The woman known as Heart Defensor is best known for her popular YouTube channel, which she uses as a vehicle for sharing her tips for hair care, nail art and makeup. She also regularly reviews beauty products.


With past features in both Los Angeles and Teen Vogue Magazines, she now works with Seventeen Magazine to produce her YouTube show, Fashion Remix. Heart has been a member of YouTube since 2010, when she uploaded a video introducing herself to viewers and sharing with them the beauty products she always carries with her.

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Statistics and Age

Birthday:March 10, 1989
Birthplace: Philippines
Age 28 years old
Birth Sign: Pisces


Summer Hairstyles Tutorial


In 2016 she teamed up with Marshalls as part of their PinPals program. The program was meant to promote Pinterest, and Heart was allowed to choose one of her followers on the site and go shopping for the clothing items the chosen follower pinned to her own board.

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Instagram And Social Media Accounts

Pinterest and YouTube are not the only social media sites that Heart uses. Her following on Twitter, where she can be found @Heartdefensor, has reached 234,000. She has 829,000 followers on Instagram, where she can be found @thatsheart. This is also the name of her YouTube channel, which has 2,130,070 subscribers.

Her Vlog is broadcast on YouTube along with her makeup tutorials. Viewers can look for her latest Vlog every week. They can also watch her line of videos showing how to prepare for a date night or holiday outing. She also shares videos of her daily home routine with her viewers. In addition to her own YouTube show, she also appears on Seventeen Magazine and Garnier USA shows.

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Though Heart isn’t as experienced as many other Vloggers she has still amassed quite a following. Her YouTube channel is popular with women all over the world. She is an inspiration to young women who struggle with their self-image. Many times Heart will create a new tutorial based on feedback from her subscribers and viewers. She is always honest with her viewers about which beauty products she recommends and which beauty products should be avoided. Viewers that follow her channel regularly will be able to take advantage of the sweepstakes she runs to mark holidays as well as occasions such as when she reaches a certain number of YouTube subscribers.


Her Real Name And New Husband

Heart is married to fellow YouTube Vlogger Arnold Telagaarta. Fans can see some of the couple’s wedding photos on her Instagram account. They can also view footage the couple’s wedding on YouTube. This shows the fans just how open Heart is about her personal life.

Husband of heart defensor

Since she is an open book, Heart is able to connect with her fans on many levels. She shows them that she is a regular woman just like them and that they can be as successful as she is as long as they believe in themselves.

Heart continues to inspire women all over the world through her beauty tips, makeup tutorials and words of advice on hairstyles and nail design. She is likely to continue making an impact on women of all ages all over the world.

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