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Professional makeup artist and YouTube star Jaclyn Hill has made a name for herself in the industry. At 26 years old she already has an impressive resume and huge social media following. Her self- titled makeup blog is just one of the many success stories she has to tell.

In 2011 Jaclyn launched her YouTube channel where she shares makeup tutorials with her viewers and subscribers. Her early tutorials were inspired by celebrities such as Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

Jaclyn then went on to run her own makeup business as well. Much of her work consists of Becca x Jaclyn Hill, her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. The brand’s Champagne Pop highlighter was designed and produced by Jaclyn. It is part of an entire Champagne makeup line that includes eye shadows, highlighters and other similar products.


Jaclyn Hill Morphe

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Since 2015 Jaclyn has been working with Morphe, where she gained creative control. This allowed her to release the Jaclyn Hill Palette, an eye shadow palette expected to be a best seller. With 35 shades, there is something for every skin tone. These eyeshadows are being marketed as smooth, creamy and blendable. Each eyeshadow color was hand created by Jaclyn. Before the end of the year she is expected to release her own full line of makeup.

Getting back to Jaclyn’s blog, she shares her fashion pics with her readers. This includes advice on putting together a stylish outfit and how to accessories jackets with shoes. The blog also includes videos showing women how to make themselves look beautiful in the morning. Below the videos is a list of all the beauty products mentioned, making it easy for viewers to use the same products Jaclyn does. Her blog also includes a list of the stores she shops at the most.

Jaclyn Hill Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube

With a strong social media presence, Jaclyn uses her celebrity status to connect with fans all over the world. She can be found on Instagram @jaclynhill, where she has four million followers. She has the same username on Twitter, where she has 776,000 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @JaclynHill1, where she has more than three million subscribers. Her channel addresses skin care and makeup routines, in addition to her many makeup tutorials. She also reviews her favorite makeup products frequently. Jaclyn has participated in many question and answer sessions on her YouTube channel. This gives her fans a chance to get to know her on a personal level.

The reach that Jaclyn has thanks to social media has allowed her to inspire women all over the world. Through her tutorials, reviews and blog posts she shows her fans, readers and followers that she is passionate about makeup and beauty. She enjoys guiding her fans in their own makeup use. Her videos are a great way for every woman to learn how to make herself look and feel beautiful.

Jaclyn will likely continue to succeed as an influencer in the beauty industry. Her professional projects have allowed her to connect with fans.