Camilia Coutinho

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At just 29-years old, Camila Coutinho has already become a popular blogger in her native Brazil. She covers fashion and celebrities throughout not only Brazil, but the rest of the world.

Camila Coutinho Blog

In 2006, Camila launched her blog, called Stupid Girls. The blog has sections for fashion, beauty, lifetsyle and celebrities. In the fashion section of the blog, Camila is known to do side by side comparisons of celebrities who have worn the same dress in public. She also gives advice on the best accessories for a woman to choose and makes her own personal style recommendations.

The beauty section  of the blog covers topics such as nails, makeup and hair.Camila discusses the beauty routines certain celebrities practice themselves. Reviews of beauty products are also included in the blog.The celebrity section of her blog focuses on interviews she has conducted with her peers. TV, movies and even awards shows are a big part of the Stupid Girls blog.

As an expert in the fashion industry, Camila has hosted events for designers whose clothing she loves. This includes a lunch she hosted at The Library, located in London. She invited her friends in the fashion industry to the event and revealed a new collection of clothing she loves.

Camila Coutinho Instagram

 In addition to being a successful blogger, Camila also has her own very popular widely watched YouTube channel named after her blog. The Stupid Girls Youtube channel has 342,324 subscribers. Fans can keep up with Camila’s Youtube channel by following garoestupidas on Instagram, an account with over one million followers.

 She has also been successful on other social media sites such as Instagram, where she can be found @camilacoutinho, and has 2.2 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @gestupidas, where she has 580,000 followers.



Camila has already enjoyed an extraordinary amount of success at her young age. Her blog is followed by women all over Brazil as well as the rest of the world. The popularity of the blog speaks to Camila’s ability to connect with her many fans. It has withstood the test of time and continues to change and grow with each passing year.

Camila Coutinho Wikipedia

Fans of Camila and of Stupid Girls have found that her YouTube channel is a great way to appreciate everything she has to offer them. The many videos featured on the channel are designed to entertain and inform women of all ages. 

Much of Camila’s professional endeavors have involved and continue to involve working closely with celebrities to help bring their thoughts and ideas to millions of readers and followers.

Camila Coutinho

There is no doubt that Camila will continue to be successful and to provide her fans with information they can use in their everyday life. She has served as a role model in her home country and beyond. Women everywhere can find inspiration through Camila’s Youtube channel and blog, both of which are thriving and offer much valuable information.