Now a commercially successful beauty blogger, Ellarie Noel, better known as Ellarie, clawed her way out of a rough life as a single mother and turned her future around. By the time Ellarie lost her job in a layoff in 2014, she was already using Instagram to become a beauty expert with a following. This was the beginning of a beautiful career.


Ellarie Noel Beauty

After finding herself without gainful employment, Ellarie was contacted by Motive Cosmetics and invited to travel with them. This led to her raving success as a beauty blogger with a six-figure income. As a popular influencer, Ellarie now earns her living through guest posts on other beauty blogs, all of which are sponsored, as well as through major brand collaborations. She has worked closely with Cover Girl and other brands and now appears in Cover Girl drugstore displays. Ellarie is so good at what she does that her fans have become just as enamored with her young daughter. At six years old, Zara is already working with her mom on hair tutorials that teach mothers how to style their daughter's hair.

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Ellarie ColourPop

Ellarie's YouTube channel often features appearances by Zara. While filming video entries for her channel, Zara would sit on Ellarie's lap. When viewers saw these videos they were enamored with the little girl. Zara now has fans that she is committed to working for, as she often tells her mom they should keep filming videos so she doesn't disappoint her fans.

Ellaire Daughter

Even though much of Ellarie's success is due to her hair tutorials, she has confessed that in the past she was not happy with the condition of her hair at all. She stated that even though she constantly had her hair permed growing up, she didn't feel beautiful as a result. Ellarie has also said that her daughter was jealous of a friend who had smooth, straight hair, when her hair was made up of tight curls. In an effort to make Zara happy with her hair, Ellarie asked her Instagram followers to comment that Zara had beautiful hair. The comments had the intended effect and made Zara feel that her hair was beautiful the way it was.

Ellaire Noel

Her famous Instagram account can be found @Ellarie, where she currently has 1.3 million followers. Fans can visit her Instagram page to get a link to her line of lip gloss, which they can purchase online. In addition to using Instagram, Ellarie also uses Twitter and Facebook. Her Twitter account can be found @eLLaRie, where she has 8,558 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @ellarie, where she has 72,997 followers.

  • Age: 31 years old
  • Birthday: April 7th
  • Net worth: $125,000

Ellarie is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with. Her roaring success as a beauty blogger, influencer, and brand representative speaks to the power she has to make the public tuned into their inner and outer beauty. She serves as an inspiration to single mothers and other women all over the country.

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