At the age of 26, Jenn Im has already become a successful Youtube video blogger. She uses her video blog, Clothes Encounter, to give her fans lifestyle advice and demonstrate makeup application techniques. The vlog has been growing strong since she began it in 2010.

 Jenn Im

Jenn hails from Los Angeles, California and first worked at a Baskin Robbins before going on to attend the University of California Davis as a communications major, where she graduated with a bachelors degree in June 2013.

 Jenn Im Vlog

Jenn Im

Having turned her YouTube channel into a full time gig, Jenn has enjoyed much success as a vlogger. In an interview with Bare Magazine, Jenn stated that when she first became interested in blogging she decided to launch a beauty based vlog on Youtube because it was a mostly untouched market at that time. Since then, Jenn has released her own line of makeup, on which she collaborated with a popular makeup brand called ColourPop.

Fans love her makeup collection because it is affordable to the average woman. The collection includes various vivid shades of eye shadow and lipstick. Many of the eye shadow shades can be mixed and matched to create a unique look. Clothes Encounters includes makeup demonstrations and tutorials using the products from Jenn’s line.

Clothes Encounters by Jenn Im


 Age: 26

Birthday: September 22

Height: 5'1"

YouTube: @clothesencounters

Facebook  @imjennim

Instagram @imjennim

Twitter @imjennim


Thanks to her vlog and makeup line, Jenn has become adored by women all over the world. She has struck a chord with the average woman because she is so down to earth. Her YouTube channel has countless hits from women who seek out her advice on makeup application and techniques.


At such a young age, Jenn is already incredibly successful. She took her passion for makeup and turned it into her career, delighting woman of all ages who want to do their makeup exactly like she does.

Jenn is an inspiration to any woman who wants to achieve her own dreams and turn something she loves into a lucrative career. She will continue to run her YouTube channel with her fans and subscribers in mind. Fans are always eager to see the new content on her channel, which she updates on a weekly basis.

The future looks bright for Jenn as she continues to do what she loves. Her vlog is more popular now than it ever has been before and new fans are discovering her every day, thanks to her various social media accounts. She is on track to continue providing women with coveted advice on how to make themselves look and feel beautiful at any time.