Freelance makeup artist Melissa Alatorre also runs her self-named blog where she gives makeup tips and educates her readers on the differences between many common makeup products. Though the blog was briefly halted so that Melissa could alter it, it has and continues to be a popular resource for tips on makeup and beauty.

Melissa Alatorre

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Melissa Alatorre Makeup

Melissa originally had aspirations to work in media, as she earned a Journalism and Media Studies Bachelors Degree at the San Diego State University. Though she was born and raised in San Diego, after college she relocated to Hollywood/Los Angeles to begin her career. Though she worked on various TV shows, she always found she was more interested in being in the makeup room than being on set. As a result, she made the decision to switch her career plans to that of a freelance makeup artist. In her time working in the profession she has seen firsthand how wearing makeup can make any woman feel more confident.

Melissa Alatorre YouTube

In addition to keeping up with her blog, Melissa also uses social media to keep in touch with her fans. Her YouTube channel can be found @MelissaAlatore, where she has 502,481 subscribers. Melissa makes it a point to let her viewers know that her channel is geared towards those who are aspiring to become a makeup artist, yet the channel is also suitable for makeup experts.

Melissa can also be found on Instagram @alatorreee, where she has 186, thousand subscribers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @AlatorreTweets. On Pinterest she can be found @AlatorrePins. Fans follow her Pinterest page for boards covering fashion, makeup, hair, fitness, and others.


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Melissa Alatorre Tutorials

Blogging about makeup and beauty is Melissa’s way of contributing her passion and talents to the world for other people to benefit from. Between her blog and her social media pages, she has been able to connect with fans all over the world.

Having grown up in San Diego, Melissa is a typical California girl in many ways, despite originally being from Mexico. Her interest in hair and makeup is so strong that she wanted to share it with other women. As a result, she began her own blog in order to be able to do so.

Melissa Alatorre

  • Age: 28 years old
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Career: Makeup Artist
  • Birthday: April 22nd

By turning her love of makeup into a career, Melissa has had the courage to follow her dreams, something she encourages all her fans to do as well. Her blog is easy for readers to relate to and can help them learn valuable lessons they couldn’t learn elsewhere. Melissa’s makeup tutorials have been viewed millions of times and have proven effective for women who need guidance in transforming their physical appearance. She will likely continue to conduct educational tutorials that are also entertaining to viewers. Her blog and YouTube channel will continue to generate more interest in and knowledge about makeup application. Melissa is constantly making the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time.

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