including naming her among the site’s top 25 women. This may be partly because her widely popular videos are always family friendly.

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Personal Life

Along with her husband, Shaun, Mindy and her six kids live an active lifestyle. While in the beginning, Mindy worked on her kids’ hair styling aspirations alone, the creation of the YouTube channel eventually led her husband to working full time to help make the channel the success it is today.


Though her twin daughters were the two original stars of her YouTube channel, her other children have contributed to it as well. Even her husband has found himself styling the girls’ hair at times. Mindy felt it was important to provide instruction on simple hair styles that dads all over the country could do on their own.


The family has used their YouTube channel to inspire other families, as well as single parent households. The channel has become widely popular with families that have children of all ages. Many little girls have Mindy to thank for the hair styles they now wear regularly. Mindy will likely continue to succeed in helping parents learn easy hair styles.