Maria Del Russo’s Thoughts on Love and Beauty

Maria Del Russo

There’s a lot of advice out there, and Maria Del Russo has been adding hers to the world wide web for years now, having worked for two big web publications. As a beauty editor and relationship columnist, she’s put her triumphs and relationship fails out there for others to read and learn from.

She’s made a name for herself amongst her generation, and was even named the first cover girl of her alma mater’s recently-debuted feminist magazine. Read on to find out more about this writer and where you can follow her online. Maybe you’ll pick up some advice along the way!

Beauty Editor with an Adventurous Streak

Okay, Maria Del Russo isn’t always so adventurous. She admitted to being in a bit of a beauty rut once by having stuck with the same shade of red for the past few years. Instead of just sitting back and accepting it, she decided to do something about it by embarking on a 30-day challenge where she refused to use the same shade for more than one day for an entire month. The experiment got her plenty of praise around the office! In the end, she learned a few things about what works for her and what doesn’t, encouraging others to be a little bolder with their look.

This isn’t the first time she decided to challenge herself. The 20-something writer decided to tackle her skin as well by embarking on other challenges that found her swearing off dairy and adding more water to her day. One of her more challenging experiments involved cold showers, something that she was convinced initially wasn’t doing a thing for her. She persisted, though, and had some results that surprised her. You can see some of these online by checking out her refinery29 and Popsugar posts at the links below:

Besides the articles she wrote for Popsugar, she’s also been featured on their TV show before.

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Dating: The good, the bad, the ugly


She’s just as adventurous with her dating column as she’s been with her beauty advice and, like the beauty challenges, she learns something from each experience that she applies in her life going forward. Some of her topics have included Using a dating app to make friends, the questions that changed her dating life forever, how she lost herself trying to be cool, and the Instagram side effect that comes from online dating.

Anna Del Russo's Apartment

Del Russo's Apartment

Del Russo's apartment is not only chic but has that hygge vibe. Hygge is all about coziness and enjoying the simple things in life. Del Russo's studio is that place to find comfort and inspiration. She has proven that tiny spaces can be turned into an oasis. Her studio in NYC is located in the upper east side where she turned a small space into a beautiful living apartment. Del Russo loves hoarding beauty products so she made sure to have an organization system that worked well for her collection. Her space also got featured on for its quirky, fun style. 

Anna Del Russo's Info

Twitter: @maria_delrusso

Instagram: @mariadelrusso

Facebook: mdrwrites

Columnist: Refinery29 "It's Not You"