Fleur De Force

At 28-years old, Fleur de Force is a well-known blogger who gives makeup and beauty advice on YouTube. She has gone on to enjoy a large following of women all over the world. Before becoming a hugely popular makeup artist and vlogger, Fleur graduated from a London University with a degree in Geography.

Fleur De Force Vlog

Fleur De Force Vlog

Fleur teamed up with her sister Hannah, to run the popular Bride de Force YouTube channel. However, Fleur herself has been broadcasting on YouTube since 2009 when she published her first video on her channel.

Video blogging is an endeavor Fleur began after being inspired by Taylor Swift, who Fleur considers herself a fan of. After seeing an interview in which Swift said that during her down time she likes to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, Fleur binge watched videos for months before joining the site and creating her own tutorials.

She credits her vlog with leading to opportunities she wouldn’t have had otherwise, such as a chance to become a published author. Fleur also credits it with her being able to launch her very own line of makeup products. However, the opportunity she seems to be most proud of is the fact that it gave her the chance to meet and interview Taylor Swift.

Mac x Fleur De Force

Mac x Fleur De Force

Through a collaboration with Eylure cosmetics company, Fleur went on to release a line of tanner and fake eyelashes. Her makeup collection also includes lip liners and eyeshadows.

In addition to working with Eylure, Fleur is set to team up with MAC to create her own lipstick for the brand. The lipstick will be for sale in the United Kingdom once Fleur has created her signature product.

Thanks to her various professional endeavors, Fleur now has a net worth of almost half a million dollars. This can be credited to her two published books and her popular makeup line.

Fleur De Force Wedding

In 2010, Fleur began dating her now husband Mike. Three years later the couple got married in London, where they still live. Fans can log onto Fleur’s YouTube channel to see video footage of their wedding.

With a net worth higher than most women her age, Fleur has proven that all it takes to be a successful business woman is the time, passion and talent. She makes it a point to share her passion for makeup with her fans all over the world. The popularity of her YouTube channel shows how powerful and influential she is to women of all ages who want to learn how to do their makeup the way she does hers. There is no doubt that she will continue to accomplish whatever goals she sets out to.


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