Fresh Lengths is a blog written by Lesley Buckle. Though she is only in her 20s, she has already garnered much attention for herself. She is a proud blogger that quit her full time job to pursue Fresh Lengths and other endeavors.

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The Birth of a Blog

Though the blog began simply as a way for Lesley to share her passion for hairstyling, it now delves into many other fashion and beauty related topics. She describes her own style as comfortable, casual, and natural.

The blog is divided into three categories: beauty, hair, and style. The beauty section includes videos showing fans the makeup routine that Lesley uses every day. She also features a video of herself undergoing a laser hair removal procedure. By doing this, she shows that she is comfortable with letting her blog readers get a glimpse into her life. The beauty section also includes her makeup recommendations.

The hair section of the blog is where her readers can see the hair washing routine Lesley practices. By sharing her YouTube videos on her blog, Lesley makes it easy for her fans to access her tutorials.



Casual Trendsetter

In the style section of the blog, Lesley reveals to her readers that her casual approach to fashion and her own personal style kept her away from Fashion Week shows for an extended period of time. However, now that she attends them she has seen that there is a place for her at these shows. According to Lesley, her favorite aspect of attending Fashion Weeks is to come face to face with other bloggers in the industry.

Another tidbit about her life that readers will realize when perusing Lesley’s blog is that though she has a need for eyeglasses, she avoided them for a long time. She stated that the reason for this is that she is so picky about the style of glasses she will wear in public. As a result, Tommy Hilfiger’s specsavers collection has become Lesley’s go-to when she needs new glasses.


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Fresh Lengths IG

Lesley uses social media to keep in touch with her fans and readers. She can be found on Instagram @freshlengths, where she has a little over 40K followers. Her Twitter page can be found @FreshLengths, where she has 1,440 followers. She can also be found on Facebook @FreshLengths, where she has 554 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @FreshLengths and has around 14,000 subscribers. It features videos in which Lesley teaches her viewers how to wash and style their hair as well as ways to apply makeup. Other tutorials available on her YouTube channel include applying hot oil treatments.

As a fashion and style blogger, Lesley is passionate about sharing her knowledge with her readers and viewers. Her heartfelt advice and honesty are what make her stand out from many other women with the same accomplishments under their belts. Fans of Lesley can rest assured that Fresh Length will continue to be an excellent source of beauty advice.

 Lesley Buckle Wiki

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown


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