Beauty is a huge industry, and companies are making billions off of our desire to look our best. Yes, that’s right. According to the stats out there, over 11 billion dollars are spent trying to make our hair, skin, etc. look its best.

With an increased awareness of chemicals and other toxins, there are lots out people out there looking for alternatives to the products lining the shelves of the local drugstore. Looking for a beauty guru that aligns with a desire to be more natural and chemical/ fragrance-free? Then there is a YouTuber you need to know about. Keep reading to see why Farah is even catching the attention of big-name publications.

Farah Dhukai 

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So, according to famous birthdays, the thirty-year-old style star holds a degree in cosmetology, and she also holds an honors diploma in makeup. She’s also admitted in an interview with browngirlmagazine.com that she got a lot of her knowledge from her grandmother, who knew all about traditional Indian remedies for a variety of things.

She is also apparently not much of a planner and actually used her desire to make some videos like ones she’d seen online to overcome shyness and find her own voice. You can look up the full interview to see more about her and her family background.

Farah Dhukai Skin Care

Through her YouTube videos, she’s giving her followers a way to take control of their appearance and health by helping them find safer ways to address beauty concerns. She uses a casual, detailed style to lay out these recipes so they’re easy to follow.

She’s become so popular online, she’s earned a number of features from big sites. Besides that interview mentioned above, she was featured on News and the Cosmopolitan website. A website shared two of their favorite recipes on their site. One was for a facemask that apparently not only get rid of acne but also makes your skin look firmer. The other was a recipe designed to banish split ends. In fact, her name is synonymous with hair and skin. Seriously, look her up on google, and you’ll see a lot of people are searching out her tips. Cosmo shared seven of their favorite beauty hacks from her.

Other things she breaks down in her YouTube videos include hacks to get rid of pimples, how to easily cut your own hair at home, and how to get various makeup looks. She even has solutions for whitening one’s teeth, getting rid of dandruff, and even how to grow hair if you’re shedding a lot.

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Nationality: Canadian 
  • Birthday: December 12th
  • Husband: Sal Ali
  • Net worth: $175,000


Farah brings the best in beauty with her brand Farsali, founded by her husband Sal Ali. The beauty brand has a Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence, both costing $54 for one ounce. The couple has made the Farsali brand a favorite among the beauty community.


She’s a good example of someone who is using almost every social tool at her disposal to spread her message and be seen. She’s everywhere from Instagram to Google+, so no matter what site you prefer, you’ll be able to find the latest videos.

Instagram is, of course, the biggest one with over five million people following. You can find her there as @farahdhukai. She also adds descriptions and facts about each of the tips she shares with her followers. On Twitter, you can find her at the same handle, while on Facebook, she goes by Farah Dhukai. She has over 37 thousand followers and more than four million likes, respectively. You’ll find everything linked on her YouTube channel, which is linked to her Instagram bio above.

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