Fashion influencers are a popular, plentiful breed. They’re also a big business. Companies are constantly searching for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle personalities to help promote their own brands. Each one has their own unique story that led them where they are now. Grasie is no exception. From her passion for her work, to her desire to open up to her audience about an important issue, she forges her own path, and does it her own way.


Read on to learn a little more about her background, how she’s making an impact with her audience, and where you can find her online.

Grasie Mercedes Bio

This phrase is going to play a big part, but before we get to some of what she’s up to now, let’s see where she started. According to her website’s bio, she is the child of Dominican parents who grew up in New York before making the journey to LA to pursue her passion.


She also credits herself as being the first in her family to graduate from college in the US, and she began working in the fashion industry as a stylist for both private clients and a major company.

Grasie Mercedes Commercial

Her FAQ page is a motivation machine, as two of the most common questions are advice on getting started in the blogging and acting industry. Her advice is a simple dose of reality that is sometimes needed: just get up and do it. She encourages her audience to take control of their dream, while also urging patience, as almost every “overnight success” put many years into their vision before breaking through.
She lives that advice and sets the example but talking about the extensive acting and improv training she’s done. She also keeps the positive vibes going by sharing her successes and struggles to inspire and motivate others.

Style Me Grasie

As mentioned above, she’s part of two very different industries, both of which are passions for her. One of the main things she’s known for among her audience is her blog and hosting work. Grasie Mercedes shares her advice on everything from starting a Whole 30, to anti-aging secrets, to ways to practice self-care. She also offers insights on various restaurants, organizing one’s home, and more. One of her most personal posts talked about her struggles with fertility following her wedding to former MTV VJ Damien Fahey. Their wedding was even featured on She was also recently chosen as one of Vanity Fair’s 12 incredible talented, influencial, and interesting people.

Style Me Grasie

As an actress, she’s got a pretty impressive resume! IMDB credits her with roles on big shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS, and All My Children. She’s also a writer, who is credited with My White Boyfriend, and The Group. The latter, she even was a producer on. Her hosting gigs include MTV, Access Hollywood, and even American Idol. You can see clips on her work on her website. Her latest project, according to Insta, is a short film she also directed, based on her IVF journey.

  •  Age: 40 years old
  •  Born: Brooklyn, New York
  • Career: actress and blogger
  • Husband: Damien Fahey


This 40-year-old Latina is a hit on Instagram, where her vibrant photos and fun style have attracted over 82 thousand followers. You can also binge on more photography on her Pinterest (grasiemercedes), on FB (also as grasiemercedes), and on Twitter under the same name. She’s got over 4 thousand, 13 thousand, and 8 thousand followers/likes respectively on these sites. These stats have been enough to get her partnerships with 23AndMe, Denizen Jeans, and more.