Time to meet another one of the Insta influencers out there who is helping people to learn fashion and beauty secrets and more. This one comes from across the pond and has earned a huge audience by being authentic, as well as candid about their struggles and successes.

 Leyla Rose

Keep reading to learn more about her, what she does, and where you can follow her online. You’ll also learn about what makes her unique and how she’s kept herself moving forward in her brand and life.

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Leyla Rose Bio

According to her Famous Birthdays page, she’s been active in the online community for over seven years now. She was born in London, England and is now 22 years old. On the site, she’s actually the second most popular person with her first name.

Leyla began her online career as strictly a beauty and fashion influencer. Her channel, Leyla Rose, has been a place for fellow fashionistas to check out her beauty and clothing hauls, to learn how to do all matte glam makeup, eyebrow mistakes to avoid, and some spring glam.

Curly Hair Tutorial

She also gives her thoughts on various products she’s used, what she feels are the best drugstore foundations, as well as some monthly beauty favorites. She also talks hair, helping viewers to learn how to deal with big curls like she has, and offers a look into her daily routines.

Beauty Vlogger

So, you never know what’s going to happen when you put yourself out there online. Sometimes, you’re lost in a sea of content, while other times people are able to attract a huge follower base that puts them on the industry radar.
Leyla has been able to take her following and translate it to some cool opportunities. Back in early 2016, she was featured by London Location House alongside fellow vlogger Zoe London. The duo was invited to be a part of YouTube Channel Icon UK, where they filmed a video called, “I Have Never…” Google her to see the video and what made their particular video so different from previous ones. She was also featured on realstylenetwork.com showing people how to get a flawless peachy-pink makeup look.

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthday: July 18th
  • Career: Vlogger and Maleup Artist


Leyla Rose
Not content to stay stuck for long, Leyla created an additional channel, That Leyla Life, which focuses more on lifestyle topics and personal reflections. She talks about getting out of a rut, why she stopped vlogging daily, her travel adventures in the Maldives and Paris, as well as her tips for beating a bad day. She also spoke about her 2017 goals, and showed viewers her extreme bedroom makeover. She announced the new channel on her main Vlog back in late 2015.

Besides her two channels (which have earned her over 1 million and 100 thousand subscribers, respectively), she is also a huge draw on an influencer’s favorite site, Instagram. Her account, @makeupbyleyla, has over 116 thousand followers. There, she shares simple shots with dreamy tones that are usually accompanied by cute or inspirational quote. She also keeps followers up to date on new vlogs, partnerships, and more. One post spoke of her trip to Paris for the #Stylista event with @lorealhair. You can also find her on Twitter under the same name. There, she’s attracted over eight thousand followers.

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