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Thirty year old Christen Dominique has established herself as a YouTube star, with her channel focusing on women’s beauty. Aside from being a Vlogger she also works as a makeup artist on a freelance basis. Since 2009 she has run her YouTube channel and quickly gained a loyal following.

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Her Makeup Tutorials

Christen’s makeup tutorials are popular with women all over the world. In one memorable tutorial she showed her fans how to do their makeup like Barbie, just in time for Halloween. She admitted in the video that as a child she collected Barbie dolls and she wanted to show her fans how to look like one.


About Her

Birthday: February 5th, 1987

Birthplace: Texas

Sign: Aquarius

Family Life

She and her husband welcomed a son. She is of Guyanese-Portuguese, Mexican, and Arabian descent.

She connects with her fans by allowing them glimpses into her life. In a recent video Christen posted she showed viewers the routine she goes through to get ready for a typical day in her life. Not only does she share with her viewers how to properly apply their makeup she also tells them everything they need to know about foundation, under-eye creams and anything else that is part of a woman’s beauty routine.

Christen Dominique

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In 2013 Christen was in the running for Beauty Vlogger of the year after NYX Cosmetics chose her as a nominee for their 2nd Annual NYX Face Awards. The same year she was asked to join Ispy to work as one of the company’s stylists.

In 2016 she created Dominique’s Ellise & Co. to release her own line of clothing. She began with graphic t-shirts emblazoned with watercolor designs. Christen shared with her fans that her inspiration for the t-shirt designs came from her free spirited attitude and her tendency to wander. Her t-shirts make up the first wave of the Professional Dreamer Collection.

Social Media Following

Aside from her professional endeavors she also spends a significant amount of time on social media. Christen can be found on Instagram @christendominique, where she has one million followers. Fans can also follow her on Twitter @christendtweets, where 369,000 members already do. She can also be found on Facebook @christendominique, where she has over 636,000 followers. Her biggest social media following is on YouTube. Her channel can be found @christendominique, where over 2,424,000 users are already subscribed. Her makeup tutorials are extremely popular with her followers. She also gives her viewers advice on what to do and what not to do when applying makeup. One of her specialties is showing her fans how to do their makeup like their favorite celebrity or character from pop culture.

Christen Dominique tutorials, beauty and fashion

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Christen also uses her YouTube channel to share travel diaries with her subscribers. Each diary features a cosmetics company that Christen recommends to other women.

Born in Texas, Christen moved to Los Angeles with her husband and young son. She continues to work as a Vlogger, sharing her tips and tricks for makeup application with women all over the world. Her strong social media following shows how women all over the world admire her and look up to her. Christen has served as a role model for many young women embracing their beauty.

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