As a Colombian model, Maria Fernanda has gained mass fame in the beauty industry. The 37 year old beauty has already made her mark on Spanish television.

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Starting at the age of 14, Maria became a Colombian model. Her credits include participating in local and international campaigns for the country’s biggest brand of intimate apparel. She has also been seen in print ads for the Agua Bandita line of swimwear. Her claim to fame, as a result, was being associated with Sports Illustrated’s 2007,8 and 9 issues featuring the hottest swimsuits.

Aside from her modeling, Maria has had aspirations for a career in media, which she relocated to Bogota in order to pursue. She spent three years attending a university in Spain in order to pursue her love of theater. As a well-rounded student, Maria hasn’t limited herself. Her studies have also included photography and psychology, as well as journalism and social communication. She has also mastered the art of cooking after taking lessons on it.

Maria’s acting claims to fame include her starring role in Rosario Tijeras, a TV series that airs in Colombia, as well as TeleMundo’s Sin Senos no hay Paraisio, where she plays the role of Yesica La Diabla.

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Like most other actresses and models, Maria is active on social media, though only on Instagram. She can be found @mariafelina where she has 402,000 followers. She also regularly posts YouTube videos in which she appears with her significant other.

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Throughout Colombia, Maria is a very popular model and actress. She has been in front of the camera enough times to prove how much it loves her. With both brains and beauty, Maria can serve as an inspiration for women all over the world today. Her love of her career combined with her knowledge of subjects that could serve as a backup show that she is prepared for anything in life.

Maria has achieved great success in her home country. She is a role model for the women of the country and has likely inspired many others to follow in her footsteps. With a passion for her career and her life, Maria has proven that she has was it takes to make it in a very competitive industry.

Her life has already read as a success story. While still in her thirties she has achieved her dream of modeling and acting. Only time will tell if she continues to pursue these endeavors or she eventually moves onto another industry altogether. It is safe to say that whatever she chooses to do in the future, she will be passionate about.

As a Spanish Telenova star, Maria has entertained thousands of viewers throughout the country. Her talent easily shines through in everything that she does and in every role that she takes on. Only time will tell what the future holds for this ambitious actress and model who worked hard to make her dreams come true by embracing the spotlight.

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