When getting hair extensions, people worry that they won’t look as real to people as your natural hair. Or we have all seen pictures on Instagram where someone has REALLY bad extensions. It may be the wrong color, texture or just a terrible style and cut.

With many bogus sellers online you have to be careful who you spend your money with. You may end up paying for cheap or low quality hair. That is why it is important to use a reputable seller like Canada Hair. The reviews speak for themselves, Canada Hair is one of the best places to buy quality human hair extensions online in Canada.

If you spend time looking after your extensions then you will be able to avoid a fail however here are some of the most common problems that people face when they get extensions and the things that are most likely to cause an embarrassing public moment.

Improper Sections

If you are not strategic when placing your hair extensions and have the right mix of your natural hair overlapping, there will not be a seamless blend and you’ll be able to see your extensions peeking through the gaps.

With all of the other types of extensions we strongly suggest that you visit a good nearby salon and have them installed by a professional with lots of experience. They will let you know how much hair to use as nobody wants a stringy ponytail or to look like a puffball.

Bad sections can make the hair loose or fall out easily so when you get up, you may leave your extensions behind. Or it will be harder to detangle and style as it is more likely to knot.

If you never had extensions before, clip ins are the ideal solution especially for beginners.

Using the Wrong Type of Hair

Choosing good quality hair is the number one factor to avoid a hair extensions fail.

If you buy cheap hair, it will not match the texture of your natural hair and will look shiny & tacky in the sunlight. It is okay to buy synthetic hair, especially the heat resistant type available for purchase on Canada Hair. Although we advise to avoid using heat on synthetic hair, these premium fivers resemble natural hair really well and they will have a seamless blend making sure that your pockets and your pride are protected.

When purchasing the hair, always buy human hair extensions or remy hair extensions. It has been chemically treated to make sure it is hygenic.

Choose the Correct Shade of Hair

Hair extensions are available in many shades and colors so that you will be able to find the perfect match. However, if you have a custom color sometimes it can be difficult to find something that looks exactly the same. The best option is to go for synthetic hair as it is available in a wide range of colors and tones compared to human hair.

If you try to dye human hair yourself you may be big in for a big surprise because you can actually do so much damage to the hair and end up wasting your money. It is not a good idea to dye hair extensions as it has already been chemically processed to make sure it is the best quality when it arrives at your home. If you try to use bleach or god forbid a box dye, you can ruin the hair before you even get a chance to wear it. If you must change the color, take it to a stylist who will be able to carry out the service for you, but don’t expect it to be cheap! Preferably, avoid coloring the hair altogether and instead just opt in for virgin hair extensions. These extensions are incredibly more expensive than regular human hair extensions, but the quality is so great that you can dye them without any issues.

Synthetic hair looks so realistic but it is also impossible to dye as the hair fibers and a completely different structure from human hair and will not be able to absorb the hair color or lighten with a lifting or bleach agent. You can purchase synthetic hair in any color you desire from the standard natural hair shades to the funky unicorn or mermaid hair colors that are so hot right now.

Coloring hair is not as easy as it seems so before you head to the beauty supply store, watch a few color video fails on Youtube to get you back on the right path. Remember good hair is expensive so don’t waste it.

Poor Installation

As we mentioned above, the sections in when installing your extensions is very important however it also needs to be done in the correct way. The only extensions we suggest you put it yourself are clip ins, for every other method you should visit a qualified hair stylist.  Most of the hair extensions fails being seen are caused by going to someone who was under qualified yet overconfident in their ability. This is when friends or family members swear that they can install your hair for you for half the price of a professional, however there is a saying if you buy cheap buy twice and there’s no point buying expensive hair that’s good quality only to waste and damage it with a bad install.

Avoid Hair Care Products that Contain Sulfates

Hair extensions can cost a pretty penny so once you have made your purchase it is important to look after them correctly so you can wear them for as long as possible. If you are new to the extension world, all of the hair care tips can seem overwhelming but if you keep in mind that it is human hair just as yours is, that will make things easier.

A big part of looking after your hair extensions is the products you will use to maintain them and keep them clean and moisturized. If you watch the news you would have seen reports that some of the common ingredients in our personal care products may actually be causing us harm. One of the main focus points has been on sulphates and their effect on the body and hair. In this article we will discuss what sulfates are, how they can affect your hair (and extensions) and what to use instead, so keep reading.

What are Sulphates

Sulphates are the main component of your shampoo and other cleaning products such as face washes and even some laundry soaps. They are the active agent that gives you the bubbles and foam to let you know that the item in question is getting clean. They are great for removing dirt and are essentially a detergent, the same kind of thing you will find in washing powder however they can be very harsh to your skin and hair. Could you actually imagine washing your hair with dish soap? Well they are more similar than you might think.

You can find out if the product has a sulfates in it by looking at the ingredient list, you will see it called by several different names so it can be very confusing.

It may be written as

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate

If you use a product containing sulfates once, there probably won’t be an issue but scientist are finding that it is repeated exposure to these products is where they can cause harm. Many people develop sensitivities or irritations to sulfates in products and so when you’re using them you can find your skin gets very red, irritated or sometimes even people may have a severe allergic reaction which gets worse over time.

What Effect do they have on the Hair

Sulfates are great for cleaning but they can’t differentiate between good oils and bad oils or even dirt, so they literally get rid of everything. That means all of the good oils that your hair need will also be stripped away and it will be left feeling extremely dry.

This oil is used to protect the strands from the environmental, pollution and even physical damage from normal activities like brushing and combing. When these oils are not present, the hair is weaker and more prone to damage that means it will easily break split and generally look in bad condition. So you can expect that your hair extensions will last a considerably shorter amount of time than they should.

At Canada Hair, apart from a few synthetic items, they use 100% human hair and so you have to make sure that you treat it as such. Even though you can probably use more heat on them then you usually would with your own hair, they are more likely to get damaged just through wear and tear then add using a sulfate shampoo and you are looking at disaster.


how to wash hair extensions


Alternative Options

Even if you aren’t ready to completely embrace a natural chemical free life there are other products you can use that do not contain sulfates and will be better for your health and hair in the long run.

Sulphate free shampoo

Big companies are recognizing that some of the ingredients they are using can be harmful to their consumers and so are trying to do their best to remove these items. A lot of your favorite brands will now have sulphate free shampoo. So all you have to do is pick up your usual product just the sulphate free version, this way you don’t have to try too hard and you can still have the product you like. Thank you major corporations for doing the hard work for us. Just remember they will not sud like regular shampoo and that can take some time to get used to but we guarantee your hair is getting clean.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you find that your hair gets very greasy or you use a lot of heavy products and styling gels etc, that can leave the hair feeling dull, lifeless and limp, but you still need a way to remove all of these heavy oils that coat each strand.

Apple cider vinegar is a great for your health and you have probably even used it to clean your home as it has many uses. You can also use it on your hair although it can be quite strong smelling and you have to make sure it is diluted well. It only takes about a cap full per liter of water. In a few minutes soaking (no more than 5) it will remove dirt, grease and oil without leaving the hair feeling stripped. This only has to be done once or twice a month if your hair gets  super dirty and it is safe to use on colored hair. Just make sure to rinse it well with cool water to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Tree Nuts

Before we had commercial products people were using the items available to them to do their best to clean their hair, scalp and body. Ayurveda is an Indian practice and has many natural alternatives to things that we use today. Tree Nuts are a plant seed that can be used in the place of shampoo and normal cleaning agents. In fact they are also called soap nuts as they are so commonly used for this purpose.

You can probably find it in your local health store or is easily available online. Some places sell it in its raw form and others have done the hard work for you and made it so you just have to mix of water and you’re ready to go.

What to do if your Hair is Already Showing Signs of Damage

Have have you noticed that your hair extensions are looking dull or dry and they feel really rough to the touch. It may be because the shampoos and products you are using contain sulfates and are stripping the hair of its natural oils. The difficult thing with extension is that as they are not attached to the scalp the do not have the benefit of replenishing what they have lost with the sebum. As it can not get these oils itself, you have to give it a helping hand and replace them manually with the products you apply.

The first step is to do  a deep conditioning treatment. If you have clip ins, do this when you’re not wearing them or if you have the hair already installed that’s no problem you can still use this method.

Firstly shampoo with a sulphate free shampoo and then do a apple cider vinegar rinse to remove all traces of residue. Initially this will make the hair feel very dry but you need to start with a clean base.

The next step is to mix up your conditioner. (make sure your conditioner is free from silicones)

It is best to do this in a little bowl so you can add more products before you apply to your hair

Use about handful of conditioner and to that add:

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of argan oil
  • 10 drops of essential oil such as peppermint or tea tree

Mix them well, section your hair into four equal parts and add the mixture to each part from the tips of the hair working your way up to about 2 inches from the roots.

If you have tape extensions or any strand method, you want to make sure you stay far away from where the bonds are.

Cover your hair in a shower cap and wrap a towel round it and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Once the time is finished rinse well with cool to warm water until all traces have been removed. Your hair will feel so soft and shiny and most of the damage will be removed. Let your hair air dry (on a wig stand or laying flat on a towel) as it’s best not to blow dry at this time so that all of the products can still penetrate and work. When the hair is just about to be dry then you can add a moisturizer so it can be absorbed fully.

Using sulfates once is not the end of the world however it will shorten lifespan of your extensions. It can feel long and extra taking time to read the ingredients of your products at the beginning, but as you get more knowledgeable you’ll be able to spot any nasties very easily and quickly and know which ones to avoid. Once you find the right products for your hair you won’t need to keep on looking and you can stick with them.

If you found this article helpful drop a comment and tell us any of your stories or what products you now use instead of sulfates. Remember that some companies will tell you that you can use cheap products on your hair extensions but if you spent a lot of money on something why would you then be cheap on how you care for it. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the best shampoo and conditioners but only purchase what you would be happy using on your own hair.

These are the most common reasons why you may be a little underwhelmed with your hair or even in full blown rage mode because you feel like something terrible has happened. In most cases the issues can be easily reversed but it is always best not to make these mistakes in the first place.