Looking for some fresh style inspiration? Well, you should look no further than Jasmine Brown. She’s a rising style star who’s only been producing great content for two years but already has achieved a major goal for many style influencers.

Jasmine Brown

She uses a low-tech style combined with an accessible, fun vibe that will surely resonate with budding fashionistas. Read on to learn a little bit more about what she does, and what big surprise she dropped on her fans via one of her popular videos. You also learn where to follow her online to keep up with some hot trends.

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Jasmine Brown Bio

Jasmine is currently 22-years-old and began her career by participating in a modeling contest back in 2015. Following that success, she actually participated in a Tyra Banks model search, which was also a success. Currently, she works with LA Models.

Everyone has their own unique path to discovering their passion and putting it to work for them. For Jasmine, she started out in the gym. According to Famous Birthdays, she actually went to Nationals once, representing her native Texas as a gymnast before she went down the modeling road.

Jasmine Brown Hairstyles

Despite her successes in the modeling world, she’s probably best known to her fans for her YouTube channel. She uses it to offer her advice on a wide variety of style topics, as well as to keep her followers updated on her projects, and give them a glimpse into her personal life.

Despite not being on YouTube for very long, she’s gotten hugely popular. Her first video, a daily makeup tutorial, currently has over 248 thousand views. It must have really resonated, because her next video, about her naturally curly hair routine, has more than double that count, with some of her videos getting into the millions.

In one video, she reveals her personal secrets to a successful channel, talking about the software she uses and why a high-quality camera isn’t always what’s required to make a video look good.

It’s no surprise that her hair tutorials are hugely popular, as that’s one of the main suggestions you’ll get when you search her name. These include refreshing days-old curls, quick and easy styles for natural hair, and one titled, “How To: Dutch Braid/Inverted French Braid on Natural Hair.”

Finally, she even gets her family into the act by doing a brother/sister Q&A, as well as a video where he did her makeup. You’ll also find lots of morning hacks, product haul videos, and more.

Jasmine x Love Culture

She’s not content to just be a style influencer via tutorials and products reviews. She teamed up with Love Culture to create her own line. According to her famous birthday's page, it was a huge success right out the gate. She announced the project almost one year ago, along with a special pop up store/meet and greet designed to launch the brand. Her Insta also promotes a beauty product of her own, an eyelash brand called EylurexJasmineBrown, which can be found at Target, as well as online.

Jasmine Brown

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Birthday: July 14
  • Birthplace: Houston, Texas
  • Career: model and youtube star

Like many young influencers, she knows where to go to get the word out, and Insta is a huge part of her platform. She shares style pics, tutorial previews, partner brands, and much more. She goes by @jasmeannnn there and has over 860 thousand followers. She has the same handle on Twitter, where over 48 thousand have connected with her.

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