You may or may not know the name Isabella Löwengrip, but in her native Sweden, she is a history maker. According to Wikipedia, this 26-year-old mother of two is considered to be one of Sweden’s first major social media influencers. And she did it all with a blog she started at fifteen!

She’s not just a blogger, though. She’s a multi-tasking business woman who is ranked among the top five of Sweden’s most successful entrepreneurs by Investopedia. This is part because of her aforementioned blog, which the site valued at five million SEK(Almost 600,000 dollars!) . Read on to learn more about this rising social star who has been trying to use her high profile for good as well as profit.

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Isabella Lowengrip "Blogg" and Beyond

So, you already know about her history as a blogger. Today, she continues to regular post on her site, She goes far beyond writing about favorite brands, foods, and locales, although you can find some of there on the site as well. Isabella gets more personal, as she discusses the challenges of managing motherhood and work, especially when combining that with sharing custody of her two children and trying to navigate a separation in the public eye.

Besides the blog, she also owns a beauty brand called Löwengrip Care and Color, a brand that features hair, face, body, and intimate care products. The brand aims to be gentle, sustainable, and transparent. They also develop all of their own products to ensure all these goals are met.

Also all about sustainability is her shoe brand, Flattered. She wanted to make a line of indoor-friendly flats that will be comfortable and great for any occasion and was founded back in 2013.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also got a brand called Style Level. This is a line of shoes, accessories and clothing. And to top it all off, this successful business woman owns Economist Lifestyle, a company dedicated to helping people take care of their financial future. According to Wikipedia, there are books and podcasts produced under the brand.

Diversifying is Growing Isabella Lowengrip's Net Worth

All of her success has led her to winning multiple awards between 2010 and 2016, which helped get her involved in another type of media: television and film. She’s guested on a number of shows as herself, appearing on panels. She’s also been a featured guest on some programs.

Her most unique endeavor was playing Amanda in the 2013 film Orion. The film is a coming of age story about a young man named Tony that is described as “a story of the strength that lie in forgiveness.”

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Quick Isabella Lowengrip Wikipedia Facts

Stats are hard to come by for Isabella, and that may be for a good reason. Having dealt with some comments online, Isabella had asked people on her blog to not mention her weight, either negatively or positively. She stressed the importance of feeling good and keeping on top of one’s health in her post.

Born: October 21, 1990 (age 26)
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse: Odd Spangberg
Education: GSBA Zurich
Children: Gillis Spangberg,Sally Siri Spangberg
Siblings: Nora Rydberg Daniel Lowengrip Rydberg, Elis Rydberg, Julia Lowengrip
Parents: Per Rydberg, Camilla Annika Lowengrip

Isabella Lowengrip Instagram and Her Social Influence

She shares her confident attitude and more to her more than 300k Instagram followers. You can find her there as @isabellalowengrip. She also teases new projects, documents the behind the scenes process, and her day-to-day struggles.  She also talks about the importance of goal-setting and focusing on your dreams.

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