Nail CareMany people love to show their personality through nail art. They choose a wide variety of designs and colors in order to let their individuality shine through. However, we tend to subject our nails under harsh elements that they tend to get weak. Taking care of your nails is essential because you need to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Remember that you don't need to pay a lot of money in order to have amazing looking nails. Do you want to know how to take care of your nails? Well it only involves pretty simple steps. Nails do need to have some tender loving and care. If you envy a lot of girls with gorgeous nails, don't worry. You can have amazing nails like them by just following these easy steps!


Natural Nail Care Tips

1. What you eat is what you get. Diet determines the health of your nails. If your daily diet consists of junk food, your nails won't be able to receive the necessary nutrients that it needs to grow healthy. Your nails will become so weak that they will be prone to breakage. Opting for healthier foods can boost its health. Drink plenty of water as well, because staying well hydrated keeps one healthy too.

    2. Glove on. Use gloves if you are doing certain activities that may harm your nails. Doing the laundry, washing the dishes, gardening and other household chores are just some of the activities that may affect the health of your nails.

    3. Don't use your nails during activities where it might cause them to break. You don't really need to use them to open your can of soda. Try to use tools instead. Trust me, you will really hate it when your nail suddenly breaks because you decided to use your nails instead of something else.

    4. Moisturize. Moisturizing your nails will keep them healthy. You can use a hand lotion, but if you really want to go organic, you can apply olive oil on them. Olive oil is a known moisturizer, so not only does it keep your nails from dehydrating, it keeps them nourished too.

    5. Cut them straight across. This method prevents you from having ingrown nails. Plus, it looks better.

    Nail Care Routine

    •  If you are a manicure junkie, try to limit it to at least once a week. Having frequent manicures makes your nails weak. If you want to keep them pretty, continue on keeping them clean and well moisturized.
    • Give nails added protection by applying a nail hardener. Nail hardeners protect them from water damage. You can apply them bare or over a polish.
    • Give your cuticles more attention. Dry cuticles tend to lead to hang nails. Keep them moisturized and well pampered.
    • Use vinegar to keep cuticles healthy. Soak them in white vinegar for 5 minutes. Not only does it keep your cuticles at its tip top shape, it also helps polish adhere to your nails better.
    • Want to keep toenail fungus at bay? Try Listerine. No, I'm not joking. Believe it or not, Listerine has antiseptic qualities that kill of germs and other bacteria. Cool right? You have another use for a mouthwash! Soak your toes in Listerine for at least ten minutes four times a day for two weeks.


    These simple steps are definitely very easy ways to keep your nails at its tip top shape. You literally don't need rocket science to know the ways on how to take care of your nails. So go ahead, start giving your nails that much needed tender loving and care.