We’ve been introducing you to a lot of beauty and style influencers, some who have kept it consistent since the beginning, while others are making big moves to change things up and expand their personal brand. Brooke fits into the latter category. Her story and goals might just inspire you to get some of your own in motion.  

Brooke Testoni

Read on to learn more about Brooke, and how she’s changing up her brand. You’ll also learn where to follow her on social media so you can reap the benefits of her experience in fashion, and get a few ideas yourself.

Australian Blogger

The Australian style influencer is turning thirty this year, and she’s also had a major life change or two in recent years. According to the about page of Brooke Testoni, she’s not just into fashion. She also made a smart move by getting an education in graphic design and e-commerce.

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She’s married to fashion designer Leith Testoni, which whom she’s expecting a child this year. She credits him with helping by offering some of his business insight. They’ve become a pretty popular couple, with Daily Mail and Marie Claire covering their baby announcement, and Who What Wear sharing their engagement story.

Brooke Testoni Blog

She began her blog several years ago just to share pictures of what inspired her, according to an interview with An Organised Life, and soon decided to use the space to show off her own style. Today, she recently relaunched the blog to reflect her interest in, and study of, interior design as well.

In the same interview, she admits to being a bit OCD with her organization, so it’s no surprise her blog is set up in an easy-to-follow way, with several different sections. One of those is “Real Beauty,” where she talks about confidence, her daily routine, and how she made use of an oil from a partner company.

She also takes readers into her home in the new design section, showing off her formal living room, while also giving tips on what you need to style a dinner party, as well as her personal essentials.

Brooke Testoni Design

Besides her recent decision to seriously study interior design, she’s also created a bag line that she also hopes will incorporate her love of design one day. It’s a leather line that mixes the old style she loves with modern touches. She talked in-depth with AmaioSwim about the launch of the brand, and her hopes for its future. Search these interviews to learn a little more about her and get some of her favorite style picks, as well as advice.

Brooke Testoni

Sunny White Wrap Blouse

According to her famous birthday's page, she only got into social media back in 2014, opening both an Insta and Twitter that year. In that short time, her @brooketestoni Instagram has attracted over 100 thousand people who vibe with her classic style mixed with modern touches. She uses a mix of earthy-tone pictures with black and white to make for a unique look that fits her love of vintage.

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Birthday: October 21st
  • Career: fashion blogger and stylist

On Twitter, she uses the same handle, although the account isn’t used much these days. The last post on there was from early this month. On Pinterest, a photo-focused site all about the how-to’s, she has over two thousand people following her as Brooke Testoni.

You can also find lots of videos on her Brooke Testoni YouTube channel. Some of these videos are video versions of her blog posts, while others are taking you behind the scenes of her different campaigns for brands like D-ID Jeans, or showing off the camera that allows her to get those Instagram shots, earning over fifty thousand views so far.

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