Blanca Suarez

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For many, Suárez is a familiar name. Since 2007, the 28-year-old actress has been playing both large and small roles in Spanish media, like the popular Telenovela format. According to Wikipedia, her first role was playing Julia Medina in three seasons of El Internado, or The Boarding School. She won awards for her work in the series, then followed up her success there with a number of other roles. Her filmography has an impressive listing for someone who’s been in the business a decade, and it keeps growing. With her latest, she’s set to reach a much larger audience. Let’s get a little more info about the star.

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Meet Blanca Suarez

Her full name is Blanca Martinez Suárez, and she was born in October of 1988. She’s listed on as being 5’5 and 125 pounds and she’s from Madrid, Spain. Besides her on-screen acting, she’s credited with some voice work and she has a wide range of roles, from comedy to horror. One role in particular saw her working with Antonio Banderas. The film, The Skin I Live In, was one of her first huge roles and she talked about the experience with Interview Magazine. She’d mentioned the challenges in playing a character with PTSD and how the movie was different than a lot of other horror films.

Blanca Suarez Blog

Blanca Suarez

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Her acting career brought her so much attention, she was offered the chance to write a blog documenting her experiences and more for Vouge Espana. She started writing the blog in 2014, and praised the hair and make-up people, as well as the photographers, who helped illustrate each post with stunning photos, both posed and candid while on the job.

One post took readers behind the scenes of promotion for a project, while another discussed vintage fashion and how she has a section in her closet dedicate to such pieces. She also wrote about her decision not to stray too far from home on the blog, sharing some personal insight into her life and relationships. Earlier this year, she wrote a farewell post to her readers, saying that after three years the blog was coming to an end. She hasn’t stayed idle, though.

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Blanca Suarez TV Shows

The telenovela has become more of a known entity in the past couple of years, even inspiring the comedy series with Eva Longoria that followed the behind-the-scenes goings on of a Telenovela set. There was also recently a reality series following a group of novela actors, particularly a few competing for a role on the Telemundo series, Eva la Trailera.

Recently, many of these shows have been finding their way onto the popular streaming site Netflix. The site has even gotten into producing their own. The most recent addition to this collection is Las Chicas del Cable, a period series that follows a group of young woman who begin working for a telecommunications company. Blanca plays the role of Alba Romero, a prostitute who dreams of having a better life. The series is 16 episodes long and the first eight are now available to watch.

Height: 5'5"

Birthday: October 21

Born: Madrid, Spain

Instagram: @blanca_suarez

Twitter: @blancasuarezweb

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