Lustrelux beauty blogger Katy is the first to admit that her obsession with makeup is an unhealthy one. This shows how dedicated she is to helping other women learn how to do their own makeup. She regularly travels to malls in her home state of California and beyond, in order to attend fan meet ups. This is where her fans get to come about and meet her in person while getting some valuable advice on makeup application.

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When readers visit the Lustrelux blog they see that it covers topics such as product reviews and her recommendations. The two categories her blog is meant to address are makeup and personal care. In the makeup section she shares her own views on what the best products are and what makes them the best. Many of her video makeup tutorials can also be found on the blog, allowing those who don’t use YouTube to watch them anyway.

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Desi X Katy Dose of Colors

Katy, who in addition to her blog also runs a YouTube channel, collaborated with fellow YouTube star Desi Perkins to create the Dose of Colors line of makeup. The two teamed up with a major makeup brand to launch the products. The line includes various, cream and liquid matte and glossy, glittery lipsticks, two highlighters and a palette of eye shadow featuring four shades.

Fans of Lustrelux know that they can watch her makeup tutorials on YouTube. These step-by-step tutorials are easy for anyone to understand even if they are applying makeup for the first time. The channel is called Lustrelux and has 1,770,380 subscribers. For each makeup tutorial she posts she tells her viewers what she is using. Viewers can even watch her go to the store and buy the makeup. Lustrelux also includes hair tutorials and product reviews.

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Lustrelux Net Worth

Admittedly, Katy quit her former day job in order to figure out what she wanted next in life. This led to the creation of her blog and YouTube channel. She uses both to connect with women throughout the country and show them how easy it is for them to make themselves look and feel beautiful. Her makeup tutorials are always informative and easy to follow, making them a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about makeup application.

  • Net Worth: $40,000
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Profession: Beauty expert and YouTube Vlogger
  • Birthday: November 9th 
  • Real Name: Katy DeGroot
  • Status: Married


As beautiful as she is, Katy is also an inspiring role model to many women. She had the courage to leave a job she disliked in order to pursue her true passion in life. There is no doubt that she will continue to do what she can in order to keep sharing relevant makeup tips and tricks with her fans.

Having grown up in California, Katy is not one to shy away from the spotlight. Creating makeup tutorials is her passion and one that she will likely continue to purse for years to come. Katy has already made quite an impression on women of all ages and is expected to keep doing so through her efforts to share her knowledge of makeup.

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